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Age: 49
Year of Death: 2001

John August Santore

2/3/52 – 9/11/01

John was a firefighter for 21 years and the most senior guy in the firehouse. He was well liked and respected by his colleagues and peers. John loved his job and was an expert at doing it. John was a loving‚ giving‚ caring‚ honest‚ ‘do the right thing’ type of guy to his family and his friends‚ as well as‚ anyone he ever came in contact with. He was always the first person to volunteer for anything or help someone out.

He had a passion for antiques but especially antique cars and he had a great collection. He volunteered his time helping at his daughters’ school‚ and established the ‘Noble Crew’ which was responsible for the renovation of the John A. Noble Maritime Museum located in the historical section of Staten Island in Snug Harbor. Through his leadership‚ the Crew put in enough time and hours valued at over $1 million that helped save and restore the building that now houses the Noble Museum.

John was a very upbeat person who always had a smile on his face and a positive attitude about life and people. He had planned to retire on July 11‚ 2002 and spend time with his children and family before getting into restoring all his antique cars.

He is missed and loved by all who knew him. He left his impression and touched our hearts.

Frances Santore

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  1. I’m an officer for Prince Georges County Police Dept. On 9/11/01, I was a sophomore in high school on the West Coast. Today I did the 9/11 memorial stair climb-in full uniform and even wore the oxygen tank (idk the fire term for it) for the last ten flights of stairs. I did this while proudly displaying a badge with John Santore on it. I want his family to know that at least today he made it to the top of 110 flights of stairs. He was my reason for doing it in full gear and my reason not to stop. I thank him for his service and sacrifice.

    – Lisa whitlow
  2. I work for the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation. I’m not an officer, I’m a civilian working in the law enforcement field. I did the 9/11 stair climb today proudly wearing a badge with John August Santore’s name and picture on it. His dedication and service moved me to do the full 110 flights. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    – Annette Dietrich
  3. I am from the West Coast, working in New Haven now, and came to pay respects on 9-11-15. I met Firefighter Santore’s sister here today. She shared his story and is rightfully so proud and heartbroken. I appreciate that she bothered to talk to a total stranger on such a grief-filled day. I won’t forget him or her.

    – Kim Edwards
  4. John if it wasnt for you i wouldn’t be typing this. Being remembered on the the 23rd anniversary when you help pull me out of the crater at WTC.

    – Mike Rapp
  5. I’m honored to climb the 110 stories at the FDIC in Indianapolis today wearing the never forget badge honoring John August Santore. I picked John seeing he was from ladder 5. I’m a firefighter on ladder 5 in Terre haute, Indiana. I have been a firefighter for 28 years. I want to thank John for his service and sacrifice for us. God bless.

    – Richard Gallagher
  6. I walked today in honor of the late John Santore at Lambeau field in Green Bay. I’m a volunteer from Cascade, WI who has only done this for over 3 years. I was ready to give up, didn’t think I’d make it. But someone got my head right and I finished. I will never forget him or his story. RIP brother.

    – Patrick Meyer
  7. Today was my first stair climb. I did it memory of you John and the other fallen heroes of 9/11. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice.

    – Jessica Auestad
  8. I live in Vancouver Washington. Shortly after the fall of the towers I bought a memorial bracelet and this hero’s name is on it. I never knew him though I sincerely wish his name was not stamped on this copper band. I wish he was retired, enjoying playing with his grandchildren. He gave his life so that others are doing those very things today. This man followed a calling that I admire and appreciate from the other side of the USA. Love going out to the Santore family from Washington state. Thank you all for your sacrifice.

    – Julie
  9. I completed a memorial stair claim today, my first one ever, at Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO wearing his picture and name. I spent the entire climb wondering and thinking about John and every step he took to help those that needed him. I was so excited to read his story and will continue to wear this card every year to remember his sacrifice. Thank you John.

    – Elias Silva
  10. Today I completed a memorial stair climb in honor of those who lost their lives and I wore a necklace with Johns picture. This event put so much into perspective and I have so much more respect for the men and women of the Fire Department. I thank you all for your service and sacrifice. John Santore, you will never be forgotten.

    – Mandy Pompa
  11. Today I completed the 9/11 stair climb in memory of you John. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. I am 25 years old, from Northwest Indiana, a mother, a wife, a friend. You will never be forgotten, John A. Santore. This was my first stair climb ever. We were given bracelets in memory of those that gave their lives. God Bless you and your family. God Bless America.

    – Caleigh Davis
  12. Today I completed the memorial stair climb today in Farmington NM wearing John’s picture and name. He and his sacrifice will never be forgotten. I was my pleasure to honor him and all he did for the city of New York and our wonderful country. God bless John and my prayers go out to his family.

    – Chris Lucero
  13. For the 2022 Memorial Stair Climb (hosted by Pierce Manufacturing), John climbed the stairs of Lambeau Field (Green Bay, WI) with me. The climb was on 09/10 this year.

    Reading John’s bio, it appears that he and I have a common passion in classic/antique cars. It was an honor having John climb with me this year and I hope his family has more closure knowing his legacy continues to flourish after 21 years. Thank you John for the ultimate sacrifice you’ve made. Until Valhalla sir.

    – Scott Thomas