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Age: 50
Year of Death: 2001

Dennis Mojica

Dennis Mojica‚ 50‚ lieutenant‚ FDNY‚ Rescue 1. A graduate of the rigorous Aviation High School‚ Mojica was in the U.S. Navy for six years before joining the FDNY‚ where he was a 29-year veteran. On his days off‚ he enjoyed skiing and bicycling with his fianc_e. Mojica is survived by a teenage daughter.

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  1. We recived an I’d card at a local 911 Memorial Service with your Loved one on it and we will never forget him, as it said on his card. I live in Brockport, NY. I just wanted to reach out to you to let know that we will never forget him, even though we did not know him personally! God bless you and your family.

    – Melanie Rogers
  2. I met Dennis Mojica 37 years ago. He was the kindness, humble and caring friend. Even thou the last time I saw him was before moving to Puerto Rico, I always kept in touch with him. I will never forget him…. for there is no other like him and it was an honor to have known him and to have had him as a friend. Rest In Pease my friend Dennis…..

    – wilma sosa
  3. I climbed 110 flights of stairs September 11, 2018 in memory of Dennis. He will never be forgotten.

    Matthew Long
    Firefighter Wildwood City NJ

    – Matthew Long
  4. I never knew that someone with the same last name as mine passed away during this event. My last name is very uncommon especially in the Mexican community. RIP LT

    – Leonel Mojica
  5. I met Lt. Mojica years ago in the Bronx at the home of his best friend Mario. He was handsome, kind, and focused on others as opposed to himself. He was a protector with a great big heart. Thank you for your service and most honorable sacrifice.

    – Sonja Wood
  6. Dennis was a highly respected professional.

    At the time of his passing few people in the world had his combination of knowledge, experience and the ability to perform under pressure.

    I had the honor of knowing Dennis in the last years before 9/11.

    I miss Dennus and will remember him always.


    – Dan
  7. rest in peace. you were my uncle and i never got to meet you.

    – Saia Mojica
  8. I was at his funeral. It was a sad day that everyone who could fit into St. Patrick’s Cathedral squished their way as close to the front as possible. I remember how the Country came together at this time. It’s been 19 years and still the memory burns. I pray for him and his family as well as all of the emergency services people. Can Never Forget.

    Eileen Carlos

    – Eileen Carlos
  9. I met Dennis at the International Fire-Fighters Conference in Dallas, TX in 2000. He was very friendly, kind and sincere about his career as a firefighter. I was saddened to hear of the passing of this remarkable firefighter on 9/11 along with all others that lost their lives.

    – Debra A Wilson
  10. I ran my first 5K today and I was the one honored to bear your name across my chest. I dedicated this run this run to you. My strength comes from the Lord, but you were heavy on my mind. The epitome of a warrior. I wanted to stop for a break but I knew you didn’t have the opportunity to stop. Maybe you did, but you chose to give it your all, so I gave it my all. I will work tirelessly to try to fill the shoes of the rare breed of great men like you. Thank you for being a point of light.

    I will never forget. 09/11/2021

    – Santiago J Gonzalez
  11. Thank you Dennis for your courage ❤ and we love you in Detroit, Michigan And Ann Arbor. Your my hero!! Love kenny.

    – Kenneth Grim
  12. I climbed for Dennis today in Green Bay, WI. God bless him and his family. May we never forget this day. I will continue serving in his honor.

    – Willow
  13. I was honored to climb this year in honor of LT Dennis Mojica. He will be forever part of my prayers. I was so proud to wear his badge on this day in Kansas City as we climbed 110 stories in our gear.

    – Chad Knochenmus