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Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

Benjamin Suarez

Benjamin Suarez‚ 34‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 21. Open‚ generous‚ brave‚ and caring‚ Suarez was motivated in life by his two great loves – firefighting and his wife‚ Sally. His wife’s name was tattooed on one arm‚ the FDNY emblem on the other. Always romantic‚ it was Suarez who sometimes had to remind his wife of the couple’s anniversary. Suarez was also devoted to his children. He often brought groups of fellow firefighters to attend their school events.

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  1. Climbing in your name on Sunday in San Diego at the 911 Memorial Climb. Thank you for your sacrifice, I am honored.

    Karla Onstott
  2. I would like to show my respect to Benjamin Suarez and his family. I was granted to carry his name on the back of my coat today during our annual 9/11 stair climb in Sacramento CA. Thank you Benny for your ultimate sacrifice. I hope your family has found peace.

    With love from your brothers in Sacramento.


    Josh Snider
    E51 Metro Fire Sacramento

    – Josh Snider
  3. I carried your lanyard today in a memorial climb for the fallen firefighters of 9/11. I was honored Mr.Suarez and will be honored every year after this to carry it again. Thank you for your sacrifice.
    Respectfully yours,
    Rusty Myers, Lancaster, Penna.

    – Rusty Myers
  4. I am forever carrying you with me with my memorial bracelet. Though I never knew you, I hope you and your family found peace. I will always remember your sacrifice.

    – Amanda New
  5. Benjamin Suarez “Peachy” my cousin, was a fun caring young man, who I miss dearly, and also honor him in memory and in my heart. I Photoshop him every year on 911, so that we will never forget his
    sacrifice to his fellow brothers and sister. Love you “Peachy”.. By the way, Peachy is his family name.

    – Israel Colon
  6. I never met you Benjamin Suarez but I climbed 110 flights for you today and put your badge on my heart. Thank you for everything you did for our country that day. You sacrificed your life to save others. You are gone but will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with your wife and kids today and always. Rest with God. ~Heather

    – Heather Worthy
  7. Benjamin “Benny” Suarez was and always be my brother in Law. I miss you and will never forget you. I did the Stephen Siller tunnel to towers run in your honor yesterday. I will continue to make sure you are not forgotten.

    Love you and miss you Benny..

    – Brian Rivera
  8. We knew one another back in the day when life and the world was so much more innocent. So sorry to hear today that you were taken so early form your family and friends. May you rest in peace. My prayers are with you my friend.

    – Steven Flakowicz
  9. In honor of my former classmate Benny Suarez, I honor you for your bravery and your sacrifice. Until we meet again, RIP. My prayer is that the Lord will keep your family in perfect peace and the beautiful memories they have of you will remain fresh in their mind.

    – Nancy Johnson
  10. Benji played baseball with my kids in a little league baseball team that I coached. We were neighbors on 7 St, Park Slope Bklyn, NY. Very respectful, good teammate, athletic. Every 9/11 is semisweet, he ran to the towers never to be seen again and died a hero. If there were fires in heaven, he will be the first to run and help. RIP Benji.

    – Antonio Cedeño
  11. Gone but not forgotten!! RIP You will always be part of my family.

    – Antonio Cedeño
  12. My 13 year old daughter carried Benjamin Suarez’s badge today at Lambeau Field for the fallen fire fighter stair climb in honor of the 15th anniversary of the many sacrifices made that day. She proudly rang an honorary bell and read his name at what would be the 78th floor of the tower. She completed Bejamin’s journey to the 110th floor. She was honored to climb the steps for Benjamin and his family. Thank you for your sacrifices.

    – Chris Borchert
  13. I did the 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb today 9/11/16 in Blackhawk, Colorado in your honor. You will never be forgotten, thank you for your sacrifice. RIP

    – Kimberly Starkowski
  14. Climbing in San Antonio, Texas for FF Suarez and all of the lost brothers of the 343. Thank you for your service Mr. Ben Suarez. This one is for you.

    Preston Foose
    Houston Fire Dept.
    Engine 82

    – Preston Foose
  15. Has it been 15 years already? I was recently going through pictures and came across photos of you and Mike illustrating drop and roll for Daniel and Caitlin’s school. Mike dropped on the floor to roll and you pushed him off the stage….brahahahaha. We remembered you taking the fire fighters exam and asked us to pray over you just before. You are still missed.

    – Bernadette Foster
  16. Benny you will never be forgotten , you were a good friend and a great father to your children…may you RIP Benny, you are missed !

    – Wilma Torres
  17. Benny you will never be forgotten , you were a good friend and a great father to your children…may you RIP Benny, you are missed !

