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Age: 25
Year of Death: 2005

Christopher James Roy

Submitted by his mother

Christopher James Roy was called to the heavens on November 28‚ 2005‚ for the Calera Fire & Rescue Department needed a guardian angel to protect those in it’s service. Chris was the choice on that day. Chris‚ also known as Ol’ Roy by his closest friends‚ lived his entire life in Calera Alabama. He was a young man devoted to living his life to it’s fullest‚ helping his neighbor‚ and by honoring his word. Chris modeled himself after his heroes‚ people whom he admired‚ that showed strength and integrity in their actions‚ not their words. Chris was a man who would do what he said and said what he believed. He aspired to follow in his Grandfather’s footsteps and lead the City of Calera in its prosperous future.

Chris enjoyed making people feel good‚ be it through his genuine smile‚ a pat on the back or a handshake & ‘how are you today’ greeting. He shared his time willingly by helping those that needed help‚ always smiling and sharing moments with children. With his reassuring voice‚ he could comfort a panic stricken mother who had broken down roadside by saying ‘Now don’t panic‚ it’s gonna be alright.’ He would take time out of his busy day to color a page in a coloring book with a child in a local hardware store where the mother was working.

At the young age of three‚ Chris discovered he was a true outdoorsman‚ scouting the woods for turkey and deer on the pants leg of his Dad. Crossing every log and creek in the path‚ he made each step his Dad made. He grew into a man that found peace in nature that God provided.

In his childhood and early teens‚ Chris was an active football and baseball player. Whatever activity he undertook‚ he dedicated himself to it. At the age of 14‚ he took his first job working for a local heating & cooling company. From that time on‚ he held a minimum of two jobs at all times. Someone recently described Chris as ‘urgent’‚ maybe this was because he knew he had to get as much done in his life‚ as time would allow.

His public service career was jump started at the age of fifteen‚ when he joined the Shelby County Explorers Club‚ sponsored by the Shelby County Sheriffs Office. He spent his sixteenth birthday at Explorers boot camp in Gulfport‚ MS and was recognized as top marksman in the competitions.

After graduating from Calera High School in 1999‚ Chris worked full time for the City of Calera Maintenance Department and volunteered with Calera Fire & Rescue Department and attended Pell City Fire College. Upon graduation from Pell City Fire College in 2001‚ he transferred to full-time Firefighter with the City of Calera. Chris also trained and was certified in underwater rescue and recovery and assisted in underwater recovery searches. He was also a certified instructor for the Mining Safety and Health Administration‚ and was employed by a local contracting company as Safety Director.

A few short months before his death‚ Chris had purchased twenty acres of farmland in Chilton County‚ a short 12-mile drive from Calera. His spare time was spent fencing‚ working the land and raising goats.

Chris leaves behind‚ his parents James & Joyce Roy‚ a brother Richard Roy‚ grandparents George & Betty Roy and Max & Martha Jones and joins his grandfather Herman Johnson in the eternal life.

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  1. Memories. . . .A Great Young Man! I had the joy of spending time with Chris on His first Hunt in Texas. We named a stand after him—-“The Roy Stand”!

    – Don Wade
  2. A Great Friend! I was blessed to spend quality time with Chris. His 1st hunt to Texas. . .”The Roy Stand”, and more. Always in my thoughts. . . .I will see you someday!

    – Don Wade
  3. I didn’t know this young man, but I saw his memorial on I-65 on my way home from Florida. Being a career ff myself, I wanted to look him up. Sad circumstances. He seemed like a great guy and a great firefighter. RIP sir.

    – Mark
  4. Passed his memorial on I-65 and decided to look him up. Prayers to the family and Rest In Peace Chris. Someone made sure you are never forgotten with this memorial. .
    ~Tamekka 5/5/2022

    – Tamekka
  5. Just drove by a sign on Hwy 65 and saw Chris’ name. It sounds like Chris was an outstanding young man whose life was too short.

    I hope his family receives some comfort to know Chris is not forgotten. Even strangers are thinking about him.

    – Nathaniel Walsh