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Battalion Chief
Age: 43
Year of Death: 2001

John M. Moran

John M. Moran‚ 43‚ battalion chief‚ FDNY‚ Battalion 49. Moran‚ a 22-year FDNY veteran with a law degree from Fordham University‚ had finished his shift at the Special Operations command on Roosevelt Island when the World Trade Center call came in‚ and he went along to help. A big man‚ Moran played the piano and the guitar and loved to sing Irish songs. He also regularly rode in an Iowa biking tour popular among police and firefighters. Moran’s father was a firefighter‚ and his brother‚ Michael‚ is an FDNY firefighter.

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  1. I am a firefighter doing a stair climb tribute in Texas in honor of the brave that passed Sep 11and B Chief Moran was the name that came up that I will be representing. Hope to make your family proud.

    – Walter Fuentes
  2. Ran a Fallen Heroes 5K in Idaho today. It was an honor to run for Battalion Chief John Moran. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Kevin
  3. Very humbled & honored to have finished a stair climb in Green Bay, WI in honor of John M. Moran, yesterday. I hope that your family has found peace, knowing that John died a hero; his spirit was felt with me yesterday, helping to push me to finish all 110 floors.

    Sending my love,

    – Stacy A.
  4. Climbed the stairs at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado yesterday in honor of Battalion Chief John Moran. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice.

    – Ashley
  5. I went to BCHS with Mike Moran, younger brother of John. Class A act and human being. Never a bad bone in his body. I wish I could have gotten a chance to meet John, based on Mike’s personality, it would have been an honor to have met him. My deepest condolences to you and your family. BCHS alumni.

    – Serge Jean-Louis
  6. I am volunteer firefighter and participated in a 9/11 memorial stair climb in Roanoke Va. and the badge they gave me was Chief Moran. Thank you for service, we will take it from here brother.

    – Scotty Boyd
  7. Participated in the SD911MSC climb today in San Diego carrying the spirit of this brave hero with me. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

    – Tom Fejes
  8. Extremely humbled & honored to climb today in Indianapolis, FDIC 2018, in honor of Chief Moran. Thank you for your service brother, we’ll take it from here.

    – Kara Cline
  9. I’m a fire fighter from the UK and I’m over in NY to do the 2018 NYC stair climb. It’s an honour to climb in your memory, when you ran in while others ran out.

    Chris Lazenby
  10. I am a volunteer firefighter in Mayville, Wisconsin. I participated in honor of John M. Moran at the 2018 “Run for the Fallen” in Kronenwetter, Wisconsin.

    – Roy Smalley
  11. I am so proud of you and your bravery at 9/11. My Dad loved to sing Irish songs at family gatherings at your grandmother Sadie’s home. It must run in the family! I hope you are singing them with all the family on the other side!
    Love always!
    Your Kissin cousin Sheila

    – Sheila Hurd
  12. Miss you John…see you at Howley’s in heaven?☘??‍?

    – Maureen clennan
  13. I picked Battalion Chief John M. Moran, as my name for the Lambeau Field 911 climb, in Green Bay, WI. It’s my first time doing a memorial climb, and hope to continue to do these climbs! I finish the 110 story climb in full turnout gear. It was a honor to climb in John’s name. I look forward to potentially meet John’s family down the road here. #Never forget! #Remember the fallen!

    – Jeremy Bonikowske
  14. I met John at our USCG petty officer class in Cape May, New Jersey. We got along from the start as he was a firefighter and I was a ATF Agent. He was a wonderful and humble man. His spirit and drive help me to try to be a better man. I thank God everyday that I knew him.

    – Chris Kremer
  15. Proudly wore Battalion Chief Moran’s NEVER FORGET ID for the RUN FOR THE FALLEN,WI 5k. Thank you for your service! With every step we remember! Continued prayers for all that service their communities and for their families! May God bless everyone! ❤️

    – Theresa Hagen
  16. John you were about 10 years old when I last saw you. Good looking kid, always a smiling, and always respectful. Sorry you were taken so young. God must have needed an angel. You’re a beautiful person. I saw a bronze of you on the beach. You are highly decorated, educated, and loved. rest in peace, young fella.

