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Age: 34
Year of Death: 2004

Jeffrey C Bergstrom

Submitted on behalf of his daughter

Jeffrey Bergstrom was a full-time paramedic on Ambulance 44 for the Chicago Fire Department and a part-time firefighter for the Stone Park Fire Department. Jeff was finally living his dream and loved every minute of it.

Living this dream came to an end April 27‚ 2004. While responding to a garage fire‚ the truck he was riding in collided with another fire truck at an intersection. He is greatly missed‚ but lives on in our hearts and memories.

Jeff became a volunteer firefighter with the Manhattan Fire Department. He was chosen as Rookie of the Year there. He also worked as a paramedic at that time. During his 14 years of service‚ he worked for several different ambulance services and fire departments.

He is remembered as a good friend‚ and a happy‚ easy-going guy who always had a smile on his face. He was always the first one up to help with chores around the fire house. But when it was his turn to cook‚ the food generally ended up burnt. He was definitely not meant to be a chef.

Jeff is survived by his 10-year-old daughter‚ Kylie. She misses him deeply‚ but keeps him close to her heart. She continues to honor him by sending balloons up to Heaven on his birthday and Father’s Day.

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  1. I found this site by accident looking up old classmates. I could not believe what I was reading. It does not surprise me to read how well liked and cared about Jeff was. We went to high school together. I had just moved to the area from another state and was scared. While Jeff and I only had one class together it was my favorite. From day one Jeff treated me as if he had always known me, welcoming me openly. Every day was filled with laughs and smiles. I have often wondered what became of one of the few people who took the time to make me feel welcome. I’m glad to see he went on to make a difference in the lives of others as he did for me in 11th grade.

    – Tina
  2. Jeff is missed by his family every single minute of every day. He deserves to be honored as a hero.

    – Jennifer Brainerd
  3. I sit here teary-eyed and understand the significance of why…You would be 38 years old today. It’s been almost 4 years, and I still can’t seem to grasp the fact that you are gone, especially around certain times. I guess I never really will. Just thinking of how WE would be getting darn close to 40, not just me. Life never was meant to be fair, I guess. We just have to go with God’s flow and know that He has a reason for every thing. I will always love you! Kylie really, truly misses being a part of your life. You are a daily topic for us.

    – Lynette
  4. Jeff will never be forgotten by his Fire Fighter Family. In 2021 it has been 17 years since Jeff’s passing. Kylie is now 27, I hope she knows her father is a true HERO!!!

    – lisa hopman
  5. My Uncle Jeff will forever be a hero. I sadly only knew him for 2 years as I was a baby when he passed. He will forever be loved by me though. I send all my love to his family and friends including my mom and my grandma. We love and miss him everyday. His daughter Aly is about to be 21 and misses him everyday as well. She honors her father in many ways just like I do as well. We all will never forget him for being a HERO!

    – Sydney Brainerd
  6. I was saddened and heartbroken the day I found out about the tragic accident that took Jeff’s life. Good man to work with. Had the honor of working with him during his time in Houston with his wife Casie, before their daughter Aly was born and they all moved to Chicago. He is missed by those of us in Houston who worked closely with him.

    – Raymond Powlesson