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Age: 44
Year of Death: 2001

Michael T. Russo

Graduate of Nazareth High School‚ Brooklyn.

Loved golf‚ skiing‚ and restoring old cars.

The perfect father to his son.

Just obtained his LPN.

Dolores Russo‚ his mother

From news accounts:

Lt. Michael Russo was a longtime firefighter with Squad 1 in Park Slope‚ Brooklyn‚ and Rescue 5‚ Staten Island. He and his wife Theresa have a young son who was born on his father’s birthday‚ June 22.

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  1. Today I climbed in your honor at the Pierce 9/11 stair climb, Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI. September 10, 2016.

    – BJ Brenneke
  2. You will never be forgotten. I carried you with me on the 2016 Stair climb. You are a hero. Your son is 15 years older now and I am sure he grown to be a fine young man. May your family find peace and love in their hearts as they reflect on their memories of you!

    – Linda
  3. Our family climbed in your memory in The Colorado stair climb today 9-11-2016.
    Curry Family Golden CO

    – Mike curry
  4. Had the honor of making the climb in honor of LT Russo today, 10 Sep 16, at the Lancaster PA Stairclimb. A privilege to walk in the footsteps of giants.

    – Paul Grubbs
  5. Today, Sept. 10, 2017, I climbed 120 stories in your honor at the Columbus, OH stair climb. Rest easy brother, we’ll take it from here.

    – Michael Valdez
  6. I was honored to carry Mr. Russo to the top today at the 2017 Nashville Memorial Stair Climb.

    – John Beasley
  7. Yesterday,September 10, I proudly climbed in your memory. I was honored to carry you, a true hero, 64 flights of stairs at the Troy Memorial Freedom Climb 2018. #neverforget

    – Jenell Krites
  8. Today I was honored to climb 110 stories in your name at the Eastern Kentucky University Memorial Stair Climb. Thank you for your service. Your heroic action on this day will never Forgotten.

    – Shyla Haines
  9. Had the honor to climb in your memory today, LT Russo. Thank you for having the courage to act and May your sacrifices never be forgotten.
    2018 Denver Stair Climb

    – Michael Jojola
  10. Today September 16,2018 I climbed in your Honor at the Binghamton NY stair climb. Rest easy!!

    – Kimberly Austin
  11. Yesterday Sept 16, 2018 I was honored to carry you 110 stories at the RSA building in Montgomery, AL. You gave everything to the Job and your sacrifice will never by forgotten.

    – Michael Patterson
  12. I climbed for Michael last weekend at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field, 2018.

    – Amy Brey
  13. I will be climbing in memory of you LT Russo this upcoming Sat at the 9/11 Dallas Stair Climb. You will never be forgotten!

    – Alan Cashier
  14. Today climbed the Virginia Military Institute 2019 memorial stair climb in your honor!

    – Madeleine Barrett
  15. Thank you for your service sir. I carried a picture of you in memory in florence AZ stair climb 2019
    Gone but never forgotten

    Benson B

    – Brian Benson
  16. I was just thinking of Michael after all these years. I worked with him, he was part time summer worker at the greater NY savings bank and he was a hell of a guy.
    God bless ‘willy’

    – steve hetzel
  17. Dear friend, the earthbound still miss you.

    – D merk
  18. 20 years later, I carried your memory with me at the 9/11 Stair Climb in Petal, MS today, 09/11/2021. We will never forget.

    – Sandee Pendergrass
  19. Today I represented the Blazen Divaz at a T2T event in Coeur d Alene , Idaho. In honor of you . Your picture was over my heart during the event .

    – Karen Botai
  20. I did the stair climb at the 2022 FDIC at Indy in honor of LT Russo. Never Forgotten!

    – Jason Shackleford
  21. I had the honor of climbing in LT Michael T. Russo’s memory. You are a true Hero! #Never Forgotten
    Lambeau Field, Green Bay,Wi.September 10 th, 2022

    – Lori Almquist
  22. I climbed in your honor tonight, Lt. Russo. Scottsdale, AZ, 9/10/2022.

    – Alison W
  23. I climbed for you today at the Denver stair climb. Thinking of you and your family. Never forgotten 9/11/22

    – Miranda