NFFF Events

State Connections

This State Connections group is being reevaluated for 2022 and we will resume once we have enough interest to build these virtual communities. If you would like to participate in or lead a group for your state, please let us know!

Our State Connections events are virtual meetings where you can talk with other families from your state to help build local connections. We know some of you already meet locally to share information and socialize. This will provide a great opportunity to meet other Fire Hero Families in your area, make connections, and find support.

These meetings will be an opportunity to share information about Fire Hero Family events happening in your area. For example:

  • Some states, like Illinois, hold an annual conference for Fire Hero Family members
  • Many states have an annual Memorial Service for fallen firefighters or public safety officers
  • Many states have a monument or memorial dedicated to fallen firefighters
  • Fire Hero Families in some states, like Michigan, have formed informal groups that meet several times a year to share a meal or spend the day together

While travel and gatherings are limited by COVID, it might be a great time to work on creating or planning a group meeting or event in your state.

If you have any questions, please email Erin at [email protected].