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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

Gerard Baptiste

From his mother:

Gerard’s most memorable qualities were his competitiveness‚ he liked challenges and saw them as opportunities to overcome and most of the time did just that. His good sense of humor-he possessed a pronounced and contagious laugh. His philosophy in life- he liked to live life to its fullest and his love for this country and sense of duty which he demonstrated every day of his life.

From his father:

At age 18‚ Gerard joined the National Guard; at 27‚ after attending the Military Academy in New Jersey‚ he became a Second Lieutenant in the Reserve and was stationed in Long Island and then in New York City at the 69th Military Infantry. At 30‚ he graduated from the Fire Academy and became a Firefighter.

Gerard loved sports. He was so very good at baseball‚ that his friends called him Reggy after the famous Reggy Jackson.

Gerard was an animal lover. He often carried treats with him to give to dogs that walked past his ladder 9 firehouse in Great Jones Street located in East Greenwich Village in New York City and strangely enough those dogs became to know Gerard and to look for him when he wasn’t around. That is why at the Firehouse‚ they called him ‘Biscuits’‚ because of the biscuits he carried in his pockets to treat his friends. When that catastrophe happened‚ the dog owners cried when they knew Gerard was missing.

Gerard adored kids‚ even though he didn’t have his own yet. He usually was the first to meet them when they visit the firehouse. He made himself joyfully available to respond to the many questions posed by kids about the Firehouse‚ the Fire trucks‚ the ‘rigs’‚ as they call them and all other equipment around.

I would appreciate‚ if possible‚ to put by his name:

‘Serving the people was his calling in life. He was happy as a soldier serving his country. He was also happy as a Firefighter serving his city.’

We still feel the terrible pain and the profound sadness for the loss of our son Gerard. At the same time‚ as a father I have that sense of pride that Gerard knowing of the danger‚ did not hesitate to reach to the highest point to give comfort and show the way out of this inferno to so many people.

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  1. Descanse en paz, en el dia de hoy me entere que existio bombero FDNY nativo de Dominicana.

    – Julio Peralta
  2. I had the honor to walk a 5K for Gerard this year for the Run for the fallen virtual event 2020.

    – Rebecca Hull
  3. Today I had the honor to walk the stairs in remembrance of FF Gerald Baptisite.
    Door County Fire Department sponsored the event. I was in the stair well on the tenth floor, the walkie talkie said the south tower has collapsed…. what a profound sense of sadness. Please let’s never forget!

    – Sandy Charles
  4. Today, on the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001, I had the great honor of walking in memory of Gerard Baptiste at the Stair Climb in Colorado at Red Rocks. I wore the badge with his name and picture with pride – so very grateful for the sacrifices he and so many others made on that day. Gerard will not be forgotten.

    – Alicia Pawlowski
  5. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were courageous and selfless. You are a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  6. A little late, but this is my first year as a FF/EMT. I got to the do the 9/11 climb in Las Vegas. I got the honor to carry him up. Rest easy brother, we can take it from here.

    – Tsai
  7. Hello to Gerard’s parents. I wrote the memorial card for the Heroes card project in 2001 and met you in NY. My own youngest son grew up to become a Firefighter. Tragically, he was killed by a reckless driver 28 months ago. I think of you often. Please get in touch if you wish.
    Marcia Mehaffey

    – Marcia Mehaffey
  8. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. You are not forgotten. We have the watch.

    – David Kessler
  9. At the 21st Anniversary, 9/11/22 at the Red Rocks, Colorado stair climb I was honored to wear the photo badge of Gerard. His smile infectious. I read his background story and words from his mother and dad. What a beautiful man.and a tragic loss for all of us. We will never forget you and your brave comrades.

    – Jack Lopez
  10. Was honored to do a memorial stair climb in Knoxville with Gerard on my chest today. His memory will live on with me forever.

    – Patrick Vergona
  11. As a 5 year old tourist from Alabama my mom and I stopped by the fire station (my dad is a retired FF after over 25 years and currently one at the time so we always visited fire stations wherever we went) and got the pleasure of talking with Gerard and getting our picture made with him two months before 9/11. What a nice guy. His memory lives on even as far as Alabama as I always have something to say about him on this sad day. RIP Gerard Baptiste.

    – Caleb