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Age: 40
Year of Death: 2001

David Halderman

David Halderman was a handsome‚ quiet‚ kind and gentle man. He had two brother and two sisters. David was the youngest of the brothers. He wasn’t married and had just celebrated his 40th birthday on August 2‚ 2001.

He joined the fire department in June of 1992‚ following in the footsteps of his father who retired after 30 years and his brother Michael who was recently promoted to Battalion Chief. At the time of his death he was on the list to be promoted to Lieutenant. He was promoted posthumously. He loved the job and in 1999 he transferred to Squad 18 in Manhattan to be in a busier house and more involved in rescue work. His happiest moment on the job was when he delivered a baby.

He was interested in history and read many books on the subject. He was very active in his twelve-step program and touched many lives in that fellowship and he is sorely missed there.

David was on vacation for most of the month of August 2001. At that time his father was ill in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan and he spent much of that time visiting him and driving me and his sisters into the city to the hospital. His father died on August 8‚ 2001‚ one month before David.

According to a firefighter who was in the north tower on 9/11‚ David and another man from Squad 18 were on their way out of the building when on the 18th floor they responded to a May Day from another company and returned to the upper floors. They never made it out of the building.

He is truly an American Hero and would be slightly embarrassed at any attention given to his heroism as he mostly preferred to be out of the limelight.

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  1. To the family of David Halderma, my name is Rodney Taylor and I am the district chief for the volunteer fire department in San Juan County’s District 7 in Aztec New Mexico. This past weekend 9/9/17, I had the honor of walking in the memory of your loved one in the state of New Mexico’s first ever 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. I have been a volunteer fireman for 35 years and it has been a true honor to be in the brotherhood with your loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice! My thoughts and prayers are always with you and know that we will Never Forget the bravery of David and his fellow 343.

    – R. Taylor
  2. Well see you soon uncle.

    – Marcus Halderman
  3. Enjoyed the time we worked together in the electronic industry. Then you followed your dads footsteps and joined the NYPD. Ironically, I did the same, but as a volunteer EMT with the Rocky Point Fire Dept. Tomorrow will be 17 yrs. since you gave your life to save others. God bless you David, may you rest with the angels.??

    – Vicki Grimshaw
  4. To the family,
    My name is Joshua David Wunner, and I am an Engineer/EMT with the City of Lawrenceburg Fire Dept, TN. I have been in the fire service for 8 years, 5 years with LFD. This past weekend 9/9/18, I had the honor of participating in the memorial stairclimb in Nashville, TN in honor of David. It was a privilege to be able to honor him. The 343 will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time.

    – J. Wunner
  5. To the family of David Halderman: my name is Jamesa Black. I am climbing the stairs of Lambeau Field for the 9/11 Memorial Stair climb in honor of him and his ultimate sacrifice. He will never be forgotten.

    – Jamesa Black
  6. To the family of David Halderman, today I finished the 110 flights of stairs for the 9/11 stair climb in Green Bay WI. You, and the rest of the 343 firefighters will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service!

    – Alyssia
  7. To the family of David Halderman,
    I was 18 years old when 9/11 happened. I remember it like it was yesterday. Sorry for y’all’s loss. Whole reason I went to Iraq. I saw his helmet in the museum, very sad.

    – Kevin Williams
  8. To the family of David Halderman –

    Today marks 18 years ago that David emulated true heroism with his involvement in the 9/11 attack. After reading his story I now know who he was and what he stood for. I am an employee at Pierce Manufacturing and every day we build the finest fire apparatus to keep our nation’s firefighters safe. Today I wear a badge with David’s name and picture on it in remembrance of the great commitment he made. Throughout my workday I will be dedicating it in honor of you, David.

    – Jeff Seidner
  9. To the family of David Halderman…I was on duty that day, watching in awe, and then horror, as the day unfolded. Shortly after 9/11, I ordered a memorial bracelet, as many if us did. When I received it, I looked up all that I could on your David. I am humbled to be in the same profession as David was. Today, as with every year since, and every year forward, I proudly and humbly wear a Squad 18 shirt, whether on duty or off, in memory of your loved one.

