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Battalion Chief
Age: 57
Year of Death: 2001

Fred C. Scheffold

The world lost many treasures on September 11th and I mourn the loss of my own gem‚ my husband Fred. Fred’s 32-year career with the NYC Fire Department brought him to many corners of New York and on the morning of September 11th he was just finishing his 24-hour tour as a Battalion Chief in East Harlem. When the alarm came in‚ he rushed to the scene along with the chief who was relieving him. Like so many others that day‚ he was not obligated to respond to the alarm but he did so out of sense of duty and the simple fact that he knew his help and expertise would be needed.

But he was so much more than just a fireman who was lost on September 11th. As an avid runner‚ skier‚ and golfer‚ he inspired our 3 daughters to reach their highest goals and set them higher once again. A talented painter and sculptor‚ our home and yard are decorated with many of his pieces‚ including a giant insect made of metal and wood on the front lawn and a front door painted purple. A self-proclaimed ‘news junkie‚’ he read everything that he could get his hands on and could hold an intelligent conversation about any topic. Essentially‚ he had a lifelong love of learning.

He had the unique ability to make you feel like you were the only one in the room when you were talking to him and that what you were saying was the most interesting thing he’d heard all day. But he never failed to end the conversation by making you laugh.

We mourn the loss of Freddie every single day. He was a magnificent human being and a beautiful soul who will never be forgotten. Fred’s memory has been celebrated in many ways including a scholarship fund that has been established at his alma mater in the Bronx and trees that have been planted in his honor.

Joan Scheffold

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  1. My condolences to the entire Scheffold family as well as all the brothers & sisters of FDNY and all victims of the attacks, many still suffering to this day. I’m a firefighter in a suburb of Denver, CO and had the honor of walking in BC Scheffold’s honor today at the Denver 9/11 stair climb. He may be gone but he is not forgotten and his story will continue to touch and inspire all of us.

    – Matt C
  2. Dear Mrs. Scheffold and family.
    Hi. My name is Eileen and I live in the Atlanta area. I’m originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. I just wanted you to know that today (9/13/2015) it was such an honor to carry your husband and father with me at a stair climb in Georgia. Me and my husband who is a firefighter and emt in barrow co, Georgia. Completed 110 stories. I just wanted you and your daughters to know I was thinking of all of you and your freddie.
    God bless.


    – Eileen Gluth
  3. He was a man of principle, a man who loved his family and who I deeply regret not staying in touch more with as my uncle. As is sometimes the case, family issues cloud relationships but it was never him, it was others. I think of him often. During the changes of the seasons and of course on the anniversary of that terrible fateful day. He was a fireman’s fireman. He was a leader. He was a good person. And his family is rightfully proud.

    – Terry Sheerin
  4. Hi I had a remembrance for 9/11 today at my school, and each student was given a name on a sticker that died from 9/11. I got Fred! I’m so sorry for your loss. I sent many prayers to heaven for your husband.

    – Jillian
  5. It was an honor to do the stair climb today in Green Bay, WI in honor of Fred. I am grateful for his service. God bless your family.

    – Kimberly
  6. Freddie-you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I have been wearing a remembrance bracelet with your name on it while playing softball. I always talk to you when playing the outfield. I am now the oldest on the team with many players in thier 50’s. I prefer playing against the younger guys rather then playing in the over 70 league. I always think how much of your life you sacrificed so others might live. I wish you could have enjoyed your retirement, and it is as if somehow you are playing ball next to me. You will never be forgotten. Your cousin, Buddy

    – Bud Sheerin
  7. Freddie will always be in our thoughts and prayers.. He was the bravest man of all. The Sheerin Family

    – Bud Sheerin
  8. I was honored to climb the stairs of Lambeau Field in Green Bay with Fred on 9/10/2016. It was my first climb. My condolences to the Scheffold family. Now Fred rides with me every day. Fred and all those who lost there lives that day will NEVER be forgotten. Rest in peace my brother. Paul Fredrich, Captain, Southern Door Fire Department, Door County, Wisconsin.

