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Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

Douglas C. Miller

Douglas C. Miller‚ a 34 year old Firefighter with Rescue 5 in Staten Island‚ gave his life on 9/11. Doug was on the Department just shy of 6 years. He began his career as a firefighter with Ladder 172/Engine 330 in Brooklyn. Douglas was also an instructor at the Fire Training Center and an avid scuba diver.

He was the proud father of 3 beautiful daughters‚ Elizabeth 7‚ Rachel 6‚ and Katie 4. His wife of 12 years‚ Laurie‚ will always miss his incredible sense of humor‚ his wonderful smile‚ and his kind manner.

Doug was a man born with great concern for others. He lived his dream of serve to community within the FDNY as well as on the volunteer level as Chief of the Mill Rift Fire Department.

Every individual who had the chance to meet Doug fell in love with his spirit.

Doug was warm‚ sincere‚ and full of life‚ and gave fully of that life to save others.

Laurie Miller

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  1. I participated in the 9/11 memorial stair climb in Nashville,Tn this weekend and was honored to carry this man’s picture. He was in my thoughts the entire way!! I couldn’t wait to find out more about him. I am a 24yr old firefighter in Huntsville, Al if givin the opurtunity I will be honored to carry his name in the years to come! Thoughts and prayers to his family and may god bless all of you for the sacrifice of a wonderful man.

    – Brett
  2. Today, 9/11/15, I was honored to carry Douglas C Miller’s photo with me at the Denver 9/11 Stair Climb! Never forget!

    – Jordan Smith
  3. I participated in the 9/11 memorial stair climb in Indianapolis, In at FDIC on April 23, 2016. I was greatly honored and humbled to carry Firefighter Douglas C. Miller’s
    photo. My heart and prayers go out to his wife and three daughters, from what I read he was a very great husband and father, so I know he is greatly missed. I am 37 and a firefighter in Hattiesburg Ms. I will always have a special place in my heart for
    Douglas. NEVER FORGET!!!

    – Ben
  4. I will be honoring this man this year at the 9/11 stair climb in Dallas. I am honored to represent him and my thoughts with be with his family throughout.

    – Nick
  5. Today, at the memorial stair climb in Greensboro, NC, I proudly carry Douglas Miller’s picture. 15 years…..we will never forget.

    – Freman Murphy
  6. I Climbed today the 911 Memorial Stair Climb in Branson Missouri. I was so proud to be there today. I promise I will never forget.

    – Summer Lampe
  7. Yesterday (9-10-16) I participated in the 9-11 stair climb at Lambeau Field in Green bay Wisconsin and I was honored to carry Douglas C. Miller’s picture with me for 110 flights of stairs that I climbed. Never forget what he did for this country.

    – Jake
  8. I remember shortly after the terror attacks happened my high school art class drew portaits of the firefighters that died. I had the honor of drawing Mr. Miller. I wish I still had a copy of it.

    – Thomas Rinebold
  9. Yesterday, I ran the Run for the Fallen race in Kronenwetter, WI, and carried a photo of Douglas C. Miller with me. I spent much of the time on my run praying for him and his family; it was really an emotional race, and I’m glad this gave me the opportunity to think about someone specific.

    – Greg
  10. I carried his picture with me during the Richmond Memorial Stair Climb yesterday. When I was tired, the thought of his sacrifice pushed me through. I was proud to ring the bell and read his name after 110 flights.

    – Jen Allen
  11. I climbed the Colorado 9/11 Stair climb at Red Rocks today on 9/11/2017. I was honored to carry Douglas C. Miller’s photo. He is not forgotten and I’m sending love and prayers to his surviving family.

    – Carrie Sakai
  12. I was honored to carry Firefighter Douglas Miller’s picture during the 2018 Tri Cities 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb in Kingsport, TN. I will never forget the ultimate sacrifice that he and all the 343 firefighters paid on that tragic day. Prayers of peace for his family.

    – Donna Hardy
  13. It is nice to see so many young firefighters honoring Doug.
    I first knew him as my electrical apprentice in NYC where we worked together along with his cousin George.
    On 911 I was working in Tower 1 and George was in Tower 2. We both made it out alive however George ran into Doug on his way into the Towers. That was the last he saw of him.
    I saw the brave faces of the FDNY brothers as they climbed the stairs for real, as I was climbing down.
    The look in their eyes spoke volumes as they saw from the outside what they were going into. Being inside we had no idea of the extent of the damage.
    They were the bravest of the brave and their faces still haunt me every night.
    Please continue to remember the 343 and honor them.
    More importantly remember the brothers who made it out and have either lost their battles to Cancer, or still suffer today.
    John K
    911 Survivor, Ground Zero worker, Cancer survivor

    – John K
  14. We are so honor to fly the US flag that has a tag stating Doug’s name on it. He was a great hero!

    – June & Tom Shields
  15. Today, 9/11/2019, I wore Douglas C. Miller on my Carry the Load bracelet as I volunteered at Alexandria National cemetery. Thank you, sir, for your heroism and for your sacrifice for your fellow brother and man.

    – Kaitlin Odell
  16. Today, many firefighters, police, and citizens came together to walk the 110 flights of stairs to resemble the amount of floors in the twin towers. Today we came together to show that we have not forgot about those lives who were lost. And to show that we appreciate everything they have done, to risk their lives for others! Each one of us got a hero who lost their live in 911. I got Douglas C. Miller, who was 34 years old when he lost his life to save others! Thank you!

    – Katrina Schmit
  17. I went to high school in easton Pennsylvania. While in high school in art class we drew portraits of fire fighters how died doing what they do in the September 11th attacks. Mr miller is the hero I picked to draw. It was an honor doing this picture sir. This very picture shown here.

  18. When I took my Firefighter 1&2 class at the start of my career, we were asked to look up at the memorial flag and pick one name on that flag and dedicate our efforts to pass the class to them. I closed my eyes and put my finger on the flag. Douglas Miller was who I landed on. Everything that I am, everything that I do is because of you Douglas. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you. Thank you for a job well done. Ill take it from here.

    – Quinnton Miller
  19. Have you ever looked up your name on line? One day I did just that. It’s not the 3000 nameless people that perrished on 9/11 but the one that I carry every day. My Prayers to your family.

    – Douglas A Miller
  20. I feel honored to have walk the Arizona 100 clubs tower challenge 2022 from the minute I got my badge with Douglas Miller name and picture I had the want the need to know more about this man and now glad I got to do this in his honor thank you

    – lee Johnston
  21. I had the true honor of climbing the stairs today at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin wearing proudly Douglas C. Miller’s name tag. I will cherish this honor forever, and I love America so much because of good people like Douglas. My prayers are with his entire family, and please know with each step I took today my heart grew stronger in appreciation for him and all the firefighters across America. I will NEVER forget that September day.
    God bless.

    – Donna Flath
  22. This is one day that hits hard on me when you see your own obituary. I do not know this Hero nor am I related but there is no way I could live up to his memory. But I will remember his sacrifice. And pray for his family.

    – Douglas Miller
  23. Doug, I searched for your name in the tags to wear at the 9/11 tribute today in Estes park … I was honored to climb with you.. I was grateful the volunteers helped me find your tag… may you Rest In Peace … you are never forgotten….

    – Donna Williams
  24. Hello: I participated in Tunnels2Towers 5k run in Altamonte Springs, FL yesterday and was honored to carry Doug Miller’s photo. May his memory be for a blessing.

    – Debra Hoffen