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Age: 63
Year of Death: 2001

Joseph Angelini Sr.

My husband Joe was a dedicated 40 year member of the Fire Department of N.Y. He was a member of Rescue 1 (Manhattan) for 22 years. He loved his job and dreaded retirement. He was the oldest active firefighter in NY City‚ a kind‚ compassionate‚ loving husband‚ father‚ grandfather‚ a real family man‚ to us and his fire department ‘family.’ He had many citations for bravery and was called a hero of 9/11‚ but he was always a hero to those of us who loved him. He is sadly and greatly missed by me‚ our four children and seven grandchildren‚ and all his family. Gone but never forgotten.

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  1. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten brother!!! Your bravery is a lesson to all of us. You made the ultimate sacrifice. God bless you and your family. See you in Heaven!!!!

    – Craig Tucker
  2. It was an honor to climb in your memory today at Lambeau Field. Your bravery and dedication is a true inspiration to me. Thank you for all that you did.

    – David Zimmerman
  3. I never met you, Joe, but we have some mutual acquaintances in the fire family. You will always be remembered as heroic, a dedicated senior man and a commiserate professional. Your picture and your name on the memorial are an enduring reminder of your sacrifice. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten. Thanks for making our profession better than when you found it. Rest easy.

    – Timothy Shaw
  4. I never got to meet you Joe but your spirit, bravery and dedication to the fire service will always be in my mind. You have become a mentor to me as I am an active firefighter at 69 and your work ethic and tenacity to this job makes me keep going on. RIP brother and see you at the top.

    – Fred Sylvester
  5. I wear a memorial bracelet in your honor and with gratitude for your service. Blessings to your family and to NYFD. Never forgotten, kea

    – Karen
  6. I climbed in your honor today, 9/11/18. May you rest in peace, good and faithful servant.

    – Melisa Bill
  7. Today at Lambeau Field (9/22/18) I climbed in your honor. My mother-in-law and I climbed together, and she walked in honor of your son. We were honored and humbled to share this memorial of the two of you together. Thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice that day. Gone but never forgotten.

    – Katie Livernash
  8. Tomorrow, I carry your picture while participating in the tower challenge in Tucson. I’m humbled to carry the memory of such a dedicated servant with me. Thank you for your sacrifice, sir. It will never be forgotten.

    – Rick Radinsky
  9. Today (9/11/19) I climbed in your honor in a small town in South Georgia (Thomasville, GA). Thank you for your dedication and bravery. We will Never Forget your sacrifice.

    – Cindy Lewis
  10. Today I donated blood at our big memorial 9/11 blood drive. I was privileged to donate in memory of your husband. It has been 19 years but we still hold it every year. Small town in central California near the raging wildfires. We usually get 1200 pints at this draw. With the Covid going wild in our county I am not sure. I am 75 years old. Bless you

    – Kay
  11. I’m climbing stairs tomorrow in memory of Mr. Angelini. I hope to make him proud.

    – Dennis Hooker
  12. Mr. Angelini, I never got to meet you but as a young fireman I can only hope to become just as great a fireman as you were. You’re acts of heroism and your dedication to your work only inspire me to become better with each shift, with each call, and each training. God bless you brother, see you in Heaven!

    – George Kademenos
  13. Your bravery is an inspiration to us all. You are a hero in every sense and will never be forgotten. Thank you for your courageous and selfless actions, we will never forget.

    – Maria Greco
  14. I climbed in you honor on 9-11-21. God rest your soul.

    – Connie M Schmidt
  15. Although my climb will never be as great as yours, I hope I honored you well. Thank you for your service, bravery, and heroism. Your ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten. Rest easy.
    -Nichole H

    – Nichole Hocking
  16. Though I only a buff…., Firefighter Angelini Sr was a GREAT influence in my life. The fact that he was the oldest fireman in service in the FDNY was impressive. FAITHFUL TO THE END!!!

  17. Ich lernte Joseph bei einer USA-Reise, die mich auch nach New York führte kennen.
    Ich besuchte Rescue 1 und Joseph hatte Dienst. Joseph zeigte mir die Wache und das Fahrzeug.
    Er war sehr nett zu mir. Vielen Dank für diese schöne Erinnerung.
    Als ich die Bilder vom 11. September im TV bei uns in Deutschland sah war ich total geschockt.
    Ruhe in Frieden Joseph Angelini Sr.
    Liebe Grüße Matthias Rieger (Germany)

    – Matthias Rieger
  18. When 9/11 occurred I told myself that I would live the best life I could live in honor of Joe Angelini. My thought was to have him live through me that I would enjoy all the special moments that Joe couldn’t. I’m a native New Yorker and have much appreciation for the New York firefighters and police as well as the Port Authority police that passed away on 9/11. I don’t know Joe Angelini or Dennis Mojica Kenneth Michael Moreno or David Weiss but I will live my life in honor of those wonderful men much love without knowing you guys you’re my heroes.

    – Mario Cruz
  19. Soy Bombero retirado luego de 32 años de servicio en la República Argentina, tuve el honor de visitar el museo 9-11 en el año 2021, vi tu foto entre tantas otras, y me conmoví al darme cuenta que también perdió su vida Joseph John tu hijo, lamentablemente me toco a lo largo de mi carrera perder a muchos camaradas, y digo perder y no morir porque solamente mueren aquellas personas que son olvidadas, y tengan por seguro que no es el caso de ningún bombero del mundo. Honor y Gloria junto a Dios!!!!

    – Gustavo Luissi
  20. I am participating in a Memorial Stair climb again this year and will be climbing in Honor of Joseph Angelini Sr and his son . God Bless all that gave the ultimate sacrifice on that day ! God Bless them and all their families .

    – Phillip Niemann
  21. Honored to Climbed with you in Columbus Ohio. Rest easy brother. We will take it from here.

    – Ryan Judy
  22. It was an honor to walk in your memory yesterday at the Cintas “back the brave” walk in Durham, NC. You will never be forgotten!

    – Natalie Beck
  23. I was lucky enough to have worked with Joe while we were in Ladder 1. He was aways a lead guy going into a fire. Made myself and several other aspire to his bravery. I’ve planted a tree in his memory alone with one for Charlie Kasper, another FF I worked with while in 1 truck, who also perished at the wtc. In my heart, I will hold a special caring for them for the rest of my life

    – Rudy Velez