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Age: 45
Year of Death: 2001

Edward J. Day

Edward J. Day‚ 45‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 11. Day was a third-degree black belt in karate‚ and taught young children about its mental and physical benefits. He had a keen sense of humor and hated grumpiness. The grouchiest of his pals at the firehouse got smiley-face stickers on their helmets.

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  1. Today I chose your name for a 9/11 memorial climb. It was an honor to get your name to the top of 110 stories. RIP Brother. Never Forgotten

    – Michael Saunders
  2. This was my second 9/11 memorial climb. It was surreal to pass people going down as I went up. All i could think about is those that climbed up as and never made it back down. RIP my 343 Brothers

    – Michael Saunders
  3. I climbed in my first 9/11 Memorial Climb today and grabbed the name tag in your honor. Rang the bell afterward for you. RIP, Firefighter Day. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice.

    – Noah Litton
  4. Eddie, so many happy memories of “the last Christmas party” in Newport, and your smiling face and good humor. So many years stolen from you 17 years ago. So hard to put the anger and the pain from injustice in a positive place. So thankful for the gift of your friendship. We’ll never forget.

    – George Steele
  5. Thinking about you today Eddie. No words can say how cruel life is when yours was so quickly lost, doing the thing you loved the most. Never forgotten. Xx

    – Sue
  6. Ed your sacrifice is what every person on this earth should be so thankful for. I’ve served for over 23 years in the Marine Corps and have been serving as a volunteer firefighter for many years and I’ll never be able to light a candle to your heroism brother!!!! I wish I would have had the privilege of knowing you. Seems like we shared some common interest in karate and helping out kids. Every year I pay my respects when the bell rings at the ceremony in front of your name at the memorial. Maybe we have family roots From a few generations back. Looking forward to meeting you in heaven my brother!

    – Keith Day
  7. Today I was honored to be given your name for the 20 year anniversary 9/11 stair climb, and was able to ring the bell for your ultimate sacrifice. Thank you. Never gotten.

    – Shae Wheeler
  8. To the family of Edward J. Day-

    I walked in his honor on Saturday Sept 11, 2021 at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado. It was an honor to do so.

    -Jennifer L. Ducatte

    – Jennifer L. Ducatte
  9. I randomly chose your tag on 9/11/2021 to run a 10K with Run For the Fallen. I could tell from the picture on the tag (different than one on this website) that you must have had a sense of humor and brought smiles to peoples faces. Thoughts and prayers were in my heart and mind for you and your loved ones as I ran. Thank you for serving and reaching out to others.

    – Craig Flinders
  10. Today I climbed in honor of you, firefighter Day. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to the job. You truly were and are a hero to look up to. Rest in peace knowing you will never be forgotten.

    – Baylor Braatz
  11. You were with me as I climbed today for the New Orleans memorial stair climb. You will never be forgotten for what you sacrificed to help others. It was such an honor to climb with you today.

    – Kyle Duncan