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Age: 32
Year of Death: 2011

Joshua O. Burch

Joshua was born on July 23‚ 1979‚ in Lake City‚ Florida. Joshua grew up with his loving parents‚ Hollis Burch and Mollie Gaylard. Joshua always had a special place for his mama and daddy‚ and a day never went by that he didn’t talk to them on the phone.

Joshua met his wife‚ Danielle‚ in 1995. They married in June 1999 and celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in June 2011. They were blessed with two sons‚ Jeremy in 2002 and Jacob in 2005. Joshua’s sons were his pride and joy‚ and he lived each day to the fullest with each of them. He loved to show them the great outdoors and to teach them the respect that it deserved. He shared his passion for hunting and fishing with his sons and frequently took them on the boat or 4-wheeler to fish and scout out the deer for the coming hunting season.

Joshua loved to cook‚ and was often found outside cooking on either the grill or the smoker. He also loved to go to the river‚ and you could bet that if he wasn’t working‚ he was taking his family on the boat to swim in the Santa Fe River.

In 2001‚ Joshua accepted a position with the Division of Forestry in Lake City‚ Florida‚ as a wildland firefighter. He spent ten years of his life doing exactly what he loved. Joshua was very passionate and excited about his job and looked forward to fighting fires as they arose. Many people go their whole life never finding that ‘perfect’ job that makes them feel fulfilled‚ but Joshua was fortunate enough to do just that. There were many times over the years that he contemplated taking other jobs that offered more money‚ but at the end of the day he couldn’t leave the job that made him so happy. He had gained great respect from his fellow coworkers and supervisors alike.

It was always known that if someone needed help‚ Joshua was right there to give a helping hand‚ without being asked. He loved his family and he loved his coworkers.

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  1. You will always be in my heart, Mama.

    – Mollie
  2. You will always be in my heart…mama

    – Mollie Burch Gaylard
  3. I did not know Joshua personally but as a Wildland firefighter I share His dedication to His job and His desire to serve others. As long as there is breath in me I will always honor His memory and will never forget the price He paid. I will always keep His family, coworkers, and His community in my prayers.

    – Randall Davis
  4. Thank you for the amazing boy you gave me to call mine. I wish I could have met you you will never be forgotten.

    – mary russell
  5. I miss my Son Joshua Burch every day, he was my hero

    – Mollie Burch