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Age: 42
Year of Death: 2001

Michael T. Quilty

Michael T. Quilty‚ 42‚ lieutenant‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 11. Quilty‚ a Staten Island resident‚ celebrated his 20th anniversary with the FDNY on September 5‚ 2001. He had moved to Ladder 11 after nearly two decades in Brooklyn with Engine 282 and Ladder 148. In 1997‚ he received a medal for his rescue of a woman from a Brooklyn fire. Off the job‚ Quilty headed for the sky or the sea. He was a licensed pilot and certified scuba diver‚ and enjoyed kayaking‚ fishing‚ and water-skiing with his wife and two children.

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  1. To those who loved and miss Michael T. Quilty, every single day.
    Yesterday, I partook in a race remembering those fallen that horrendous day 15 years ago. I picked Michael’s name. Your husband, father, your loved one. I ran fast and hard and did my best. With ever step, I made sure my badge with his picture remained on me, for as he did, no one would be left behind. When I was tired, I remember how simple my challenge was, and how hard his, and all of your is every day.
    My prayers to you today. May we never forget. Thank you Michael for giving your life for mine.

    – Elizabeth Borchardt
  2. I would like to start with saying it is with honor that I have walked in memorial to Micheal for the last two years in a silent walk that is done in Chas, SC. Every Sept 11th over the Aurther Ravenel Bridge which crosses over the Cooper River in Charleston. I myself am a Lt in the fire service with 16 yrs paid and 20+ as a volunteer. I plan on making my first trip to NY city in November of their years and will try and visit his station and find his name on the memorial. Thank you and your family for the sacrifice that you have made and God bless.

    Robert McAlhaney
    FF/ EMT

    – Robert Mcalhaney
  3. Hi my married name is O’Connell but my maiden name is Quilty and I was in N Y for St Patrick’s day with an Irish rugby choir who marched in the parade
    I went to ground zero and looked at all the Irish names and lo and behold there was Michael T Quilty which is not a popular name in Ireland but very old never the less, I was so proud when I saw it and wondered would he be anyway related to us
    May all of God’s blessings be with him
    Shelagh O’connell Quilty

    Shelagh O Connell
  4. Thank you for your service, Lt. Michael T. Quilty. I climbed in your honor in my first 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Green Bay, WI.

    Prayers to your family and loved ones.

    – Adam Hahn
  5. Thank you for your service and sacrifice Lt. Michael T. Quilty, I ran a 5k Run for the Fallen event in Wausau, WI. I wore your picture with honor, sir.

    Continued prayers for your family and the FDNY.

    – Steven Grzejka
  6. This weekend I participated in a memorial event that honored the first responders of the horrific 9-11 terrorist attacks. I wore the picture of Michael Quilty on my shirt. The event was a stadium stair climb. It challenged participants to climb 2000 steps to honor those first responders who charged into harms way to rescue and save. I proudly wore Lt Quilty’s picture. I wanted to acknowledge and thank you for his ultimate sacrifice and your sacrifice that continues every day. May God Bless you and your family.

    – Darcy Barney
  7. I remember this day as if it were yesterday, where I was, what I was doing and how I couldn’t believe that someone could be so cruel and attack the United States. I work in dialysis and was working that day but at the same time I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the TV still in disbelief. As time went on my mother ran across a website that allowed us to purchase bracelets in memory of the fallen HEROS that lost their lives that day. My bracelet is red with the name of Michael Quilty on it and as the 20 year anniversary is among us, I wanted to wear it in HONOR of Mr. Quilty. I pray for all of the families that suffered on 9/11 and still do each day. We will always remember the
    HEROS of 9/11.

    – Laura Carter
  8. I had the honor of paying tribute to Lieutenant Michael T. Quilty for the 343 burpee challenge today. To all his family and friends, my heart goes out to you all. Thank you for your service Lieutenant Quilty. #NeverForget

    – Alexis Rumbolz
  9. Today, I climb in honor of Lt. Michael T Quilty at the Lambeau Field 9/11 Stair Climb in support of the NFFFA.

    It’s humbling to remember the events as they unfolded 21years ago on September 11th. As an 18 year old teenager then, and as an adult now, my heart continues to ache for not only our country, but all of those lost last dreadful day. As the years past, their sacrifice still remains strong in our minds.

    It’s my humble honor to climb in Michael’s memory today.

    – Tracy lobermier