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Age: 28
Year of Death: 2001

Andrew Brunn

Andrew Christopher Brunn was born on April 27‚ 1973 and died in the line of duty at the World Trade Center on September 11‚ 2001 as a member of Ladder 5 in Greenwich Village. He served in the New York Air National Guard as a member of the 213 Engineering Installation Squadron for 10 years‚ reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant. He began his service to New York City as an NYPD officer in August 1993‚ attaining the rank of Sergeant in January 2001. Wanting to do more for New York and its people‚ he joined the FDNY in May 2001. Even though he was still a ‘probie’ when he died‚ the officers and firefighters of his firehouse knew he would have been one of the ‘great ones.’ He was a natural leader. Andrew was very intelligent‚ honest‚ godly‚ and noble. He was extremely sensitive and caring. He would always help out‚ without ever being asked. His sense of humor‚ even in the worst of circumstances‚ was unflagging.

Andrew was a dedicated family man‚ devoted to his wife Sigalit‚ his father Andy‚ and his younger sister Christina. A loyal friend to old schoolmates and co-workers alike‚ all of whom miss him dearly. He was especially talented at computer science‚ a favorite hobby. He excelled at anything he tried and loved surfing‚ snowboarding‚ skateboarding‚ fishing and riding on roller coasters‚ the bigger the better!!!

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  1. Hi my name is Cantreece Greene and I did not know you personally I new your father Andy AKA Uncle Andy. I was going threw a hard time in my life and your father gave me a card with your picture on it and told me that you were going to be my guardian angel, and today I feel that if it was not for you watching out for me I don’t know where I would be. So I just wanted you to know that I thank you for that and I’m thinking about you on this day.


    – Cantreece
  2. Hi, my name is Marissa Haukom and I live in Southern California. This year on 9/11 there is a memorial walk being held at Downtown Disney to honor the firefighters who gave their lives 15 years ago. All participants were assigned a fireman to represent and I was given Andrew Brunn. I’ve been reading about him and I was even able to look him up in the 9/11 Memorial Museum while in New York. I had a button made with his picture on it to wear as I walk and represent and honor his life. I hope this message finds his family so that they know it’s not just those who knew him who are remembering his sacrifice.
    Andrew, you will never be forgotten.

    – Marissa Haukom
  3. I’m a firefighter from Wisconsin. This weekend, for the stair climb at Lambeau Field, I was given Andrew’s picture. Andrew, you sound like a great guy, and I would have been glad to know you. The card with your picture will be clipped in my locker at the station, alongside my gear.

    Thank you,

    – Kaylin
  4. I climbed in Andrew Brunn’s remembrance today at Bay View middle school- 2016. “Never Forget.”

    – Greta
  5. I climbed in your honor today. “Never Forget”

    – David
  6. I climbed in your rememberance today at Bay View Middle School -2016 -never forget

    – Jenna
  7. I climbed in your honor today at Bay View Middle School. You sound like a great person! “Never Forget”

    – Emily
  8. 9/9/17- I climbed the stairs of San Diego today in your memory brother…God Speed.
    Gannon Eckhardt

    – Gannon Eckhardt
  9. I walked in your honor today. 9/9/17. Never forget.

    – Colleen
  10. I climbed today in Missouri and got your name Andrew. It sounds like you were a great guy I am honored to have climbed to remember you

    – Tim
  11. Andrew. Just thinking about you on this day. Always like to think back on our child good with a smile. Rest in peace pal. Your old friend, Chris Neglia

    – Chris Neglia
  12. Today, on the 16th anniversary, I walked in your honor and your memory at the Red Rocks 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Colorado. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. You will never be forgotten, Andrew.

    – Lauren Ford
  13. I came across your name on super TYs page. I decided to take the time to learn more about you by reading your bio as a way to stop and honor your life and sacrifice on 9/11. To the people who love you I am so so sorry you lost such a special person from your life on this tragic day.
    I will never forget.

    – Lisa
  14. I am running in a 5k this weekend called tunnel to tower run. I wanted to have a firefighter run with me so i donated to have Mr Brunn run with me….i have his picture in a plastic case and he will be pinned to me chest during the run…..sorry for this hero falling, happy to have a running mate.

