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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2001

Douglas E. Oelschlager

Doug was 36 years old. He was a husband 13 years‚ married on June 10‚ 1988. He had two children: Brittany 11‚ Kayla 8.

He was a:
Navy Seabee‚ 1982 – 1984
Volunteer Firefighter in Oyster Bay – Teddy Boys
Volunteer Firefighter in St. James – Captain‚ Hook & Ladder
FDNY firefighter 1999 – 2001

Suzanne Oelschlager

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  1. Climbed at Lambeau Field, 2016 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, for Douglas Oelschlager. I am not a firefighter myself, but was there to keep mine going. Thank you for your service. ❤️

    – Chelsea Berger
  2. It was an honor to climb today at Lambeau Field in honor of Douglas E. Oelschlager. I got to ring a bell at what would have been the 78 floor mark. I felt like I completed his journey when I finished the stair climb to the 110 floor.

    – Erin Borchert
  3. You an Oelschlager, true to your heritage, family and country. Even though I don’t know how you may be related to me. It makes me proud to know you.

    – Marguerite Oelschlager McGee
  4. I attended a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Yellow Springs, Ohio on September 10, 2016, to honor the fallen firefighters the country lost on that fateful day. I was honored to be able to wear the badge of Douglas E. Oelschlager, on my chest as I walked 110 flights of stairs. When I was finished, I read his name out loud and rang the memorial bell. Thank you for your sacrifice to this country and please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear Thomas. Your entire family, and everyone that loved him are in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Jami Wyatt
  5. I had the privilege of wearing a “badge” with your picture and name on it yesterday, while I climbed up 110 flights of stairs at Lambeau Field. I didn’t know you or your name until that day, and I’ll never forget you after that day. A beautiful soul is not forgotten. And to live on in the hearts of others is to never die. You, sir, are an American hero, and will live on forever.

    – Jennifer Brantmeier
  6. Climbing the steps at Red Rocks Amphitheatre tomorrow in your name. My husband was a firefighter for 41 years. Wish your family had been able to celebrate a long career with you. They are in my prayers.

    – Patti Seno
  7. Very proud, you lived up to your name Oelschlager. Were probably related , not many oelschlsgers out there who aren’t. God bless

    – Darlene Oelschlager Chuck
  8. I carried Douglas E. Oelschlager during my first 911 Tower Challenge in Phoenix, AZ today, Tuesday, September 11, 2018! I finished in less than an hour and it was a great honor to carry you with me during this challenge!! You will always now carry a special place within me and will always keep me motivated!! I WILL NEVER FORGET!

    – Brandi DeWald
  9. You are a true hero. Your name oelschlager makes us proud

    – Darlene oelschlager chuck
  10. It was truly an honor to carry you with me at the memorial stair climb at Lambeau Field, 9/22/18. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Paul Cornelison
  11. I also had the privilege to walk up Snow King Mountain, Jackson Hole, Wyoming this 9/11/18, with you by my heart. Thank you for your service and dedication Douglas E. Oelschlager. God Bless your friends and family.

    – Nancy Rogers
  12. In honour of Douglas E Oelschlager I walked the the fire fighter stair climb at crown Metropol in Melbourne Australia with you by my side.
    Your memory lives on Doug. Your family would be proud of your sacrifice.
    Rest easy

  13. In honour of Douglas E Oelschlager I walked the fire fighter stair climb at crown Metropol in Melbourne Australia with you by my side.
    Your memory lives on Doug. Your family would be proud of your sacrifice.
    Rest easy

  14. I had the honor of participating in the Columbus 9/11 Stair Climb in 2016 and chose your badge, as I felt you had kind eyes and a friendly smile. I was honored and humbled to complete the stair climb, announce your name, and ring the bell. Your badge stays in my wallet. My husband, a firefighter, keeps your fellow fallen firefighters badges in his truck. Thank you for your service, courage, and dedication to “laying down your life for a friend.”

    – Julie Rozum
  15. Climbed today for 911 Tower Challenge Foundation. I had your picture with me, thank you

    – Matthew Martinez
  16. I climbed for Douglas E. Oelschlager in Nashville 9/11/2022. Looking at his obituary it set hard in me he died at 36 and I am 36 now. Rest easy brother it was an honer climbing for you and your memory.

    – Robert Luttrull