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Jon Schondelmayer

Jon Schondelmayer was 44 years old when he passed away on December 18, 2013. He was an avid outdoorsman. His unique laugh will never be forgotten.

Jon was born and raised in White Cloud, Michigan. He was a captain for Cary Fire Department in Cary, North Carolina, and served as a firefighter for Swift Creek Fire Department in Raleigh, North Carolina, for over 19 years. He was also in the USMC 8th Marine Division.

During his years of military service he received the following awards: Rifle Expert Badge x2, Pistol Expert Badge, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon x3, National Defense Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal x4, Combat Action Ribbon, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Navy Unit Commendation, and Meritorious Mast. He served in Operation Desert Storm.

Jon Schondelmayer is survived by his son and daughter, Zayne and Alexis, and former wife of 19 years, Cindy Carleton.

My favorite memory is when I was four years old and you took me fishing under a little bridge. I caught my first fish, a sunfish. Even though it was just a tiny little fish, it was my first one, and you helped me catch it. Now that you are gone, there is nothing to fill the hole in my heart. There was a lot more that I wanted you to teach me, and you should not have died the way that you did. I am sad that you are not around, but you will always have a special place in my heart. Love, Zayne.

My favorite memory is when you took me and Zayne to Frankie’s Fun Park. We played laser tag and went go-carting. You played a game inside with me called Fruit Ninja, and I would always win—probably because I had the app on my phone and practiced it a lot. You were a great father, and I love you very much. I am going to miss going to Michigan and picking the morels that you and I collected, cooked, and ate. I will always remember you as my father and a great man. My dad was a great firefighter who had a big heart. I will always remember you and will always love you. Love, Allie.

Jon, you were taken away from us way too fast and way too young. We all have to hold onto the good times. The memory that I will cherish the most is when my father found out we got married by a justice of the peace and how mad he was. We ended up having a wedding a year later and many happy years together that brought us two beautiful children. The void in my heart aches beyond belief. Love, Cindy

We love you always and forever.

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  1. Robert Novak has told me about Jon, but his larger than life personally made it hard to believe. He was my roommate at Lejeune and we both got in trouble when he started trapping raccoons. Which was very illegal. It was a great story to tell and now makes me regret not keeping in contact.

    – Michael Gashwytewa
  2. I found this site by chance and happen to be marrying into the Schondelmayer family very soon that is originally from Michigan. Can someone please contact me to see if there is a relation? Thank you very much, and I am very sorry for the loss to this family. God Bless.

    – Deanna Coats
  3. I was at Camp Lejeune, NC with Jon, always fun to be around and was one of the only people I know that knew what he wanted to do, and did it. Semper FI !!

    Dr. Brian Frank
  4. Jon was an admired and respected firefighter with Cary FD. He and I were hired together and were assigned to T1 A shift in January 1995. I enjoyed his company. I miss him and still talk about his funny stories at the firehouse. I recently heard a sermon that talked about how the people who have passed on will live through us as long as we carry their stories and memories. We miss you buddy!

    – Chad Godwin