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Age: 30
Year of Death: 2012

Anthony Ramon Polk

Anthony Ramon Polk (Two Feathers‚ Dances When the Sun Comes UP‚ Ant Dog) was born June 22‚ 1981‚ in Phoenix‚ Arizona. He was a proud member of the Quechan Tribe‚ California‚ and of the San Carlos Apache Tribe‚ Arizona. He graduated from San Pasqual in Winterhaven‚ California‚ where he excelled in football‚ basketball‚ track‚ and boxing. He went to Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence‚ Kansas.

While growing up he participated in Native American ceremonies and was a Sun Dance singer and a singer for the Winterhawk Tail family drum group. He said when he sang it felt like he was home with his family. He was brought up in the Pow Wow circuit as a Grass and Traditional Dancer‚ brought into the arena at the very last YPG Pow Wow held in Yuma‚ Arizona‚ to receive his first four Golden Eagle Feathers. It was a new beginning for Anthony. That day he danced hard ’til his moccasins flew off; he kept on dancing‚ and he sang strong. That was a good day.

He served ten years with Ft. Yuma Agency‚ B.I.A. where he became a leader of the Prescribed Fire Operations Fuels Program. He was a firing boss‚ an incident commander Type 4‚ and an engine boss. He went back to school to become a fire investigator. He worked with U.S. Customs and Border Protection‚ Bureau of Reclamation‚ Fish and Wildlife Service‚ and local fire departments.

Anthony was well known for the good‚ brave deeds he did for many and for his caring‚ friendly personality and great sense of humor. He had a smile that could light up a room. He enjoyed fishing‚ cooking‚ traveling‚ and spending time with his family‚ especially his six-year-old daughter‚ Aiyana‚ She was his life. Anthony was brought up by many relatives‚ friends‚ and their families. He learned from everyone‚ and many learned from him. Anthony was a gentle soul that would help anyone.

We had a run in his memory. It is a quest for peace‚ unity‚ and healing of all people. The vision is about mending the sacred hoop of our People‚ retracing our ancestors’ tracks‚ how they lived and wiped the tears from their eyes. The spirit energy keeps you going and giving thanks. Different stories come along with it. It is a journey we will never forget‚ the strongest spiritual connection we will ever meet.

Anthony is survived by his daughter‚ Aiyana Virginia Polk; parents‚ Ramona and Benjamin Villa; siblings‚ Manuel‚ Alex and Raquiel Villa; grandparents‚ Lucinda Escalanti Polk Smith and Vernon Smith; and many aunts‚ uncles‚ and extended family.

Anthony‚ even though you’re gone physically‚ we will keep you alive in our memory and live through us. We love and miss you so much‚ Son.

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  1. I worked with Anthony for over five years he was a brother an a friend…

    – James Jackovich
  2. Miss you everyday!
    Mom missing you!
    Give Dad a hug for US!
    See you soon

    – Manny
  3. Love you Brother
    Miss you everyday Man

    – Man Vila
  4. We miss you so much cousin. love you lots

    – Angela Valenzuela