    Bruce a greatful American

    – Bruce
  15. My thoughts and prayers for the family of Mr. Andrew Brunn. I walked 100 flights of stairs in your memory today for the 9/11 memorial with your picture around my neck. Knowing everything you sacrificed for other people , kept me going and made me to push myself harder for you. Thank you for your service. You will never be forgotten Andrew.

    – Reagan McHargue
  16. Saturday September 8, 2018 I did Charlotte North Carolina stair climb. I was handed a tag with your name and picture. I walked in your honor and memory. Reading this helps me relate. I’m not new to the service but I am a probie at Fort Bragg Fire Department. Thank you for all the selflessness you had always given. I climbed 110 flights not only for you but for everyone lost. You will never be forgotten.

    – Stacey Nicholson





    – george yates
  18. Last Saturday, September 8th, I climbed in your honor in the 9/11 stair climb located in Charlotte NC. I am a volunteer firefighter in Indian Land and keep you in my mind and prayers everyday. Everyday I think about the lives lost in all types of emergency services but especially on 9/11. Thank you for your service and dedication to the fire service and I strive to follow in your footsteps. I will never forget.

    -Cara Hasty

    – Cara
  19. Remembering you on this day as I always do. Rip. Your old friend, Chris Neglia

    – Chris Negli
  20. Andy – I miss you brother.

    – KevinC
  21. I would like to say I had the honor and privilege of meeting Andrew in Hawaii and became friends, He came to visit, Newfoundland,Canada shortly after.
    I have no words to describe the lost for His Dad, Andy, His Sister and wife.
    I would like to reach out to Andrew Dad or Sister, please email me if you can.
    Never forgotten
    -Rochelle Winsor

    – Rochelle Winsor
  22. I recently was given a memorial bracelet with F.F. Andrew Brunn/ FDNY ladder 5/ September 11, 2001 engraved on it. It was gifted to me by another F.F. as I embark on my journey into FD and paramedic. I am a SGT in the army. I did not know Andrew. I also was in high school during 9-11. But learning more about the man not just a name on a bracelet has inspired me. From everything I have read about him I am truly honored to carry this bracelet as I go through this journey.

    – Brittney Alger
  23. You don’t know me, I don’t know you. I just watched Jon Stewart speak to congress fighting for health benefits for emergency workers who are sick from 9/11. From everything I’ve read about you, we would have been very good friends, if not a generation apart. I hope my bio reads as yours does someday.

    – Ben Forema
  24. On this September 2019, the 18 year anniversary of 9/11, know that Andy and the other 343 firefighters who died, will never be forgotten

    – lisa hopman Quincy Fire Department, CA.
  25. I am in the Air Force in the Washington DC area. This year I had the honor of working at the Air Force Memorial. We put a lot of emphasis on our fallen Airman that have received the Medal of Honor, but we tend to forget the names of our others heroes. I researched fallen Airman on 9/11 and I was proud to find your name. You are a true hero that dedicated your life to the service of others, first by enlisting in the Air Force and second by being a firefighter. I run the AF Memorial Instagram page and I posted a photo of you to share with the world. I thank you for your service, pray for your families grief and will tell your name to honor your sacrifice. God Speed. Never Forget.

    – Shakia Johnson, USAF
  26. I donned a headband with your name as I completed a memorial stair climb today. You will not be forgotten.

    – Billy Bissontz
  27. This was my mom’s best friend growing up while she lived in New York. We visit the flags every year at Tempe town lake in Arizona. Rest easy Andrew.

    – Julia Kilmartin
  28. While I never had the honor to personally know you, I have had a bracelet for about 18 years with your name on it and I have read your story time and time again. This bracelet has travelled to Iraq 3 times and Afghanistan once and it’s a constant reminder to this day of that day.

    – Andrew
  29. I carried Andrew’s picture for the 9/11 hillclimb today. Jackson Hole Wyoming. Thank you for your service.

