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Age: 32
Year of Death: 2001

Manuel Del Valle Jr.

Manuel Del Valle Jr.‚ 37‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Engine 5. Manny was an organized man and always found time for his extensive family and all of his interests.

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  1. The story has nothing to do with the firefighter pictured above. Manuel Delvalle jr was killed on September 11, 2001 in the Twin Towers at The World Trade Center. You guys may want to look into the account for the aforementioned, Tommy DeAngelis to see if they stories are just simply swapped.

    – Michael
  2. Today I climbed 110 stories in your honor at the Pierce Stair Climb in Green Bay, WI – 2016

    – Kiira Jensen
  3. At the 2017 FDIC I climbed to honor the 343 Firefighters that gave their life and had the special honor of wearing the badge of firefighter De Valle.
    God Bless every family that lives on Honoring the men and women that gave their all so others might live.

    – Scott Simpson
  4. Rest In Peace our dear brother. WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND A DAY❤️❤️❤️ WE MISS YOU?????

    – Marilyn Rivera
  5. Today, September 11, 2018 I carried your name on my wrist as I completed the 911 Tower Challenge in Tucson, AZ. Never forgotten!

    – Nathen Danforth
  6. I hiked the colorado red rocks 9/11 stairclimb with manuel’s id tag back in 2015, but somehow lost his tag after the event. Ot turns out that one of our dept members is cousins with Manuel and i had really wanted to give her his tag. At this year’s 2018 stairclimb at red rocks, i found someone who finished the climb with Manuel’s tag and he gave it to me, it meant a lot to be able to finally present it Manuel’s relative.

    – Dave wurts
  7. I carried your tag for a stair climb 11/14/19 at VCOS / IAFC event in Clearwater, FL. Never forgotten.

    – Brian Weiss
  8. Today on 09/11/2020 with your name on a badge I climbed 110 stories in your honor in Jackson, Wyoming for the 9/11 memorial hill climb.

    – shellie
  9. Every day we honor you. We’ll never forget you. You were the coolest guy I knew. Thank you for everything

    – Roberto & Ori
  10. Today 09/11/21 I will honor you by wearing your badge while I spend time with family and friends. I will climb 110 floors on 09/12/21 to honor you courage and selflessness to save the lives of others. Rest In Peace brother we won’t forget.

    – Chris Aronson
  11. This weekend I climbed the steps in the Pierce Memorial stair climb for you, it was a great honor, we will always remember! – 9/11/21

    – Lauri A.
  12. Rest In Peace beloved cousin.


    – Edgardo Del Valle Rivera
  13. We are cousins, we played together as babies. I pray that you are in heaven with Jesus and His angels – that I will one day see you again in eternity.

    – Dr. Carmen Teran Anzueta
  14. Today 9/10/2022, I had the honor of representing you at the OKC 9/11 memorial. My prayers are with your family.

    – Leonard Welch
  15. Today September 10, 2022 I wore your card and did the stair climb in La Vista, NE in your memory. May you rest in peace. My prayers are with your family.

    – Heather Russell-Schroeder
  16. Nunca olvidare esa sonrisa y esa amabilidad con que me habrías la puerta cuando me equivocaba de timbre, a pesar que te despertaba siempre eras amable, sigue descansando en paz mi querido Many.

    – Jenny Melendez
  17. I wear your bracelet, brother. R. I P.

    – WR Harland, Sr.