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Age: 32
Year of Death: 2001

Christopher James Pickford

Chris was a ‘gentle giant’- known to his friends as ‘Super Chris.’ He stood 6’5′ with a heart to match. He was a writer‚ composer‚ musician‚ and poet. Before becoming a firefighter‚ Chris was a paralegal for the Queen’s District Attorney’s Office. He was referred to as ‘The Rocking Firefighter’ in several newspapers after 9/11. All of his music was distributed to attendants at Chris’ memorial mass.

Thomas Pickford

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  1. Rest in peace old friend.

    – Anthony Felice
  2. Thank you for your service Chris.

    – Bryan Baird
  3. Thank you for your service cuz

    – Addi Kiernan
  4. I had the honor of participating in a stair climb in Columbus OH today on the 20th anniversary of September 11 carrying a photo and memory of our hero Chris with me. Thank you Chris for serving and protecting us. I pray that your family and friends are comforted everyday by wonderful memories of you. God Bless.

    – Jen Baran
  5. Dear friends and family of Christopher James Pickford,
    We will NEVER FORGET. It is September 12, 2021. Yesterday, my husband Reed and I participated in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Red Rocks Park, Colorado. I pulled Christopher’s badge at random from the registration table, intentionally wanting to honor a firefighter whom I’d never met, by climbing the equivalent of the 110 flights of stairs in the World Trade Center building at Red Rocks amphitheater. This ritual is very important to me personally, as a physical reminder of the selfless and courageous ultimate sacrifice made by Christopher and 342 other firefighters on that terrible day twenty years ago. We will NEVER FORGET. I hung his ID card from my cap as I joined 1200 other participants, many of them firefighters in full turn-out gear and Scott packs, making our journey up those steps.
    In his welcoming address that morning, Shawn Duncan, the event organizer, mentioned resources for folks wishing to reach out and find the families of those they had climbed in honor of. So I went to this website wanting to learn more about the firefighter I’d been ‘matched’ with this year, to find out more than simply a face on a badge and the fact that Engine 201 was from Brooklyn. Christopher seems like a very well-rounded guy, a musician and a poet, what a gift. I am sure he brought many priceless moments of joy to those around him, lucky enough to have shared his love of music and friendship.
    The time I spent thinking about Christopher and his fellow fallen heroes left me feeling very emotional, vulnerable, fragile, flawed, humble, grateful and what it really feels like to be human. I plan to do something with these feelings, to translate them into something tangible and worthwhile to give back and pay it forward in whatever way I possibly can, no matter how insignificant my action may seem. I would like to try to make a positive difference in the shadow of the tragedy that took Christopher’s life, to give it meaning at least, to me.
    Thanks to Christopher, I feel I can and must do better.
    We will NEVER FORGET.
    In eternal gratitude,
    Nadia Maryniak Halstead

    Nadia Halstead
  6. 20 years later and we still remember your smile and rolling your eyes at the young Assistant District Attorneys you were never too busy to help. Thank you for service and may God bless you in Heaven.

    – Tracy Catapano-Fox
  7. Thank you for your sacrifice to save others. You will never be forgotten.

    – Holly D.
  8. Thank you for your service sir.
    May you always rest in peace, for none on earth shall forget your sacrifice.
    God bless you.

    – Madessis Thomas
  9. Last year I did the 9/11 tower challenge in Tucson AZ. I wore his picture while doing the challenge. May you rest in Peace.

    – Mace Bravin
  10. Today, sir, I had the honor of remembering you at the 2022 Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. Never Forget.

    – Wendy Smidel