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Age: 33
Year of Death: 2001

John J. Tipping II

John‚ a young man of 33‚ found his passion as a NYC Firefighter. He was our gift from God. John loved life‚ skiing‚ snowboarding‚ and water sports. He was a carpenter‚ a cook‚ and a ladies’ man.

Just hearing from those people who knew John that all miss him and love him.

From our point of view‚ he was caring‚ loving‚ and a perfect son.

– Arlene M. Tipping

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  1. Thinking of John and his ultimate sacrifice during the CNY Memorial Stairclimb.

    – Margaret Kozak
  2. Climbed the stairs at Red Rocks today 9/11/16 and was proud to do so in John’s honor and memory of the 343 firefighters whose heroism will never be forgotten. .

    – Lauren Ford
  3. Also did the stair climb at Red Rocks today. Very moving and emotional day. Never forgotten John Tipping II.

    – Ric
  4. I climbed the stairs at Lambeau Field Saturday 9/10/16 in honor of John and all the other fallen hero’s that will never be forgotten. This was such a special and emotional experience.

    – Tanya Bartlein
  5. I climbed today, 9/16/17, at Lambeau Field – in honor of John. It was an experience I will never forget – very emotional and enlightening. Climbing alongside firefighters in full gear made me truly appreciate what they do for us every day. It was a privilege to climb in John’s honor.

    – Laurie
  6. Hello. I am a teacher in Florida and all of our students and faculty are wearing the names of the 9/11 heroes today. Today I am honored to be wearing John Tipping II and will keep your family and his memory in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Diana Alvarez
  7. Never met John, never knew him, but after 9/11/2001 my 4th grade teacher gave each of us in the class a hero who had died in the attacks to pray for, mine was John Tipping II. Never forgot his name, never stopped praying. I hope all is well with your family. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Fabrice
  8. Today I climbed the Quest Bldg. in Denver in honor of those who lost their lives that day. I carried John J. Tipping II photo with me and thought a lot about the FDNY and all who were lost. It was an emotional day and on that I won’t forget remembering the fallen.

    I’ll never forget 911, that day and deciding to become a Firefighter. I always wanted to become a Firefighter, my father was a 35 year veteran of the Detroit Fire Department and I always knew that I wanted to do that one day. But on 911, it became crystal clear what I wanted to do and other than going into the military becoming a Detroit Fire Fighter was it. On 9-9-02 I entered the Detroit Fire Department Academy and began my carrier as a Professional Firefighter. My younger followed 2 years later in Detroit as well.

    After 14 years of the DFD, now with a wife and 2 children, I left the department to chase another dream and moved my young family to Colorado not knowing if I’d get the chance to be a Firefighter again. I was lucky enough to get hired with the Eagle River Fire Protection District March 2018 and feel honored to be apart of the Fire service once again.

    The memorial climb was special not only for remembering those who died on 911, but all the Firefighters I’ve known along the way, my brother and father and all my Police, EMT and Military friends serving this great nation. Today I also had a long talk with my children who are 8 and 9 years old about 911, America and the Flag. I told them about sacrifice, and freedom. Freedom to protest peacefully and the Freedom to show respect to the Flag that represents the great nation. I told them why I stand in respect for the National Anthem our Flag and our Nation. How flawed people are, myself included and how we each are responsible for aspiring to live up too and hold up the values this nation stands for.

    I know many people have worked for, fought, died and continue to strive to keep America a country of Freedom in a world where freedoms are taken from the weak by the powerful.

    Looking around today at 343 Firefighters representing those who lost there lives doing there job that day 17 years ago made me realize that no matter how bleak it may seem, no matter how twisted and at odds the world is, there are many many people who believe in our country, America, our way of life and making things better for our neighbors and our children. It was very hopeful.

    I’ll never get a chance to thank John, or know him. But I hope his family and friends know that he still is remembered across this country on 911. My family and I are extremely grateful to honor him today. And I will continue to rear my son and daughter to love this country and be a light in a dark world like John was that day 17 years ago. His sacrifice is not forgotten nor is it in vein. God bless you John, your family and all of those people serving there neighbor and treating others as they would like to be treated.
    God bless America.

    – Daniel Anderson
  9. I had the privilege to climb in honor of John on 9/22/18. What an emotional experience and one that I will do again. John made the ultimate sacrifice and will not be forgotten.

    – Rachelle
  10. I’m a fire recruit at the Palomar College 56th Basic Fire Academy. On September 7, 2019, I participated in the San Diego 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb with my academy, and I had the pleasure of climbing for John. This was my first time climbing and it was emotional to say the least. I’m honored that I got to climb in his name. I’m also honored to make sure that John, along with everyone who died that day, will never be forgotten.

    – Garrett Leum
  11. I climbed Lambeau Field, 9/7/19 in honor of John. Together John and I climbed 110 flights of stairs, together we honored the 343 FDNY firefighters who selflessly gave their lives, and together we symbolically completed his heroic journey he began 9-11-2001. John will never be forgotten, he is in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Samantha Kalmbacher
  12. I will always remember you, your family and your sacrifice!

