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Age: 24
Year of Death: 2008

Bill ‘The Doze’ Miller

Bill ‘The Doze’ Miller Blue Mound Volunteer Fire Protection District – Illinois Volunteer Firefighter Date of Death: October 13‚ 2008 Age: 24

Billy was born on December 6‚ 1983‚ in Ramsey‚ Illinois‚ to proud parents Meredith and Diane Miller. The family moved to Blue Mound‚ Illinois‚ in March of 1990.

Billy graduated from Meridian High School in 2002. In high school he played four years of football. During his sophomore year‚ the team took second place in the state championship. Billy’s love for football continued on throughout the rest of his life.

Billy graduated from Richland Community College as a certified welder. After college‚ Billy worked for Caterpillar until 2007‚ when he decided to pursue a career as a professional driver. He received his CDL and began driving a truck for C and J Excavating.

Bill was an active member of the Blue Mound Lions Club. He had many interests‚ such as his love for music‚ automobiles‚ farming‚ but most of all his love for friends and family.

Billy‚ even when he was little‚ had the utmost respect and admiration for all adults. It would be just a matter of time before he found the most admirable adults of all. In 2005‚ Billy joined the Blue Mound Fire Department family. They gave him his nickname‚ ‘The Doze.’ If they needed a door or wall knocked down‚ they called on him. He was a great asset to the department and formed an unbreakable brotherhood with each and every member.

On October 13‚ 2008‚ during a routine training exercise‚ Billy and another firefighter traveling in Tanker 38 came to an intersection and were involved in an accident‚ leaving Billy pinned in the truck. Firefighters extricated Billy from the apparatus‚ then airlifted him to Springfield Memorial Hospital‚ where he was pronounced dead. The other firefighter escaped with minor injuries. Even during his last moments of life‚ Billy was only worried about his brother firefighter who was involved in the accident.

Even though the life of William Joseph Miller was so short‚ he made a tremendous impact on so many lives. His dedication and determination were so graceful in everything he did. The loss of Billy has greatly affected the Lions Club‚ the Blue Mound Fire Department‚ and his family and friends. He will forever be remembered as a hero.

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  1. I am a Firefighter with the South Wheatland FD. I was there the night of the tragic incident, and myself and a fellow firefighter riding with me witnessed the accident and were first on scene. I never met “The Doze” but have heard great stories about him and he was a dedicated Firefighter and was liked by all. I will always remember this night and always wonder if more could have been done. Rest in Peace, Doze.

    – Michael Warnick