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Age: 32
Year of Death: 2001

Frankie Esposito

When Frankie graduated from the Academy on November 4‚ 1999‚ Commissioner Von Essen spoke of how firefighting had changed from just fighting fires to bomb threats and terrorist activity. How prophetic were those words.

When my grandchildren study history in school‚ they’ll learn of the horrific event of September 11th and they will be able to tell their classmates that their uncle Frankie became a hero that day. But to his family‚ his father‚ brothers‚ sister and myself‚ he was so much more than that. He was a boy who grew into a very handsome‚ well-groomed man with a love of life‚ home and family. Whatever he set out to do‚ he mastered to the point of perfection. He was a friend who could be relied upon any day‚ any time. He was a quick wit with a great sense of humor and a beautiful smile. He also took his responsibilities very seriously and was easily annoyed by those who didn’t.

He had a passion for good food‚ skiing‚ hunting‚ boating‚ playing billiards‚ and especially‚ riding his ‘Harley.’

The word ‘closure’ is being used daily with every memorial or funeral. For us‚ there will never be ‘closure.’ The void in this family and hole in our hearts will be there forever. If there is any consolation‚ it is that he died doing what he loved most-being a firefighter.

May God Bless our Frankie and God Bless America!

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  1. Today I had the opportunity to do a stair climb in honor of this hero. I carried a tag with me of him as I climbed the 110 stories. I’m a fire fighter in Dekalb County, Georgia.

    Memory Stair Climb 9/10/2016

    May God Bless the Heros

    – Kevin Fleming
  2. My wife and I climbed for this hero, on 9/16/17 at Green Bay WI at Lambeau Field.

    I have been a volunteer firemen for my little town of 2000 for 25 years.

    It was an honor to carry his name with me as I climbed 110 stories.

    Thank you.

    Terry Digman

    – Terry Digman
  3. Today I will climb for Frankie at the Chattanooga 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. It is an honor for Frankie to tag along with me.

    – Bradley Ashburn
  4. Tomorrow, I will climb in honor of Frankie in Kingsport, TN. I am thankful for his service and sacrifice; there is no greater gift.

    – Kari Fields
  5. Today I had the honor to climb for your loved one today at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI for the 9/11 stair climb. He is a true hero! We will never forget!

    – Beth Mumford
  6. I had the honor to climb in the 9/11 memorial stair climb in Green Bay, Wi on September 22, 2018, in Frankies’ name. What a humbling experience. He sounds like an incredible man. Sorry for your loss. We will never forget.

    – Tom Boris
  7. I climbed today for Frankie Esposito, 4/12/19 at FDIC in Indianapolis. I’m not a firefighter, but the events of that day set the course of my life in any case. It was an honor to make the trek for this man.

    – Joy Hernandez
  8. Today me and several others climbed for Frankie it was an honor climbing for frankie

    – Cameron
  9. My name is Jim Ryan, I knew Frank. I worked with him with Avon construction. He was a hard worker, great drywall finisher, & very funny, dry sense of humor, ALWAYS smiling. Just a great guy to be around! He is sadly missed! All he talked about was to be a firefighter! RIP Frankie #hero

    – Jim Ryan
  10. I climbed for FF Esposito at the FDIC 2022 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb. Thank you for the humbling opportunity. May he Rest In Peace.

    Lt. K. Doerksen
    Taylor Fire Rescue
    BC, Canada

    – Kristine Doerksen