    – Bill Stamm
  13. ran in johns memory today at the Stevens Siller 5k today in Ankeny Iowa. thinking of you and thankful for your service john❤️

    – Sarah
  14. Always in our heart, always in our memory. Never forgotten.

    – Marilyn Centonze
  15. John is unforgettable. John’s gift of laughter and the way he made others laugh remains in my memory forever. John thrived living his life. I had the honor of being with him many of his fabulous moments. I will miss him everyday knowing his absence is irreplaceable to his family. Thank you for all you gave. John is very loved.

    – Jennifer Owens
  16. I am doing a Run for the Fallen 10k and my badge was Johns. Thank you for sharing a little about him, he is not forgotten and his brave acts aren’t either. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    – Danielle Kaulfuss
  17. On the 20th anniversary I wanted to share this. When I visited NYC with my niece and sister in law in 2017 the night before we went to ground zero there was a fire truck parked on Times Square and they wanted a pic next to it. I took A pic then read the plaque on the side as they have memorial plaques naming those from that ladder that died in 9/11. Next day we went to the museum and My niece asks about the odd white roses around the pools that depict when it’s someone’s birthday. My niece walks to this rose to take a picture and it’s John J Tipping from ladder 4 whose name is on that truck. Out of all the people commemorated we went to his name having seen the truck. We all feel a connection to Mr Tipping. RIP X

    – Kay Beal
  18. Mister John J. Tipping today I will be doing the 2021 stair climb in okc in your honor. I hope that I can carry myself with the bravery and strength that you were able to twenty years ago. Thank you for your service sir rest easy.

    – Xavier Venegas
  19. Carrying a badge with John’s face and name and ladder 4 on it for the 9/11 stair climb in Bristol TN. ❤️ Thinking of him and thankful for his sacrifice. I will NEVER FORGET!!

    – Megan Tomblin
  20. Did the stair climb today 09/11/2021 in Tupelo, Mississippi for John Tipping ll. Along with my oldest son who’s a firefighter. He’s done this stair climb 4 years in full turnout gear. It was my privilege and honor to walk for John. A small sacrifice for his ultimate sacrifice. Very emotional experience. Thinking and praying for John and his family. Never will forget!!

    – Danille Short
  21. Only saw today that our namesake, John, was lost on 911.
    I didn’t know John and live half a world away, but I’m thinking of him today.

    William John Tipping.

    – william Tipping
  22. I participated in a memorial stair climb today in Columbus Ohio. We were all given a badge with a name, picture, and riding assignment. Today I carried John J Tipping II firefighter, ladder 4 with me while I climbed. RFB. Never forget.

    – Chris Wilson
  23. Remembering John today on the 20th anniversary. John played soccer with my brother in Hauppauge, NY when we were kids. I prayed for John’s family and reminded my kids once again of the sacrifice he and many others made. We will never forget.

    – Brian Fox
  24. I climbed stairs today (9/12/2021) in Chattanooga for John and another John for the 6th time in the past 7 years. I consider it an honor and a privilege to do at least that small amount as a token of respect, admiration, and gratitude.

    – John Rowland
  25. I am honored to have a bracelet with his name engraved on it. I work for a school and the Music teacher gave it to me for helping her with a project.

    – Terri Parrigan
  26. I was a soccer coach for one year at HYO.
    John was on our team.
    I remember his hustle, always trying his best.
    I am sure it was no different on 9/11.
    Our family honors all who serve our country and community.
    May his family be comforted that we will never forget

    – Howard Hansen
  27. Dear Tipping Family,
    On this 21-year anniversary of 9/11, please know your firefighter family will never forget John, he is a true HERO!!!

    – Lisa Hopman
  28. Climbing stairs at AT&T Stadium in honor of John Tipping and his family. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and your heroism.

    – Kendall Spencer
  29. I went to a 9/11 ceremony in Brockport, NY today along with some other members in SUNY Brockport’s ROTC program. After the ceremony, we had the opportunity to take a tag to wear for the day, and I picked up John’s. I wanted to do a little research about him on this day to feel a deeper connection to this day, as well as to honor his sacrifice. I will continue to have it alongside me. Thinking of you. 9/11/2022

    – Carley Hughes
  30. Climbed for you today, John. It was an honor to have you with me at Chase tower in Columbus, Ohio. My heart is with the Tipping family.

    – Sam
  31. I was in Nursing School the day that 911 happened. A lot of the students where upset that this had happened and wanted to be able to leave and go home. We also had a very big test that day and they felt like they wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Our instructors informed us that they would not cancel class and they wouldn’t reschedule the test. They told us that we where entering a profession that didn’t stop for crises and we need to have a clear head at all times and do our job to the best of our ability. I learned a lot about myself that day. Not everyone is called to serve…I have been a nurse for 24 years now. Thank you for your service and for being a caring person. God bless you. From Texas

    – Gayla Thane
  32. I walked in a Tunnels to Towers 5K this morning wearing the badge of your loved one with pride. I hope you get many of these messages every year as these events happen all over the country. I’m so proud to support the Stephen Siller Foundation to help provide the resources to move forward when a first responder is lost in the line of duty. May his memory bring you joy.


    Vonnie Shallenberger

    – Vonnie Shallenberger