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Age: 38
Year of Death: 2001

Brian E. Bilcher

Brian E. Bilcher‚ 38‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Squad 1. Known affectionately as Tugboat because of his girth‚ Bilcher was a 10-year FDNY veteran. He enjoyed riding his motorcycle‚ pulling practical jokes‚ and playing guard on the FDNY football team. He is survived by his wife and their young son.

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  1. Firefighter Bilcher, last year I was honored to wear your dog tag during the 343 Memorial Ride in Wilmington NC. Yesterday I also wore one of your fellow firefighters dog tag Capt. Vincent Brunton. You are Not Forgotten… Rest in peace.

    – Pam Palmer
  2. Yesterday I did a memorial stair climb in Mr. Bilcher’s name. I know nothing can make up for the pain of loosing a loved one, but I hope there is some peace in knowing that Mr. Belcher was remembered as far away as Misawa Japan. Thank you for your selflessness and for your bravery.

    – Jennifer Lundin
  3. Firefighter Bilcher, I am honored to be representing you in the First Annual September 11 Disneyland Memorial Walk in Anaheim California this year. Thank you for you service and thank to your family for sharing you with all of us. You are NOT FORGOTTEN and your bravery will FOREVER BE REMEMBERED. God bless you and those you have left behind !!!

    – Sharron Henson
  4. God bless you…rest in peace
    It seems like only yesterday that you and Tina met. I will always be grateful that I was there then. In no small part, I get to do
    today, what I do, because of your heroism. I’ll never forget
    Peace Always…

    Pierre OFarrell
  5. This will be the second year I climb (CNY Stairclimb) in honor of Brian Bilcher. It is an honor to be in the brotherhood/sisterhood of one of the most humbling professions. To people who don’t know better, we fight fires and help people in need. What is unknown is the daily sweat, mental strain and the preparing that is done in order to protect and help people while putting our own lives on the line. You made the ultimate sacrifice on that day. You will never be forgotten. Your efforts will always be remembered and your legacy and heroism will live on!!

    – Debbie Monaghan
  6. Firefighter Brian Bilcher, it was an honor representing you in the 15th Year Anniversary of 9/11 in Fallbrook, California this 2016 year. The Fallbrook Firefighters Association held 6th Annual Memorial Hill Climb on Monserate Mountain, representing the 110 stories climb. Your Service and Bravery will be remembered forever. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

    – Will Shakespeare
  7. Yesterday at fdic 2017 I got the honor to climb in your name. That was the best part of my first fdic experience. Being from NY it meant a lot to me. And i know nothing can make up for the lost of a loved one but I want you to know you will never be forgotten. RIP brother

    – Anthony Aracena
  8. I just finished a stair climb in Brian’s name. God bless Brian and his family.

    – Danny S
  9. It is with great honor that I get to climb in the OKC stair climb in honor of Brian. It’s because of men like you that inspired me to become a Firefighter. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – CL Turner
  10. Today September 16,2018 I climbed in your Honor at the Binghamton NY stair climb. Rest easy!!

    – Kimberly Austin
  11. Brian,

    Today 6-8-2019 I ran in the Tunnels to Towers 5K in McMinville TN. The organizers so thoughtfully had a roster of Firefighters lost that day, and a picture badge of each. I was fortunate to have been given yours. You joined me in the 5K, and with your grace you will be with me in every T2T run. Godspeed and Thank you for giving of yourself in a way only those close to you can understand, but we all honor.

    – Jim Mahoney
  12. Brian,
    On this the 18 year anniversary of 9/11, know you and the other 343 firefighters who died on that day, will never be forgotten. They are all HEROES

    – Lisa Hopman, Quincy FireDepartment, California
  13. 9/11/2019 … Old fried , still i cry 18 years on , i remember well your visit to OZ & the laughs we had & the things we talk of . hard to understand why this all happen , the lose of life on that day & the sacrifice of your own life Brian “Tugboat” has never left me, we pray this never happens again! I am far away in Australia, but the pain is still so close. My deepest respect to you Brian & to your fellow FDNY firefighters ! May they rest in peace.
    from Karl

    – Karl McSweeney Australia
  14. I use a wheelchair, but was honored to roll around Arizona Stadium today. I couldn’t climb the stairs, but I circled the stadium for a total of 6 miles in your name and rang the bell for. I will also pray for your family.

    – Thom Linders
  15. Brian,
    I was handed a badge with your picture on it today, for the Memorial stair climb in Charlotte, NC. You helped me make it through. It was honor. You are not forgotten. Thank you for service and your sacrifice. I will proudly wear your badge next year as well. You are a true hero.

    – Jessica Nichols
  16. Brian, I promised I would never forget you. Every year on this anniversary, I Pray for your family. I had just talked with you a few days before we lost you, but I wasn’t surprised at all to find out you chose to stay and help. Your child you never got to meet can be VERY PROUD of you!!! My heart still goes out to them.

    – Lorry Davis
  17. I did a stair climb today in honor of you Brian E Bilcher. I said your name out loud and rang the bell after. I thank you for your sacrifice on 9/11 . You will never be forgotten . RIP ❤️ God Bless

    – MaryLou Kusler