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Age: 25
Year of Death: 2001

Joseph P. Henry

Firefighter Joseph P. Henry‚ age 25‚ assigned to Ladder 21‚ Manhattan‚ was very dedicated to his job‚ his family‚ and his country. Joseph followed in the footsteps of his two brothers‚ Edward and Michael‚ who are firefighters; his Uncle Jim‚ a Captain; his father‚ a Battalion Chief; and his Grandfather who also was a Battalion Chief.

Joey played baseball as a kid; in fact at the age of 14 he played for Gil Hodges League and won the North Atlantic Regional Championship and went on to play in the World Series in Spring‚ Texas. He continued to play on teams as a young adult with friends and his brothers from Ladder 21. The Yankees were his favorite team.

Joey started out in the Cadet Program in the Fire Department. When he graduated he became an EMT. He had a great sense of humor and was very compassionate to all the people he came across. After two years he took the firefighter’s test and became a firefighter. His greatest achievement was the day he became a New York City Firefighter.

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  1. Had the honor to climb for you today at the Dallas 9/11 stair climb.

    – jason chamblee
  2. Always remembering you today

    – Sharon
  3. I climbed in Lambeau Field on 9-10-2016 in your honor.

    – Lou Anne Hunt
  4. I had to honour of climbing in your memory at the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb challenge. Never forgotten.

    – Alistair
  5. Had the honor to climb for you, Joseph Henry at the McAllen Stair Climb 9/11 tribute for our firefighters. You will never be forgotten.

    – Briana Gutierrez
  6. We rode the 343 9/11 Memorial Ride in Wilmington, NC yesterday 9-18-16 in your honor. You will always be remembered brother.

    – Mike and Pam Caron
  7. We are doing a “Hero Project” in my High School, and I have selected to do my project about you, Joseph P. Henry. Thank you for your irreplaceable service to our country. You will be forever in our hearts.

    August Adams
  8. Love you Uncle Joey, always thinking about you, especially today on St.Patrick’s day

    – Michael P. Henry
  9. I sat on the bench dedicated to you on the Long Beach Boardwalk. I decided to see who was behind the name of someone who people looked up to and honored so highly. I don’t know you however your story is admirable and you were a very special person. God bless you and your family and friends. Thank you for your service ♡

    – Marlene
  10. I did the 9/11 run to remember in Sacramento today and placed a flag on your name. Thank you for your service. Never forgotten.

    – Andrea De Silva
  11. We’re wanting you to know you haven’t been forgotten. You surely are a Hero.

    – Sandra & George Henry
  12. I just heard about your sacrifice. You were a true hero.

    – Sarah
  13. I had the honor and a privilege to climb for you on April 27th 2018 at Lucas Oil Stadium . RIP my brother !!! You will not be forgotten !!! My hero My brother !!

    – Barry Foster
  14. It has been an honor to climb for you at the Indianapolis FDIC 9/11 Climb. Thank you for your Sacrafice!

    Justin Foust FF/EMT Intern.

    – Justin L Foust
  15. Had the honor to do the climb for Firefighter Joseph Henry at the 9/11 Climb at FDIC in Indy.

    – Justin Foust
  16. You were on my wrist as I climbed the 9/11 tower challenge in Phoenix today. (9-11-18) It was truely an honor to dedicate my climb to you. 17 years later, I will never forget you and the sacrifice you made for our country. A true hero <3

    – Tori Johnson
  17. I had the honor of making the climb today with your tag and memory. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice.

    – Chad Ray
  18. September 11th, 2018, I had the honor of pinning a badge dedicated to you near my heart, while climbing the War Memorial Stadium stairs in Laramie, Wyoming. To a fallen hero that will never be forgotten, thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Bree Thompson
  19. I had the honor of climbing in remembrance of you on September 7, 2019 at Lambeau Field.

    Rest easy brother.

    – Mike Brown
  20. Walked in honor of Joseph at the 2019 Memorial Walk at Lambeau Field. Rang the bell in his honor. I’m sorry for your fallen hero.

