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Age: 37
Year of Death: 2001

Gregory J. Buck

Gregory J. Buck‚ 37‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Engine 201. A Staten Island resident‚ he was an accomplished pianist and woodworker. He attended cooking school‚ often preparing special meals for his fellow firefighters‚ completed nursing school at the top of his class‚ and aced his FDNY exam.

He and his father had a custom furniture business and had restored several homes. He and wife‚ Catherine Morrison-Buck‚ had planned to start a business together. He was the most talented guy I’ve ever seen.

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  1. I remember the days after the Twin Towers collapsed, my school, St. Nicholas of Tolentine, (then 11, now 24) had a pin mass with firefighters names on them. My teacher whom distributed the pin to me was Mrs. Buck, from the Bronx NY. She gave me a pin with your name Greg. And the next day, it somehow got placed in the trash by my dad by accident, so I cut a medal I had with the red, white , and blue on it, and put your name , FDNY, and date (9.11.01) on the bottom and wore it. I don’t know where I would find that remade ribbon today in 2014, but I hope that you know, that I was 11 when I got your name. I was 11 and you affected my life, a total stranger. I read about your family and your dreams with them owning a house, and your various diverse skills, you are a inspiration to me. I hope that I can live to be just as successful as you( and you did it so fast too man!!! I accomplished a lot fast and young too, but I know there is so much more to make!).

    Even though you are not here. I keep you hear, along with your family, friends, FDNY, and New York.

    You fought the good fit, you lived the goodlife, and you gave it all for the fight.

    I salute you. It is an honor to remember your name and a honor to be connected to such a hero.

    You are and will always be a role model to me.

    – Derrick Hossain
  2. Glad to participate in the Oklahoma City 9/11 Annual Memorial Stairclimb today and climb in your honor. Climbing 110 flights of stairs is no easy task but inspiration was never far away with the lanyard around my neck containing your picture hanging close to my heart.
    Thank you my fellow firefighter brother for your sacrifice and for the life you lived serving others. Yours as well as the 342 other NYCFD inspired me to begin my career 7 years ago and I have loved every second of it!
    My sincerest wishes to all your family and friends who still remember you well.

    Matthew R. Cox
    Coweta Fire Department (Oklahoma)

    – Matthew R. Cox
  3. When I arrived at the stair climb and looked at the massive pile of pictures your face stuck out among them all. It had been a while since I had worn the gear and after a little while it grew on me again. I remembered how I loved to work in the department so many years ago. My life has taken me in a different direction since then but I miss it. Your picture still hangs in my car as a reminder to me of why I did it back then and why it’s always been my goal to get back to it. The stairs were a hard earned triumph for me but I thought of you ever time I lifted my foot to take the next one. Wondering what you were doing at that number of stairs taken…. then I started researching your name and though we’ve never met, you are an inspiration. Not just to me but to the people at work that I brag about you to and share your autobiographical information with. I can’t imagine what it was like for you. But rest knowing you didn’t make a splash. You made a ripple that will continue to the end.

    Your family is in my prayers and the prayers of my family.

    – Shayla Riggs
  4. i have the same name…. and his dedicated street crosses street im familiar with in my county.. so uncanny… would love to speak to loved ones [email protected]

    – gregory j buck
  5. Someone had left a U. S. flag in your name at the Memorial. I noticed it while I was visiting April 29, 2016. I took a picture of it and linked this site for your profile. You were a good man. I hope those who don’t know you will learn a little bit about you. Thank you for your service. I will Never Forget.

    – Katashia Arthur
  6. I did my first stair climb yesterday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I received your name after I registered. As I took your badge home, I wondered what you must have been going through on 9/11. From the information I have read on you, you were quite a guy, to say the least! The stair climb was a very humbling experience for me and even as I type this I can’t help but cry for the sacrifice you and 342 others gave to our country! I will never forget this day! Thank you Gregory Buck! My prayers and thoughts to you and your family!

    – Belinda Ryan
  7. I participated in the Philadelphia Fire Department’s stair climb at Lincoln Financial Field. I chose to walk in your honor because my maiden name was Buckley and my father is a retired fire lieutenant. Thank you for your bravery, I will never forget you and your sacrifice.

    – Carolynn Gallagher
  8. I walk in your honor today in Green Bay Wisconsin at the 911 stair climb. I won’t forget your sacrifices you made and your family or any of the other firefighters that lost their lives that day. Never forget!

    – Katie smith
  9. Wearing your name today to honor and remember you. Thank you and your family for your sacrifice.

    – Donna
  10. Never forgotten! I climbed with you 2019 memorial stair climb @ wing event center in Kalamazoo MI. RIP brother.

    – Jason Horton
  11. In April 2018 I completed the 911 memorial stair climb at fdic held in Indianapolis at Lucas oil stadium. When I was given the opportunity to choose who I wanted to climb in memory. I looked for someone who had the same first name as myself. That Is where I grabbed your tag. It was my way to honor you as I am a firefighter as well. It was afterwards that I found out shared some mutual interest. I just want to take the time to thank you for giving it all till you couldn’t anymore. I still have your tag along with the memorial stair climb challenge coin. Those 110 stories of stairs in gear are no joke but I completed it for you.

    – Gregory P Peraino
  12. My husband wore your badge today in honor of you.

    – Teri Gorges
  13. My sister, a firefighter, did a memorial stair climb in honor of 9/11 and she received a badge with your name on it. She kept it hanging in her car. My parents then bought the car from my sister to give to me for my birthday & my sister told me that I cannot get rid of the badge and it still hangs in my car to this day.

    – Kenzie Wagner
  14. Who was his family? All bucks are kin

    – Janie buck
  15. I never got the chance to meet you uncle Greg but I look up to you so much. You are the reason I’m joining my local volunteer fire department. Every 9/11 you’re name never ceases to leave my head. I wish you peace amongst your brothers and sisters in heaven. You are missed by our family and never forgotten. <3

    – Adam Costa
  16. 20 years and we still remember. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. Your actions were courageous and selfless. Thank you for being a hero in every sense of the word, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  17. Honored to climb with you in Columbus Ohio. Rest easy brother. We will take it from here.

    – Ryan Judy
  18. My Name is Tricia Diedrich. On September 10, 2022, I participated in the CNY Memorial Stair Climb in Utica. I was honored to climb in memory of Gregory Buck.

    – Tricia Diedrich