    David Williams
    New Hanover County NC

    – David Williams
  10. To the family of David Halderman, today I checked him into the accountability board after climbing in his memory. It was an honor. He is remembered, and none of us in the fire service will forget.

    – John Loflin
  11. I didn’t know David, but I have a connection to him nonetheless. In 2011, I visited the Healing Field in Carpentersville, Illinois which had American flags representing those that died on 9/11. It was a beautiful, yet sobering celebration of those lives that were taken 10 years before. When the event ended, I was given the opportunity to purchase one of the flags. All of the flags were marked with someone who had died with a small explanation of who they were. I chose David Halderman’s flag. He was the same age as my husband, also named David, and who was thankfully still alive and well. I selected David’s flag to honor both Davids. Unfortunately, my David passed away 3 years later from cardiac arrest. He was only 53 but was given 13 more years on this earth than your David. I’m so grateful for those 13 years, but like you, wish I had many more.

    Today, I remember and honor David Halderman and his heroic actions on this day, 20 years ago. To his family, I am so sorry for your loss. He was taken from you much, much too soon. Sending love and prayers to you all.

    Paula Andersen

    – Paula Andersen
  12. Climb 110 stories for you tonight in Bishop, Ca. We wish you the best. Thank you for your service, bravery, and selflessness. Never Forget!

    – Garrett Carr
  13. To the family of Firefighter Halderman
    Today is April 30, 2022. Yesterday in Indianapolis, Indiana 410 people climbed for those we lost two decades ago.
    My name is Heather and I am a 3rd generation Firefighter/EMT in Ohio, and I climbed for David. I joined my department in 2001. This was my 4th Climb, and every year I am humbled by the act of stepping 110 stories, to remember our fallen brothers.
    David was remembered this year. And I will have him with me, always.
    “I love you, take care of yourself.”

    – Heather Bacon
  14. I will have the honor of doing the 911 stair climb this year for David. I want you to know he is not forgotten. He is a hero. My son is now a firefighter so I know how proud you are of your son. He made this world a better place.

    – Terry Spann
  15. Some people are born Heroes. Thank you David. You are not forgotten.

    – Kerry Grant
  16. To the family of David Halderman
    I’m a 16 year old girl, two of my brothers are firefighters and I climbed today at the lambeau field GB Wisconsin memorial stair climb, I had the
    honor of climbing for David today, I will be praying for you and I will be carrying his name in 2023 as well he may be gone but I promise you..he will never be forgotten

    – Bethany Hemstock
  17. To family and friends of Daivd,
    I happen to come across this site after reading a article about things left behind from 911 on David’s story has touched my heart and I want you all to know that he will forever live on and never be forgotten for his bravery and service to America. For the the service of many leads to greatness and his sacrifice will forever be ingrained in our hearts!

    – J. Celestin

    – J. Celestin
  18. To the family of David Halderman, I am Cole Frink, I am a designer at Pierce Manufacturing and Every year I pick up a badge to carry for a year. this year I picked up David’s badge I will be carrying it on me for the next year and will think about his sacrifice while I design each truck.

    – Cole Frink
  19. Yesterday (9/11) I wore your image & name in Estes Park CO. We will never forget.

    – Pat Nelson
  20. To David’s family

    I was just going through Google earth street view of the memorial as I live very far away and don’t know if I’ll ever get to see it in person.

    I saw your family member David’s name on the epitaph and I was suddenly very curious to find out more about him. I actually choked up a bit reading about this total stranger who, in that instant, became more than just a name. He sounds like he was a very special, courageous person. I’m truly very sorry for your loss. Here’s proof he’s being remembered and honoured for his sacrifice, even if it’s by a stranger on the other side of the continent.

    – Kate Powers