    – Patrick Cullen
  17. Chief, I have the honor of representing your name on a stair climb. Hope to put a lil smile on ya.
    East Chicago F.D (ret.)

    – Nick Dvorscak
  18. I did the 9/11 tower challenge at the Gila River Arena in AZ . It involved climbing 2,071 stairs with our gear “LE”. We each got a tag with one of the heroes and to my amazement I share the same last name is this gentleman who’s tag I got. It was an honor and I hope his family and friends know this. #neverforget

    – Israel Moran
  19. My daughter is 17, is graduating high school a year early to persue her career in law enforcement. They did a memorial walk in our area, honoring the fallen men and women of 9/11. She walked in his honor. His life has special meaning not only to her but to me, her mama as well. Thank you Mr. Moran for your sacrifice.. Your family and your crew members are among my prayers. #FultonMS

    – Amber
  20. My name is Michael Patrick Patterson and I am a Retired Deputy Chief of Operations for the San Jose Fire Department and current Executive Chief and Training Chief for the Front Range Fire Consortium in Northern Colorado. In 2018 I was honored to carry your memory as I completed the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Red Rocks in Colorado. Tomorrow, along with our current recruits in our fire academy, I will once again carry your memory as I climb in your honor. Thank you for your service and I pledge to never forget your sacrifice for THEM! All gave some, some gave ALL. God Bless!

    – Michael Patterson
  21. Thank you John, my father talks about you a lot. He and I miss you. I wish I could have met you and you died a hero. I hope when I die I shall meet you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ John W. Moran is proud of you!!!!! And so am I. You died a hero.

    – Kennedy Moran
  22. I had the honor of riding on the Iowa bike tour and met John, Mike and the Escape Team multiple times throughout the years. We had a blast. Thank you so much for showing a young man how to serve our communities and have fun in the process. Today I am an Asst Chief at a volunteer dept in Iowa with 16 years of service. John your sacrifice was one that will never be forgotten.

    – Jup
  23. John was a friend at Fordham Law School. He was a fire fighter and I was a Marine Corps reservist. We were instant friends and studied together. He was a caring man with a servant’s heart. When I was activated for combat missions in the Iraq War, I wore a Fordham hat when I crossed the boarder in to Iraq to honor John and the other Fordham friends I lost. You are in my prayers during this 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Semper Fi.

    – Col. Raymond LIddy, USMCR (Ret.)
  24. I grew up around the corner from John, always pleasant, a good standup guy who perished as a hero, never forgotten!

    – Charlie Moran
  25. John and I went to grammar school together in Rockaway Beach, NY. Always a nice guy. From our graduation in 1973 until mid-2001 I’d only seen him a couple of times, then I ran into him a twice. The last time was in McDonalds. We spoke for a time while our children played. Modest, humble man. RIP

    – Carol Anderson
  26. I did the stair climb 15 times to honor the brave Battalion Chief John M. Moran. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service

    – Celeste Smith
  27. Participated in the Canton OH FD 9/11 Memorial climb today. I climbed 110 flights honor of Chief Moran

    – Steven M Kelly MD
  28. I honored you in my middle school ceremony. 9-11 is a big deal for my family while we have close connections. I researched you to know your story. I’m so blessed that I got to honor you. My thoughts are with your family!

    – Linzee Sadler
  29. Sir, I received your photo today. I read your amazing bio as well. You will be with me while climbing in your honor. God bless you.

    – Mark Simpson
  30. 09/10/2022. Today, I participated in the 9/11 stair-climb at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI. I selected/carried/climbed in honor of John M. Moran. Thank you for your bravery! I can only imagine the loss your family suffers! God Bless you and your family!!!

    – Cynthia Anderson