    – Paul Fredrich
  9. 9/11/17—First thing today was to put on my remembrance bracelet as a reminder of what a wonderful person Freddie was, and how much he meant to everyone who knew him. He is always in my thoughts and prayers and will always be. Have to start cleaning up after hurricane Irma. God bless the Scheffold Family. Bud Sheerin

    – Bud Sheerin
  10. 9/11/17 – Like Bud Sheerin, i started the day by putting on my remembrance bracelet with Fred’s name on it and posting a picture and a reminder that we must never forget him, the thousands of others who perished and the terrorist attack on our country. May your husband/father rest in peace.

    – Judy York
  11. In honor of your service and commitment, we climbed for you today, Fred. Pierce Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Rest In Peace, Sir.

    – Kim
  12. On 9/16/2017 I had the honor of climbing in memory of Fred C. Scheffold in Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI. It was my first time being apart of this National Fallen Firefighter Foundation event in which we raised over 110K. The 110 story climb was not easy at times, but climbing with so many other firefighters who risk their lives every day as did Mr. Scheffold, certainly gave you motivation and determination to keep pushing through for a great cause. We said we would never forget, and so many today proved just that at Lambeau Field. God Bless the Scheffold family and friends, and all who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. Laura Kuehl, WI

    – Laura Kuehl
  13. he was a very productive man

    – Logan Martinez
  14. He was a very productive man.

    – Logan Martinez
  15. Tomorrow is opening day -Central Florida Softball League. 9/11/18. It will be my honor to wear Freddie’s remembrance bracelet in the outfield tomorrow. He is always in my thoughts and prayers. Freddie, I am so proud of you. You will never be forgotten by your family and friends. Bud Sheerin

    – Bud Sheerin
  16. I had the honor of carrying Fred’s badge along with two other fire fighter badges in the NFFF stair climb this past weekend! His picture just glows with laughter and living life to the fullest. Thank for for allowing me to carry his bravery and smile throughout the climb. I will now carry Fred along with others every year at this event, in the future! Never Forget!!

    – Meredith Baciak
  17. I carried you with me on 4/12/19 at FDIC in Indianapolis, IN. It was my first climb. I chose you because I’m a Division Chief today but had just started at my fire department June of 2001. I watched the morning unfold like millions did that day. I stood in my firehouse helpless. Thank you for your service and dedication.

    – Heather Henry
  18. Today at the Run for the Fallen in central Wisconsin. I was honored to remember and represent Freddie. I can tell he was an amazing person. Please know your family was in my thoughts and prayers today!

    – Dan
  19. Today I had the distinct privilege of honoring Fred C. Scheffold in the 9/11 memorial stair climb in Panama City Beach Fla. Fred was one of 343 FDNY members killed 9/11/2001. Battalion Chief Scheffold is survived by his wife and 3 daughters. As a re tired Battalion Chief from Long Beach MS, I will never forget the 343 and climbing ( dying of post 9-11 illness). God Bless your family Chief!

    – Battalion Chief Scott Dubuisson
  20. 9/9/19-This Wed. 9/11 is opening day for Fall softball here in Florida. We will have a remembrance for all the firemen and first responders who gave their lives to save others. I will be wearing my remembrance bracelet with Freddie’s name. I will be the proudest player on the field. Freddie has left a wonderful legacy for his family and his courage and bravery will never be forgotten. Bud Sheerin

    – Bud Sheerin
  21. We will never forget…..

