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Age: 46
Year of Death: 2001

Glenn E. Wilkinson

Glenn E. Wilkinson was a lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department. He had been studying for the Captain’s test and had stated many times that he wanted to retire as a chief.

Glenn was loved and respected by all who knew him. He was very kind and fair. He was a solid athlete having played football and lacrosse for Hofstra. Glenn was a favorite uncle‚ a treasured friend‚ a wonderful brother and son‚ a loving and supportive husband and‚ above all‚ a phenomenal daddy to our three children. He was a hero to his family long before September 11th. I came across an anniversary card I had given Glenn the December before and it stated very simply‚ ‘You will always be my hero.’

– Margaret Wilkinson

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  1. As a tribute to those who have fallen due to 9/11 I participated in the CNY Memorial Stair Climb at the Utica Office Building.
    It was an honor to wear Glenn Wilkenson’s tag and have a picture of it if you’d like it please email me.
    Gone, but never forgotten.

    – Tracy Sharlette
  2. He was truly a good man and is missed so much by all of us. You will never be forgotten Glenn.

    – Robert Wilkinson
  3. To the family.
    My name is Larry Wilkinson. I am Firefighter from Texas. We are in Florida at a Training Conference. This morning we a doing Memorial walk/stair climb. We were able to pick out one of the fallen from 9/11. I’m honored to be representing Lt. Wilkinson.

    – Larry Wilkinson
  4. I worked with Glenn for a few years after being assigned to Engine Company 317. Working with him was both an honor and a privilege. I often think of him.

    – Robert Collis
  5. I was looking at a flag contain the names of those killed in the terrorist attack of 9.11..i have a brother Gregg Wilkinson who was a firefighter with the city of Atlanta at that time. He want to NYC to visit the site… I can’t watch anything about that day without crying.

    – LaVonia B Jackson
  6. Climbing the stairs of Lambeau in honor of Glenn and the other 342 hero’s we lost that horrific day. ?

    – Deb Murphy
  7. Today I climbed Glenn pinned to my chest as I climbed 110 stories in honor if his and many others sacrifice. I am a NYC native. I was a student at Hofstra University when the towers were hit. After I graduated I joined the Army to fight and defend my nation from future events like 9/11. Thank you Glenn for giving me the strength to make it to the top. I am honored to carry your picture today #lestweforget #neverforget #honorourfallen

    – Janeth M Cerra
  8. I had the privilege and honor to climb for Lt. Wilkinson this year at Richmond Virginia’s 9-11 stair climb. I am sorry for the loss to that those who knew him have suffered and the lose of those that will not get the opportunity to meet him. Gone but not forgotten.

    Lt. David Rose
    Chesapeake Fire

    – David Rose
  9. Climbing the stairs of Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI, in honor of the 343 we lost that day. rest in peace brother.

    Andre Schmitt
  10. My name is Keith Kroenke I had the honor of getting to climb for this wonderful man in Wichita Kansas on 9-7-19 what a great experience we hand and glad to take him the rest of the way it was an honor

    – Keith Kroenke
  11. We also climbed the stairs at Lambeau field in your honor, Sept 7th, 2019. More proof that you are not and will not be forgotten.

    – Mike Hoeft
  12. I am a nursing home Administrator. Today, we had a 9-11 remembrance service, and I was honored to remember Lt. Glenn Wilkinson. I had previously known his brother and we would keep his memory alive each year. God Bless your entire family, and thank you for your service. Rest in peace.

    – Dan Daub
  13. I ran in the Tunnel to Towers 5k in Altamonte Springs, FL this weekend in honor of LT Wilkinson. I wore his information and photo on a badge on me, and ran with extra motivation. I was the 2nd overall female with 508 females participating and will run again with his badge tonight with our local running club.

    – Katy Cook
  14. Glenn was a classmate, a teammate, and a friend at Levittown Memorial High School (Class of 73′).
    I knew then he was not just ordinary, but extraordinary. A gifted leader who led by example. Humble, loyal, respectful, hard working, and extremely considerate of others. He had no tolerance for anyone being bullied and often would step in and eliminate that situation when presented. Way ahead of most of us knuckleheads at that time, in both maturity and sensibility. He continues to teach and remind us everyday by his selfless acts of kindness while here on the planet. We can only strive to emulate this beautiful man, husband and father. His personal motto of “It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice” says it all about this wonderful person we called The Wilk.

  15. Dear Mrs.Wilkinson, September 11, 2021
    I write from West Yorkshire, northern England. I once stood at the 9/11 memorial, by your late husband’s name, with my grown up daughter, and felt a tide of emotion.

    Words often fail but I would like you to know that today you, your family and Glenn are in my prayers.
    May you be blessed.

    – Stephen Wilkinson
  16. Today I carried Glenn’s image with me at Red Rocks, Colorado as I participated in a 110 flight stair climb on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. He and all of you are in my thoughts today as my family and I remember and are grateful to these hero’s. My children were not born yet when 9/11 happened so that scar on history is all they have known, and yet they admire what these brave men and women were faced with that day. Thank you for allowing us to memorialize the courage of Glenn on this board.

    – Angela
  17. As i’m only 16 and wasn’t alive during this time. it’s so neat to do research on Glenn. I did the 9/11 staircase climb today and did 1,443 fully geared up before i was tired and stopped. we started when the first plane crashed into the tower and then ended whenever the second tower was falling. As i participated i wore a tag with Glenn on it and climbing for him will always be something i will remember as i’m going into the Jr. fire training.

    – cheyenne wilson
  18. Climbed 110 flights of stairs with his picture and name on my rucksack on 9/11/21. Never forget.

    – Noah
  19. On 9/11/21 the 20 year anniversary we conducted an annual stair climb in remembrance of 9/11. I was proud to wear Lieutenant Glenn E. Wilkinson’s badge in remembrance of him! I was just in 6th grade when 9/11 happened and growing up I was so shocked by how many firefighters lost their lives and how proud I was of all of them for doing what they did! Because of that I became the firefighter I am today and wouldn’t take it back for the world! Now 11 years in and 5 kids later I hope to teach my kids the value of all the firefighters and first responders who lost their lives that day and show them what true bravery is all about!

    Michael W.L. Fields
  20. I would like to pay my respects as I recently visited E238 and L106 it was a beautiful house. Thank you for your sacrifice Lt. Wilkinson.

    – Luke Zavislak
  21. Today I climbed the 110 flights of stairs at Lambeau field with Glenn worn near my heart. Several times I stopped to touch the badge and think of the courage and fear he must have had that day. I was honored to spend this event with Glenn. I WILL NEVER FORGET

    – Jackie
  22. I honored Glenn’s memory during a stair climb today at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin. It was my first year climb. I selected Glenn’s badge just simply based on his infectious smile.
    He will never be forgotten.❤️
    I will wear his name badge for future stair climbs

    – Cindy Lippold
  23. On Saturday, September 10th, 2022, I participated in a stair climb event honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11. I climbed 110 flights of stairs in remembrance of Glenn E Wilkinson. It was an honor wearing his tag. Gone but never forgotten.

    – Grace