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Caleb Nathanael Hamm

Caleb was born on August 25‚ 1987‚ and began life as a tiny 3_ pound baby with big obstacles to overcome. His parents were told not to expect him to live. So he defied the odds early on and boy did he live each and every moment of his short life. The following words describe Caleb: fearless‚ thriller seeker‚ honest‚ trustworthy‚ loyal‚ affectionate‚ and loving. He marched to the beat of a different drummer and always remained his authentic self. In fact‚ the Biblical meaning of his middle name – Nathanael – means ‘in whom there is nothing false.’

Caleb loved nature and being outdoors‚ so when his family moved to Idaho several years ago‚ he and his brother‚ Seth‚ totally embraced life there and flourished. They spent countless weekends skiing or snowboarding in the winter‚ and swimming and hiking trails in the summer. Many times‚ Caleb’s hiking companion was his beloved basset hound‚ Princess‚ who is now 13 and accompanied him just about everywhere.

More memories for Caleb‚ his father‚ and brother were made on their hunting trips‚ which included sitting around the campfire sharing stories. Caleb loved the Native American culture and enjoyed making elaborate dream catchers from nature’s products‚ such as elk and deer horns‚ and feathers.

Caleb was completing a degree in fire ecology. His obsession with taking care of mother earth and recycling caused him to strike a deal with his parents – If they agreed to boycott the purchase of Styrofoam plates‚ he would wash the dishes. Once‚ when visiting his grandparents in Springdale‚ Arkansas‚ Caleb was appalled that they didn’t recycle. Before he left‚ he had a system set up for them.

Caleb loved his family. When he was little‚ he always told his mother‚ ‘You’re my favorite mom.’ Into his adult life‚ he never ended a call or a visit with his parents or brother‚ Seth‚ without saying‚ ‘I love you.’

There are two values David and Lynnette instilled in their sons. 1) Regardless of your materials possession or the lack thereof‚ all you really own is your name‚ so let that name be defined as honesty‚ integrity and someone others can count upon. 2) If you are going to work at something‚ give 120 percent‚ or it’s not worth doing.

Caleb gave more than 120 percent and gave his life doing something he loved and was passionate about. And he did it in the great outdoors he loved.

Someone once said‚ ‘The purpose of life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave with a well-preserved body‚ but rather to slide in sideways‚ completely used up‚ yelling and screaming‚ what a ride! This is how Caleb lived his life.

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    Lynnette Hamm
  2. Today, Fire Station 7 “Wild West” pauses to remember FF Caleb Hamm.

    Each shift we study a NIOSH report, learn about the firefighter and take away what they taught us to be safer. We hang the firefighter’s photo by our door and say a prayer for his family and friends.

    God Bless Caleb and his family/friends today and always. Never Forgotten Brother.

    Capt. Ron Stewart
    Driver Cole Eason
    Firefighter Kyle Matheu
    Firefighter Colin Keenan

    – Temple Fire & Rescue