    – Deborah Scheffold Collorafi
  22. I live in Jersey not far from Piermont, NY. Like many others I regularly walk out to the “Navy Pier” with my dog and find it to be a very peaceful spot. Some weeks back I decided to take pictures along the road to the Pier one of which was of Firefighter Scheffold’s memorial. Yesterday (9/11/19) I took the liberty of posting that photo on my facebook home page with the following comment: “Photo of a monument to NYC Firefighter Fred Scheffold who sadly lost his life on 9/11. I have seen this monument two or three times a week for many years now when I walk my dog out to the Navy Pier in Piermont, NY. I did not know Mr. Scheffold but I thank him for his service along with any and all who put themselves in harms way on behalf of communities across our great nation.”
    I am a Fireman’s son and send my sincere respects to all of Firefighter Scheffold’s family, friends, and fellow firefighters.

    – Ray Gehringer
  23. Another gentleman I rubbed elbows with.
    Lt. Richard Naples FDNY L-18 Retired 2002

    – Rich Naples
  24. 9/11/20-This is the special day of the year to remember Freddie. I always think about what a wonderful person he was and how he touched so many lives. I will wear my remembrance bracelet in his honor . He is the finest person I’ve ever known. Bud Sheerin

    – Hugh Sheerin
  25. 9/11/20-This is the special day of the year to remember Freddie. I always think about what a wonderful person he was and how he touched so many lives. I will wear my remembrance bracelet in his honor . Bud Sheerin and Family

    – Bud Sheerin
  26. 9/11/20 -Our thoughts and prayers are always in memory of Freddie. The Sheerin Family

    – Bud Sheerin
  27. Dear Scheffold Family,

    Today, I carried Fred’s picture with me up 110 flights of stairs at the training tower for ARFF at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan. I remember him today, 20 years later, and feel privileged to honor the sacrifice he made on that day. He sounds like he was an incredible man.

    All my love,
    Wendy L
    Marine corps Spouse
    MCAS Iwakuni, Japan

    – Wendy L
  28. Dear Joan & Family,
    Today is one of many which remind me of my friend Fred, you and our circle of life growing up in the Bronx. His joy of life, family, friends and helping strangers is stamped within me and today brings many tears and smiles because of whom you (we) lost and the legacy he left for us. He stood tall and bright in our life and hopefully we find some solace in remembering the many gifts he left within our hearts and memories. The posts I read today are wonderful reminders of his gifts and how he continues to inspire the lives of many he never met.
    God Bless & Peace be with you, Joan.
    Jerry L

    – Jerry Lynch
  29. I remember your husband. You and your husband lived next door to me growing up. He was such a nice man, always made my brothers and me laugh. I wasn’t aware that he was one of the heroes we lost on 911. I am very sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing your husband with us. I will remember you and your girls in my prayers.
    Stephen B.

    – Stephen J Buckley
  30. (9/11/2021)
    Today I ran a 5k in honor of Chief Fred C. Scheffold. I was assigned a race bib with his name and I am glad I found this page to come pay my respects. I am very humbled to have run in honor of such a great hero. I continue to pray for all those affected by this tragedy. May you Rest In Peace Mr. Scheffold, thank you for your service and heroism.

    – Aide Tijerina
  31. It was an honor today to do a Tunnel to Towers 5k in South Sioux City, Nebraska at Siouxland Freedom Park with B.C. Fred Scheffold’s badge pinned on my jacket. I am thankful for him and people like him who protect all of us.

    – Barbara Peitzmeier
  32. Driving out of NYC on the Dartmouth, I saw a mural of Fred on the sidewalk and felt compelled to take a photo to find out more about the man. He sounds like a true gem. I’m so sorry for your loss. Pip, United Kingdom.

    – Pip
  33. Another 9/11 and the years fly past. Thinking of Freddie and how much he meant to everyone who knew him. He is always in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Bud Sheerin
  34. Joan,

    I’m here in Piermont on a day as magnificent as Sept.11, 2001 reading the beautiful tribute you wrote about your husband. Words fail to express the sadness in my heart for all you and your family lost on the horrific day. A giant among men, with love and honor for family, friends and community in His heart, May his memory and the love you shared always bring comfort.

    – Adina