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Age: 39
Year of Death: 2001

John P. Bergin

Loving husband of Madeline
Loving father of Katie‚ John‚ and Shannon
Loving son of Agnes and George
Loving brother of Mary Ellen and George

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  1. Not a day goes by that we don’t remember you lovingly. So much has changed since our lives were shattered but we know what you always said so I will raise our children and make them happy. We love and miss you always. Take care of Nana and Poppy until we are all together again. We will always ache for you.

    – Madeline Bergin
  2. We at Crossfit740 did this workout and I chose John’s Photo as my workout partner that 11th day of September 2014 and let me tell you it was an honor!!!! The workout total reps are equal to the 343 firefighters/brothers that lost their lives that day. 100 Lunges (each leg)
    80 Kettlebell swings 53lb/35lb
    60 wall balls 20lb/14lb
    40 Chest2bar pullups
    20 Deadlifts 275lb/175lb
    43 Burpees
    Please feel free to friend me on facebook as I am a Firefighter also here in Ohio. Greenfield Twp. Fire Department. Firefighter/EMT Jason Warrens

    – Jason Warrens
  3. I’m sorry for your loss.

    – Tristan
  4. I did not choose John! He chose me! I ride for this man , and I ride with no fear! God Bless you Jonn Bergin, someday we will meet and we will toast to a new friendship… Thank you for your service you are not forgotten!

    – Chris Cody
  5. I walked the stairs of the World Trade Center towers today, at Red Rocks, in Morrison Colorado. I had John’s badge on my chest. I’ve done the walk since 2009, when it was first introduced at Red Rocks. Every single year, I walk and climb the stairs with fellow civilians and firefighters in honor of those who risked all to help others. I am an ER nurse and help what John can bring to me. I hope this finds his
    family well. I am proud to have walked with John today. Thank you! Peace and power to all those affected on 9-11. We will never forget!

    – Steve Clayton
  6. In 2016, I carried John’s badge at the CNY Memorial Stair Climb in Utica, NY and have done so in the 2 succeeding years. I feel honored in y own small way to represejnt this man who gave everything to help others. “Never Forget” and “We Climb because They Climbed”

    – Robert Hershman
  7. Had the Honor of climbing with John today in Denver Colorado. Thank you brother. The best to your family. We have the watch.


    – Andrew
  8. Flying with FF John P. Bergin from FDNY Rescue 5 remembrance badge. The remembrance badge was given to me by Pierce Fire Truck Manufacturer while there on a final inspection of our new ladder truck heading to Apple Valley Fire District in Southern California. Thinking of all the fallen Americans and their families today. God Bless the USA and prayers for our country as a whole.

    – Rob Qualls
  9. I did a 911 memorial stair climb in full firefighter gear on 9 10 22. I received the badge of this man and what an honor.

    – Jesse Kempf
  10. Had the honor of wearing John’s badge today for the first ever Estes Park, Colorado stair climb

    – Ward Nelson