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Battalion Chief
Age: 45
Year of Death: 2001

Edward F. Geraghty

Edward F. Geraghty‚ 45‚ battalion chief‚ FDNY‚ Battalion 9. Following in the family tradition‚ Geraghty joined the FDNY shortly after graduation from St. John’s University. On the job‚ he had been head of the training academy and‚ on September 11th‚ oversaw several firehouses that responded to the disaster.

A father of three‚ he was a dedicated family man‚ an avid runner‚ a eucharistic minister‚ and a key organizer for hometown charities. As he rose through the ranks‚ friends recall that the 23-veteran was always a fireman at heart.

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  1. Chief Edward Geraghty,
    Today, we honored you in a 9/11 Tribute Stair Climb in San Diego. This stair climb pales so deeply in comparison to your sacrifice of that fateful day, and as a wife to a fire fighter, thank you sir. I can only imagine the pain and loss suffered by your family and friends so that others may live. So I say Thank you to them as well.
    Please know that “We Remember.”

    – Robin Leafblad
  2. Chief, I wore a photo of you on my shirt at the annual Red Rocks Stair Climb,9/11/17, in Morrison, Colorado. I was proud to do so and to walk along others with a similar mind set—Never Forget! We climbed because you and your brethren climbed that fateful day. The stair climb people include many firefighters from local, regional, and other states fire departments wearing their full gear, back packs, hoses, axes, etc. It is an emotional experience for all. I honor you Chief Geraghty and all the members of your profession.

    – Jack Lopez
  3. I wore your photo today at the Tunnel to Towers 5K here in Altamonte Springs. What a wonderful way to memorialize those who gave their all. I lost a friend in one of those towers that day. Thank you and we will never forget!

    – Cheri Pierce
  4. I grew up idolizing Eddie I remember going to club in Long Island and Eddie was standing by a pillar and all the hot girls were all over him lol me Eddie powers and rob Finley were like gezzzzz Eddie was a cool nice guy.. god bless from Dino from Elmont..

    – Dino mingione
  5. Chief Geraghty,

    I visited the memorial at the World Trade Center last October and was struck by your name as it is the same as mine.

    I know absolutely nothing about you but often think of you, wondering where you came from, how you spent your life and who you left behind.

    Having read the information given about you on this page, it is obvious that you were a hero.

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh do anam.

    From Aidan Geraghty,
    Dublin, Ireland.

    – Aidan Geraghty
  6. Chief Geraghty…. It was my honor to draw your remembrance badge at the 9/11 stair climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin today. On this 20th anniversary of that terrible day that took you from your family, your city, and your battalion, know that you were remembered and honored today. May you be at peace, and may we who remain behind be worthy of your sacrifice. Godspeed.

    Neil Stechschulte
  7. Ed was always smiling. He would joke around with his friends all the time. Ed was the first to help his neighbors and took pride in all of his accomplishments. He touched so many hearts throughout his life and his friends feel blessed to have crossed paths with such an amazing person. ❤️

    – Rochelle
  8. My 1st time at FDIC I wore your tag for the 2022 911 stair climb. I was honored to carry it and will never forget the sacrifice that you and so many made that day.

    I’ll continue to share and remember the stories from all the fallen firefighters that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Cheers to you, your family, friends and all the others firefighters past and current that have shaped the fire service it is today.

    – Lyle Fenderson
  9. Chief Geraghty I pulled your badge today at the Tunnel to Towers 5K in Asheville, NC. You would have been 66 had the horrific day not happened. I am 64 and feel grateful to be alive. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice for your country.

    – Shirley Havera
  10. Tomorrow I will be climbing stairs in your honor sir, it is a privilege. I could never Imagine how it felt that day, to climb those stairs and know you might not make it out. Thank you for your sacrifice, sir.
    Kari M Cundiff

    – Kari Cundiff