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Age: 37
Year of Death: 2001

David Fontana

David Fontana‚ 37‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Squad 1. Father of a young son‚ Fontana was to celebrate his 8th wedding anniversary with his wife Marian on September 11. He had chosen this date because he liked to tell people he was married on 911. Since his death‚ Marian has taken a leadership role in an advocacy group‚ the Sept. 11 Widows’ and Victims’ Families Association.

Dave was an amazing person who loved so many different things – rugby and Ireland‚ the ocean and history. He loved tying knots and fighting fires‚ kayaks and hiking. He loved pine trees and hawks‚ reading and yoga. He loved playing practical jokes‚ climbing mountains and helping people.

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  1. To the Fontana family, You are in my prayers especially tonight, as you have been for the last 5 years. Know that David is peaceful, and he is watching you always. God bless you!

    – Leann Spencer
  2. Thank you for your selfless acts of courage each and every day, and for your bravery in helping keep your community safe. We will never forget.

    – Starla Taylor
  3. I climb in your rememberance today at Bay View Middle School – 2016 – Never Forget.

    – Megan C.
  4. I am Macee chapman from bay view middle school and I climbed for David Fontana, “never forget”.

    – Macee chapman
  5. I climbed in David Fontana’s honor and remembrance today at Bay View Middle School on 9-13-2016

    •Never Forget•

    – Jordan L.
  6. I climbed in your remembrance today at Bay View Middle School – 2016. Thank you for your bravery and selfless act in a time of need. Never forget.

    – Molly Senter
  7. I go to bay view middle school and I ran 78 flights of steps for you!

    – Jayden Jude
  8. I climbed in your rememberance today at Bay View Middle School – 2016 – Never Forget

    – Maggie W.
  9. I climbed in remembrance today at Bay View Middle School-2016-Never Forget

    – Katie Faldetta
  10. I climbed in remembrance for you today at Bay View Middle School-2016-Never Forget. Thank you for your undying support and passion for our country. You will always be remembered.

    – Katie Faldetta
  11. Today I ran for David Fontana in Des Moines, Iowa at the Tunnel to Towers 5k. Thank you for your bravery, we will never forget.

    – Brooke Nokes
  12. I ran on behalf of David Fontana 9/8/17 for our local race “The Run For The Fallen.” Being a 40 something, I remember that day well and the bravery of many that day including David. We will never forget.

    Bill Best
  13. On 9/8/17 climbed in your memory at the 2017 San Diego 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. We will never forget!!

    – Mandy Kelsen
  14. I was commissioned by Mark Beckwith’s church in Oklahoma to compose a piece for their choir which I called “Where They Stood” dedicated to Dave Fontana. We will never forget.

    – Megan Frances Cavallari
  15. Today (9/16/2017), I wore a badge with David Fontana’s photo on it as I climbed 110 flights at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. May God bless his family & friends. And Mr. Fontana, thank you for your service to your community and country. #NeverForget

    – Angelina McCormick
  16. I visited New York for the first time in my life this last weekend. I visited the 911 memorial and the first name that I saw was David J Fontana. I thought to myself, I need to look up this person and see who he was, I didn’t want my visit there to be a blur of names, I wanted to put a face to the memorial even if it was a single face. My condolences to his family for your loss, David is gone but not forgotten, his face and his life will forever reside in me and I will do my best to live my life in a way to honor his.

    – Juan
  17. Today (9/8/18) I climbed 110 flights in memory of David Fontana in the San Diego Memorial Stair Climb. It was an honor to be a part of the service. God Bless you David.

    Sean Cunningham

    – Sean Christopher Cunningham
  18. I have had this for a long time and my grandpa had gotten it from somebody but I have David Fontana’s dog tag that he wore during 9/11

    – Chase Johr
  19. David’s Family is always in my prayers.

    – Antonio Fontana
  20. ‘@chase I am David’s son if this is true I would very much like to get in contact and learn how u got it and discuss a bit I can be reached at [email protected] your response is appreciated.

    – Aidan Fontana
  21. We visited the memorial site as a family of 5 Fontana’s. Naturally we researched and found David. To say we were very moved and touched by his story is an understatement. My daughters aged 6 and 8 took rubbings of David’s name to take home to Nanny and Nonno too. David shall remain forever in our thoughts and prayers. May he rest in forever peace. x (The Fontana Family, Northampton, England)

    Julie Fontana
  22. I climbed for David on 9/7/2019 in Oklahoma City as a fellow firefighter. Thank you for your service.

    – Jason Romero
  23. I had the honor of climbing the 2019 Richmond 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb for you. Thank you for your service and sacrifice brother. God bless.

    – Dustin Waybright
  24. I was named after my great uncle David. I will always honor my name because I know that I got it from someone as brave and courageous as you. I may not know you, but you are always in my thoughts.

    – David Fontana
  25. Today 9/11/2020 I climbed 1,980 steps in honor of David Fontana in Crown Point, Indiana. May we all never forget ur bravery and selflessness on this day 19 years ago. Thank you for your service for your community and country.

    – Desiree Davila
  26. David
    thank you for your service. I think of you often. Know you are remembered

    – Michael Angelo Gagliardi
  27. You will always and forever be in my thoughts and prayers

    – angela soule
  28. I made the climb on 9/12/20 in honor of David at the 9/11 Stair Climb of Grand Rapids, MI. He never finished the climb, so I did for him. May he rest easy knowing many honor him every year by finishing the climb he never did.

    – Matt Goodrich
  29. Remembering you this year. I was watching a documentary on Netflix and saw this name and just wanted to say thank you, and you are remembered!

    – Taylor B. Sellers
  30. After reading “A Widow’s Walk”, my heart was in awe of the Fontana family. I promised to remember Dave Fontana’s ultimate sacrifice every September 11th. I promised to remember the stories his wife shared about him, especially all the wonderful and funny ways he made this world a better place.

    – Nancy Azeez
  31. I knew David Fontana personally. We were on the Westbury High School swim team. David was a great friend. He was kind and caring. He had a great sense of humor. He is dearly missed and forever in our hearts.

    – Jeff Heisler
  32. Today, 09/11/2021, I ran a 10K as part of the Run for the Fallen event in Wisconsin, in honor of Mr. Montana. May God bless your family, we will not forget his sacrifice.

    – Teresa Berger
  33. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were courageous and self less. Thank you for being a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget. Your wife, son, and rest of your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Maria Greco
  34. I climbed in remembrance at Hero Stadium-never forget- 2021

    – Rebecca Johnson
  35. To the Fontana family, I was honored to climb the steps of Lambeau Field in memory or your son, husband, and father and the sacrifice he made on that day.

    – Matt Richter
  36. I read the book “Widows Walk” several years ago and that is how I became acquainted with Dave and his wife Marian, who wrote the book. The book moved me quite intensely. Marian is an amazing writer. I had to look up this page and leave this comment; Dave is someone I would have liked to have met. May he RIP.

    – Brook K
  37. HI – I will be doing the 9/11 Stair Climb in San Diego this Saturday 09/10/2022. I am honored to be climbing for David. Please know he will NOT be forgotten. After we finish – a group of us will have a beer and talk about each person we are climbing for.

    – Elaine M Conway
  38. I climbed in your remembrance today at Lake County Fairgrounds in Crown Point, Indiana. 2022

    Thank you for your bravery and selfless act in a time of need. Never forget.


    – Karin
  39. I climbed in remembrance of you, David. Your selfless sacrifice will not be forgotten. Tucson 2022

    – JD