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Battalion Chief
Age: 45
Year of Death: 2001

Louis J. Modafferi

Louis Modafferi‚ 45‚ battalion chief‚ FDNY‚ Rescue 5. His courage and ability led to a steady series of promotions over 19 years in the FDNY. The Federal Emergency Management Agency asked for his assistance during hurricane relief efforts in the Caribbean. Modafferi’s rescue work never detracted from his role as a fulltime father to his three children‚ and he always found time for a monthly game of softball.

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  1. Hello, my name is Katy. I have the bracelet that I bought in 2002 in a shopping center. It has this firefighters name inscribed on it. The bracelet also has an inscription stating “FDNY Rescue 5”. If the family of this firefighter reads this message email me.

    – Torrez
  2. God Bless you and your family Mr. Modafferi. Thank you.

    – AF
  3. 9/11 is a tragic event that will never be forgotten by so many. There was over 2,000 (2,977) innocent lives that were lost that day and today over 2,000 walked to support the Fallon Firefighters from that day. Today, I bear climbed the equivalence of 110 stories of the World Trade Center (1,320 steps roughly) while representing Louis Modafferi. This man deserves the world for the sacrifice he made for our freedom. I am more then proud to hang his badge of representation on my wall for remembrance.

    – Emilie Boomsma
  4. I had the honor of completing the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field on 9-10-2016. I was given a badge with Mr. Modafferi’s name and climbed in his honor. Thank you to Louis and his family for the sacrifices they have made for our country.

    – Nancy Van Camp
  5. My grandmother’s maiden name is Modafferi. So it was extremely emotional for me when I first visited ground zero during the repair and reconstruction and saw Cheif Modafferi’s name listed. The attack connected us all as Americans, but seeing his name made it much more personal. We are connected by the American experience with ancestry who immigrated in parallel to start new lives in this country. Do we share great grandparents? I wish we had known. I thank him for his ultimate service and dedication to his profession. He is a hero along with so many that day.

    – Paula Blance
  6. I am a volunteer firefighter with Seminole Trail, located in Albemarle County Virginia/ Charlottesville area. Our department participated in the Stair climb yesterday (9-9-18) in Richmond, VA. I climbed in Captain Louis J. Modafferi, Rescue 5 honor. Thank you Captain and his family for the sacrifices made for our Country. His badge will hang with James Raymond Coyle Jr, Ladder 3 of whom I had the honor of climbing for last year. NEVER FORGET, Thank you for the sacrifice and dedication, you and the others are ultimate Heros.

    – Patrick Maranuk
  7. Just did the 911 stair climb at the Green Bay Packers Stadium, I wear Louis Modafferis name badge in honor of him and all the fallen.

    – Jody
  8. Hello my name it Delonte Modeste I am an Anne Arundel County Fire Department Recruit. I received my first assignment which is: NEVER FORGET. I have to do research on firefighter Modafferi. If any of his family Is available to share some of his stories or favorite things please contact me.

    – Delonte A Modeste
  9. This morning I completed the SD 9-11 Memorial Climb. I was given the name of Captain Louis Modafferi to wear. I said his name and rang the bell in his honor. He is one of America’s hero’s and I was so proud to walk for him. Sending love and blessings to his children and family.

    – Jasmine Greene
  10. The Modafferi family Thank everyone who climbed stairs in Louie’s name or just think about him on this upcoming anniversary of 911 ❤️ ‍

    – Tony Modafferi
  11. Here is a story someone sent my family

    Friends: This is Battalion Chief Louis Modafferi, this is the man who guided me so I could safely escape the World Trade Center on 9/11/01. I was stuck, I was panicking, he put his hand on my shoulder and in the chaos led me to an open stairwell so I could escape. I escaped safely but he did not. I went down the stairs and he went up. Maybe it was a coincidence but he was, at the time, Captain of FDNY Rescue 5. The number 5 is my lucky number and it certainly was that day.
    Never does a day go by that I don’t think of him and of his family. We met for only a brief moment but the impact it had on me cannot be properly described.
    Never forgotten, always in my heart. My love and gratitude goes out to the entire Modafferi family. Joanne, Mike and Tara…gratefully your friend.

    – Tony Modafferi
  12. Today 9/26/2020 I participated in the Arkansas Memorial Stair Climb. Did I finish, no sadly, I did not. But I will tell you this much I learned as an 18 Y/O two things. The amount of pain these men went through going up 110 flights of stairs was not Important to them. But rather the people who were trapped in those buildings needing help. Second thing I learned is that even though I’m just getting started in the fire service I love it and can see why these brave men risked their lives and made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the lives of others.

    – Brandon Medlock
  13. I have the honor of wearing Captain Modafferi’s badge in the Tunnel to Towers 5K in Utica NY on 22 August 2021.

    Michael Hartnett

    – Michael Hartnett
  14. 19 years ago I had the honor and privilege to read the name, Capt. Louis Modaferri, at a public reading of each FDNY firefighter lost on 9-11. Jacksonville Fire/Rescue Department organized a march and reading of names on the 1 year anniversary of that tragic day. I was given a 3×5 card with Capt. Louis Modaferri, Rescue 5, written on it. That card has been on the visor in my vehicle since that day. I look at it every day and am reminded of the ultimate sacrifice that was made by all those brave men on that day. I retired in 2007 after 30 years of service. I pray that the families of those 343 heroes will know that our nation has not forgotten each and every one of those brave men.
    Richard Brand E10 JFRD (Retired)

    – Richard Brand
  15. Torrez
    I saw your message. Please email me. I cannot see your email address. [email protected]

    – Kristen Modafferi
  16. My son did 110 flights to honor the fallen hero’s of 9/11. He carried with him the name: Louis Modafferi. To the family of this brave man, Thank You for paying such a heavy price and may you be blessed every day.

    – Shelli brower
  17. My husband’s company will be raising money tomorrow for hero’s on 9/11. He received Mr. Modafferi’s name on his bracelet and will be competing to raise $30,000 in his honor. The beautiful irony is my husband is not from the US originally and was only 18 September 11, 2001. He is now a proud Arab -American and is honored to “carry the load” for this fallen hero. ❤️
    I send many blessing to his family and especially his children. God bless you!

    – Molly
  18. I stopped by the memorial today with visitors from Brazil. We know the Modafferi family from the neighborhood. I was happy to honor Battalion Chief Modafferi and share his story. It’s a privilege to know it. I’m praying for him and the Modafferi family.

    – Joseph Connolly