    – Jessica Chitwood
  30. we share the same last name now we share our grief together am louis brunn son Thomas brunn from Staten island born in Brooklyn nyc 9 /1 / 1962 grand dad was Robert brunn wilkes barre pa. maybe we are cousins but if not we still share the brunn last name and I honor your name

    – thomas j brunn
  31. My name is Lorraine Capicotto. Where do I begin to tell this story…
    I was at the cemetery with my dad just after the tragic 9-11-2001 & I saw a funeral taking place for a firefighter. I went back a few days later to pay my respects & honor this hero but I could not find the grave no matter where I looked. My mom was buried in the same cemetery (and now dad too). So when I visited mom, I continued looking for the grave but still no luck. On the one year anniversary of 9/11 I went to the cemetery with two bouquets, I wanted to put it some where in honor of those innocent lives lost. I went into the cemetery office to ask where I could put the flowers. The man in charge made a quick phone call then gave me a map with a grave number. I was directed to the grave and I couldn’t believe it. It was in the area I had been searching when 911 occurred & I couldn’t find the grave (there were no grave stones in place yet so I couldn’t know who was buried in the new graves or when they died). I can’t even tell you the emotions I was feeling to see it was Firefighter Andrew Christopher Brunn. My sons & I have been visiting his grave all through the years. I have had the privilage to meet his dad, sister, and wife.

    Yesterday, September 11,2020 the 19th Anniversary. My son Tim & I went to the cemetery to pay our respects to Firefighter Brunn. As we were driving towards the grave Tim said look mom & he pointed to a vehicle with license plate Brunn. Again I was filled with emotions. I parked in front of the vehicle &saw a woman near Firefighter Brunn’s grave. I said hi, my name is Lorraine &this is my son Tim. Are you firefighter Brunn’s mom? She said no, I’m his step-mom. My eyes filled with tears. We shook hands in spite of Covid-19 because that didn’t matter at that moment. I was so choked up. So grateful to meet the step-mom of a fallen hero. I thanked her for Firefighter Brunn & his sacrifices. We talked about him &now it’s like I have always know him. Tim &I said our prayers at his grave I placed a floral piece that I made for him by his stone. I put a kiss on his stone. When we were ready to leave Firefighter Brunns step-mom thanked me and told me that what I do means a lot. That touched my heart. I told her I just want to help take away the pain even if it’s for a minute. We said good bye…See you next year. I feel so blessed to have experienced all of this. It means the world to me.

    God bless you Firefighter Brunn & your Family. I love you…Always

    – Lorraine Capicotto
  32. I was looking back at a photo I took at the National September 11 Memorial in NYC 5 years ago and your name was captured in my photo. I decided to look up the name on the photo to learn about Andrew Brunn. After reading through all the comments left on this page, one thing is certain. Andrew is gone but not forgotten. Andrew, your sacrifice and name are captured in history as a real American hero. Hugs to the family and friends that were left behind.

    – Becky
  33. I met Andy when he was a member of the NYPD and worked with my son at the 32 precinct. My son had been shot in a friendly fire incident and I was at the hospital with him. Andy was kind enough to volunteer to drive my mom back and forth from Long Island to Manhattan to visit her seriously wounded grandson. He also helped my wife and I several times in the next few days. He was a kind and generous young man who is fondly remembered by all who knew him.

    – Dennis LaBarbera
  34. Friday 9.10.21. At Ocean Isle Beach, NC I received a flag with Andrew’s name on it. I proudly waved it during a 9/11 rememberence ceremony. I prayed for his family and loved ones as America the Beautiful was beautifully sang. Thank you Andrew for your willingness to serve those in need knowing that you were in imminent danger. You paid the ultimate price. America is a greater nation because of you.
    Ronnie Green. Huntersville, NC

    – Ronnie Green
  35. To my cousin, Andrew Brunn.
    I never got to know you personally, even being family, I do want to wish your family the best after 20 yrs. I believe we would have been great friends and I was suppose to be there on that day for a job interview which got changed on Monday from Tuesday to Friday. I’m sure my oldest brother, Chris, was watching over me, if not definitely the good Lord was. I love you cuz even though we never met. God Bless and I know we’ll meet in heaven one day

    – Stuart A Brunn
  36. Firefighter Andrew Christopher Brunn…
    Thinking of you & your family with a heavy heart on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 2001.
    You are not forgotten !
    For 20 years I have had the privilege to visit this heroes grave and pay my respects…give my thanks…& leave my tribute gifts that I make by hand with love & compassion.I will continue to honor Firefighter Brunn for as long as God permits me to.
    Rest in heavenly peace…
    Love Always, Lorraine Capicotto

    – Lorraine Capicotto
  37. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were courageous and selfless. You are a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  38. Even if we was not family still you have my last name if anyone had uncle or a aunt in Wilkes barre pa then maybe we are not blood relatives only by name but like Williams Brunn, who died in Vietnam in 1968, our last name is there now in history. I feel bad and the loss felt now.

    – Thomas j brunn