    – Wilma Torres
  18. I had the honor to carry your name in my highschool tribute to 9/11, you’re in a better place Benjamin

    – Cynthia Rincon
  19. Climbed this morning in your memory at Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver. I was honored to carry a badge with your picture on it. Thank you for your sacrifice. I worked for FEMA at 911 and have great admiration for the work that first responders like you do to protect people and serve the public. It was a beautiful day. Rest in peace.

    – Jerry DeFelice
  20. I was honored to climb in your name during Panama City Beach’s “9-11 Memorial Stair Climb.” I always research the person I am climbing for so I have a better appreciation for what that first responder sacrificed. Now I mourn you along with your wife and children. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    Lee Ann Leonard
  21. I am climbing in your memory today at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at FDIC. It’s an honor. God Bless.

    – Irene
  22. Today I climbed 2,071 steps with your name around my wrist. I’m honored to be able to pay tribute to your courage and sacrifice. Thank you for all you have done for our communities and know that your name goes on. Rest In Peace.

    – Steve Pendola
  23. Benny, and I were good friends and we part of the track team, we play basketball and football. Benny was a huge cowboy fan. Great guy and great sense of humor. He eventually got married and focused his time on his family. He will be remembered as our hero and great family men. May God bless him always as well as his family.

    – Dennis Camacho
  24. Tomorrow I climb for you in the CNY Memorial Stair Climb in Utica, NY. I am honored and humbled to carry you with me. Thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice for us. Its been 18 years and your memory lives on….as it will always.

    – Sue Muller
  25. On 9-8-19 I carried your lanyard and felt your presence as I did the 911 climb. It was such a honor to do. I am forever grateful for your service.

    – Sherry
  26. Today in Tucson, Az
    Benjamin Suarez FDNY Ladder 21 Will Be Honored with respect, sweat, and tears.
    My Brother Gilbert and Friend Richard will have the honor of wearing a badge with his picture in it.
    To the family our condolences and thank You for your sacrifice.
    We mourn with your loved ones.
    God Bless.

    – Roberto / Gilberto Rodriguez
  27. Today in Tucson, Az
    Benjamin Suarez FDNY Ladder 21 will be honored with respect, sweat, and tears my brother Gilberto will have the honor to be wearing a badge with his picture in it.
    To the Family our condolences and Thank you for your sacrifice.
    We mourn with your loved ones
    God Bless
    -Roberto/Gilberto Rodriguez

    – Gilberto Rodriguez
  28. Benny was a true hero. He was also a true friend. He was one of my best friends. We played basketball every week and our one on ones were epic. We tried to kill each other on the court and after the game hug each other and laugh so hard at each other. He was they type of person who always made sure you were ok regardless of how he felt. I went to ground zero 9/11 to look for him thinking he was working and never found him. He will forever be missed.

    – Richie Padin
  29. We remember all of our first responders annually, including FF Benjamin Suarez. His name is inscribed on a beautiful monument in County Kildare, Ireland.

    City of Ocala Fire Rescue
    Ocala, Florida

    – Brian Stoothoff
  30. I’ll never forget Benny. We both attended Brooklyn First Free Methodist Church in Brooklyn. I was a kid and he was one of the teenagers, who always had a bright smile on his face. In true kid fashion, I developed a crush on him. How could I not? He was always so kind to us and everyone around him. What a heartache on that fateful day for those of us that knew him. May God bless Sally and their children. He will always be a hero!

    – Marisol LaBoy
  31. On Sept 11, 2021, I climbed for you, Benjamin (Benny), at the Green Bay, WI 911 Memorial inside Lambeau Field. During the climb, I was thinking of your family and friends, wishing that they could spend the weekend with you. I was thinking of how unfair this world is. That a man who loved his family so was taken too soon. That a man who wholeheartedly protected his city lost his life doing so. Also, an overwhelming sense of pride for a man who I have never met on Earth. I hope your loved ones are doing well and see you again someday. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. You’re remembered and missed not just today but every day since 9/11.

    -Dana (Green Bay, WI)

    – Dana Erickson
  32. 9/11/21 in Tennessee at the sunsphere there was a memorial ceremony held in honor of those police and firefighters who died that day,we had run up and down twice to amount to the 110 flights of stairs to represent them in which I ran in honor of him

    – Evan
  33. I was given your picture and information and would be honored to to run on your behalf at the Tunnel to Towers 5k on Saturday in Altamonte Springs, FL.

    – Raquel Villagrana
  34. I have walked all the steps that the NY fireman in Benjamin Suarez did on that faithful day, I have asked to climb the steps having the same firefighters every year. This was the first year I missed due to radiation and chemo treatment; I have cancer. Thank you for your service

    – Sam