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Age: 38
Year of Death: 2011

Keith G. Rankin

Keith Rankin was 38 years old and had served his community for 23 years with Lancaster Township Fire Department. Keith had been an assistant chief in the past and had again achieved the rank of lieutenant. Keith also was named Firefighter of the Year after rescuing a woman from a fire. Keith loved to teach other firefighters how to be better firemen. He also worked as a Pennsylvania State Constable.

Keith was a wonderful family man and loved his wife of five years. He was a loving stepfather to two girls. He attended many soccer games and events‚ always with his camera in hand taking tons of pictures. He loved taking pictures‚ and his family often called him their clicker and teased him that he was like having a personal paparazzi.

Keith was a huge New York Yankees fan and at one point attended spring training to see his team in pre-season action.

He loved to travel and had been to Portugal several times and also to Jamaica. He enjoyed eating and was definitely a foodie. Keith was a tech junkie and always had the newest gadget on the market. If any of his friends or family had a question or needed a radio programmed he was the guy to get it done. If a friend called and needed something‚ he would drop what he was doing and help them. He was serious about carrying on the legacy of his fire family and took care of the widows of the men who died before him.

Keith is survived by his wife‚ Abby; stepdaughters‚ Sarah and Meaghan; his mother; aunt; brother; and two sisters.

He is our hero and will live forever.

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  1. Happy Birthday Partner. You are NEVER far from my mind and heart. Thank you!

    – Jim Knepper
  2. 5 years since you left this world too soon. You were a mentor, a heck of a fireman and more importantly you were a best friend. Rest easy and watch our six.

    – J Hatfield