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Age: 30
Year of Death: 2001

Adam David Rand

Adam was very interested in children and young adults. He was chief training officer for the Bellmore Volunteer Fire Department in his hometown of Bellmore‚ New York.

He had 5 nieces and nephews that he spent a lot of time with and they adored him. He would take them boating‚ hiking‚ and would tell them ghost stories when he camped out in Greenport‚ Long Island. He had a great sense of humor and made everyone laugh when we were with him. He was very much into fishing-owned his own boat‚ scuba diving‚ skiing‚ hunting – he lived a full life.

He was engaged to his fianc_e Fiona‚ on August 25‚ 2001 and was to be married on January 4‚ 2002.

He is terribly missed by his family‚ brother firefighters‚ and friends.

Mary Ann Rand

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  1. We love yall and talk of ya quite a bit

    – Travis collinsworth
  2. I am David Oshaughnessy a volunteer firefighter from bohemia, I will be walking the annual firefighter stair climb at World Trade Center 4 on march 19 2017 . I have read about Adam and his friends and family and Bellmore Fd brothers. I am truly honored to walk in his honor. May god bless him and his family

    – David C Oshaughnessy
  3. Happy Birthday Buddy! We all miss you!

    – All your famity and friends
  4. My name is Melissa Raimondi and I climbed the stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wi in honor of Adam Rand. I am deeply saddened to hear the stories of these true heros who selflessly lost their lives on this day the entire nation will never forget. I feel for his family and his fiancé who I’m sure miss him dearly. It was very humbling to see the fire fighters today climbing stairs in their full gear to show respect for those who have fallen. My family and I will be doing this every year.

    – Melissa Raimondi
  5. I had the most humbling experience two days ago during my family’s first visit to the memorial. I came across your name. God Bless you and your family Adam.

    – Kim
  6. I climbed the stairs at Red Rocks in Colorado today (9/11/19) in honor of Adam Rand. I’m saddened to learn the story of this hero, but hope that it provides some comfort to know that he was thought of, remembered, and honored today. God bless.

    – Melinda
  7. I met you at my stock brokerage in Bellmore and opened an account for you and your friend. You were so nice and had a huge smile the times we met. May God bless your soul. You were a hero.

    – Alvaro Dumancela
  8. I’m running the Tunnel 2 Towers run in Vero Beach, FL on Saturday. They have provided us with tribute badges of the 343 and am honored to have run Adam and Michael Ragusa run with me in spirt.

    May we never forget our heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for others.


    – Dave Wood
  9. Adam was a neighbor of my mom, Geneva Munkenbeck. We thank you for all you have done in Bellmore, on the neighbor block and on 9/11. We will never forget.

    – Frances C Munkenbeck
  10. I climbed Red Rocks 9/11 Memorial 20th Anniversary climb in Colorado wearing the photo and name of Adam David Rand this past Saturday 9/11/2021. It’s my honor and my deepest condolences to you and your family, it’s difficult reading how enthusiastic for this job. Gone too soon. Twenty years and this past Saturday was like a day hadn’t gone by. In so many ways many of us were changed by this tragedy. It’s in my heart always and I’ve done the climb at Red Rocks, this past Saturday makes it my ninth time up doing it. I climbed as a civilian. The patriotism for these heroes was thick in their air and their sacrifice in our hearts, the most glowing it’s ever been in 20 years and the climb, the hardest and hottest weather it’s ever been but therefore the most rewarding to honor them this year more than ever. I hope the world climbs and continues every year to recall their sacrifice.

    – Anna Maria
  11. I’m SGT Crowder U.S. Army active duty. Today I ran a 2 miler here at Camp Walker, South Korea in honor of Adam. I was humbled and honored to wear a card with his name on it for the run. I can’t imagine the pain his family, friends and brother firefighters had to endure at his loss. My prayers and thoughts goes out to the Rand family and friends. Never forgotten, Adam you are my hero.

    – SGT Andre Crowder