    – Cory
  21. I had the honor of climbing for Firefighter Joseph Henry at the 9/11 OKC Stair Climb 2019. This was truly an honor… I will NEVER FORGET the sacrifice you made for our country. God Bless America

    – Jonathan Helms
  22. I was given a memorial bracket with your name on it, and every year I wear it in honor of your memory and sacrifice. Thank you for your bravery.

    – Leila Andrews
  23. I ran a 5k in your honor 9/11/2019. I wore your picture on my name bib. Thank you for your sacrifice

    – Sara Desimone
  24. I had the honor of climbing stairs today in your honor at the Sioux Falls, SD memorial stair climb. Thank you for your service and the sacrifice you made. Never forgotten!

    – Melissa Knudson
  25. I will be walking the 1 mile firefighter challenge in your honor this weekend in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Rest easy brother.

    – Melissa
  26. Thank you for your service and bravery, Mr. Henry.

    – James Wu
  27. I knew Joseph Henry from Most Precious Blood Church in Brooklyn. Always had a smile on his face. He made the ultimate sacrifice to keep New York safe. May he Rest In Peace

    – Louis Baffuto
  28. The dedication of the firefighters that day will always be remembered. You, Joey, will be a hero to your family and all young people striving to better themselves. I thank your family for raising such a heroic young man and I’m sure they miss you tremendously.

    – Katie
  29. I bought an American Flag with Joseph P. Henry’s name attached and it had a brief description of him.
    It was a fund raiser for 911 victims familes 10 years ago.
    I live in Algonquin, IL and it my honor to post and fly this flag on 9/11/2021 to
    remember Joseph and all the Firefighters that were loss that tragic day. Joseph sounds like such a wonderful person. God Bless! – Stephen Slater

    – Stephen Slater
  30. Wearing a bracelet in your honour every anniversary of 9/11. The memory never fades. Blessings to your family.

    – Ellen Evans Kinghorn
  31. I wear your name proudly on my chest today in remembrance of your service and dedication. I’m the wife of one of your firefighter brothers. Rest in peace. We will take it from here.

    – Kelly VR
  32. It was a pleasure ascending in your honor, Brother.

    Cincinnati, OH 09/11/2021

    – Mark Landesman
  33. I had the privilege in climbing for you today brother at Flour Field in Greenville, SC. May God be with you and your family.

    – Nik Gilchrist
  34. I’m in KY but was greatly affected by the horror that day. My son turned 11 on 9/11/01. He is now a firefighter in Lexington KY on Engine 21. 2 years ago I participated in a 9/11 memorial stair climb. We each chose a first responder and I was drawn to Joseph Henry. We went up and down the steps of the UK stadium. 2 laps equaled WTC floors. After one lap we rang the bell and said the name. I was 60 yrs old and it was nearly 90 degrees. I was determined to honor him and say his name. I made the first lap and said his name. This year at age 62 I sought Joseph again. I made both laps. This morning I listened to the reading of names. When a young man said, “ and my uncle, firefighter Joseph Henry”, I cried.

    – Liz Calloway Gooch
  35. I had the honor to climb in your memory at a stair climb in Indiana on 9/11/2021. Especially on this day 20 years later, your selfless service is never forgotten.

    – Sunitha
  36. I learned today that Joseph was related my late mother whose name was Eucharia (Carrie) Foley, born in 1932 and daughter of Con Foley and Frances Foley (Nee Horgan) from Cork. Also Joseph was related to my late aunt, Iris Buckley, (nee Foley), my mother’s sister. My late father in law Brian (Bernard) was Fire Chief in Dublin Fire Brigade and my brother in law David Larkin also was in DFB. Neither of these men were related to Joseph. My cousin visited the 911 site some years ago looking for Joseph’s plaque and she found him. My deepest condolences to the family on the loss of Joseph. Thank you for your bravery.

    – Ann Larkin
  37. I was honored to climb the Lambeau Field stairs with Joey, and ring the bell in his name. It is great to learn about Joey and those whom he had affected. It’s amazing that he played in the world series yet his biggest accomplishment was becoming an NYC firefighter. That’s cool. Always remembering.

    Kyle Hale
  38. I had the honor of running in your memory today At the Saint Augustine Florida Tunnel to Towers 5K run. ❤️ Thank you for running in when everyone else was running out!

    – Joanne Spencer