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Age: 33
Year of Death: 2001

George DiPasquale

He was a religious man who served as an elder in the Mariner’s Harbor Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. George was known as someone who practiced what he preached. Even his fellow firefighters nicknamed him ‘Holy Man’ because he often shared his faith and hope with others.

Some of George’s hobbies were playing basketball and tennis. He enjoyed drawing‚ listening to music and playing the guitar.

George DiPasquale was born on September 23‚1967 in the state of New Jersey. By the time he was in high school‚ he stood six feet‚ five inches tall. He attended Port Richmond High School in Staten Island‚ New York and was a member of the basketball team. After graduating high school‚ he attended Western Maryland College.

George married his wife on September 12‚ 1992 and was a devoted husband. On December 17‚1999‚ he became a loving father to a 5lb. 14 oz. baby girl. He adored her and loved being a ‘daddy’. George was truly a ‘family man.’

October of 1994 was a proud time for us all when George graduated from the New York City Firefighters Academy. George was a man who truly loved helping people so it was only natural for him to become a firefighter. He was assigned to Ladder Co. 2 located on 51st Street in Manhattan. For over seven years he enjoyed going to work and drew close to his fellow firefighters. He was also studying to take the Lieutenants’ exam in October‚ 2001.

On September 11‚ 2001‚ shortly after 9 AM‚ George and nine of his comrades were called to Tower 2 just after it was struck. None of the ten who responded to that call returned home on that terrible day.

What can we say about ‘Our George.’ He was very intelligent‚ quiet and serious but with a sense of humor. Friends and family could rely on him because he was a man of his word. He was our ‘Gentle Giant’. He was dearly loved by his family‚ friends and co-workers. George will be sorely missed. He will be remembered as a true hero in the way he lived and the way he died. George was only 33 years old when he was killed‚ just 12 days shy of his 34th birthday.

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  1. At this years 9/11 memorial stair climb in Denver I climbed with George’s picture/name with me. Thank you and your family for the sacrifice.

    – Rob
  2. At this years 2016 Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI, I had the privilege and honor to wear George’s badge with me and rang the bell in his honor. Thank you and your family for your bravery & sacrifice!

    – Terianne
  3. Tomorrow in Melbourne for the firefighters 9/11 memorial stairclimb I will have the privilege of climbing in your honour. Thank you George and your family for your amazing sacrifice. May you Rest in Peace.

    – Dave
  4. I just met George’s brother at a 9/11 Memorial in Charlotte, NC. It was an honor to learn about George and his contributions to this great nation. Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice and God bless this family!

    – Kelly McNeil
  5. This year 2018 I had the privilege to climb 2071 stairs in Glendale, AZ in George DiPasquale’s memory. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the day.

    – Verlinda Castro
  6. I climbed in his honor this past weekend. Panama City Beach To 911 stair climb

    – Cheryl
  7. At the 2018 memorial climb at Lambeau Field, I climbed for George and his family and rang a bell in his honor. It was such an amazing event and I felt privileged to wear his picture and support his family.

    – Annie
  8. Today, on the 18th anniversary of George’s death, I had the privilege of meeting his brother and learning about George’s life as a firefighter, a father, and husband. Today, I honor him and his family. Thank you.

    – Jessica Chester
  9. I climbed in honor of George today at the remembrance climb at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, IL and I’m so proud to wear his name.

    – Theresa Verstreater
  10. I wore the badge of George DiPasquale on a memorial stair climb – NEVER FORGETTEN
    in El Paso Texas

    – angie torres
  11. Dear family and friends or George,
    I met George when he volunteered with our team in constructing the House of Worship on Hugenot Ave. He assisted with exterior masonry. We are grateful he left his mark on our new Kingdom Hall! His Memorial Service gave a fine testimony to his brothers – both workmates and spiritual companions. I still have the memorial program and newspaper clippings as part of my personal treasures. I am absolutely certain I will meet George again! He will never be forsaken!

    Fred Stumpe
  12. I had the privilege of getting to know George through his amazing, beautiful wife, Melissa. Melissa and I attended a special school for full time volunteers in 1996. After that George, Melissa and myself were in the same department as volunteers. I think of my dear friends all the time, but always this time of year.

    – Ilka Corsar
  13. At this 20 years anniversary memorial stair climbing high Piont NC. I climbed in honor for Georgia and his family. I felt honored to do this. Praying for his family today.

    – Patricia
  14. Today, April 9, 2022, I walked in the Tunnel to Towers run/walk in Ripley, WV. I walked in memory of George DiPasquale. I give thanks for his service and sacrifice! His family will be in my prayers.

    – Tammy Spangler
  15. This was my first year to participate in the Climb to Remember in Hoover, Al. I was honored to receive George to remember. He seemed to be a very honorable and good man.

    – Jennifer Small
  16. I climbed 110 flights in Green Bay WI today in honor of your loved one George. The world lost a good man that day. I am sorry for your loss and years without him. He was remembered today and his service and sacrifice honored.

    – Cathy Borek
  17. John 11:25…My brother, my brother. We know in our faith that you will be brought back to a paradise earth. JW.ORG

    – Kenny Wilson