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Age: 51
Year of Death: 2001

Michael Warchola

Michael served on FDNY for 24 years‚ the last 12 years at Ladder 5 in Greenwich Village. His last tour of duty would have been 9/13/01 — he was retiring.

Michael was the father of Aaron Warchola‚ age 20‚ and Amy Warchola‚ age 17‚ who live in Walden‚ New York with their mother‚ Leslie Terwilliger.

Michael held a Bachelor’s Degree in English from SUNY‚ Buffalo. He was an avid reader and loved to travel to the exotic places he’d read about. Michael also enjoyed gardening and hiking‚ and was planning a trip to Australia upon his retirement.

We love him dearly. We are so proud of him!

– Leslie Terwilliger

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  1. Thank you for your service. God Bless You!

    – Sharon L. Jenkins
  2. September 11th, 2016
    I just watched the reading of the names at home. I saw Michael’s name and then found this page. I was one of his college roommates in 1970. I think that was the year. 63 Fairfield St., Buffalo. Mike was fun to be with. Extremely. We spent so much time together talking about everything. We were so young and hopeful, with most of our lives ahead of us and our futures. We went camping only twice. Once, south of Buffalo and another time in the Smoky Mountains, on our way to Florida on a spring break. I have such fond remembrances of Mike. I am sure those that know him better than I can tell me stories about Mike. And yes, he often mentioned he wanted to be a Firefighter. Thank you Mike, for being such a great friend, way back then. And Bless you for your heroism.

    – George Gallo
  3. We just climbed 78 flights of stairs at Bay View Middle for you and in remembrance of 9/11. Thank you for your service and your heroism.

    – Megan Parker
  4. Today I was chosen to climb 78 fights of stair at Bay View Middle school for you in recognition of 9/11. I respect your heroism and your bravery on the tragic day.

    – Tyler Guetschow
  5. September, 12th, 2016
    My name is Braxton and I go to bay view middle school in Green Bay Wisconsin. In honor of the heroes that lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks, today in gym class we walked 78 flights of stairs. Today I walked for Michael Warchola and all the other heroes that lost their lives that day. I will admit I was tired but all it took was to glance down at his face, that’s what kept me going. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to walk 78 flights of steps with all of that gear on. Today I learned something, heroes don’t come from the pages of comic books, they are the people who lay down their lives to keep this country safe, like Michael Warchola. I will never take their sacrifices for granted again, and I will never ever forget.
    God bless you.

    – Braxton Toebe
  6. Today we climbed 78 flights of stairs at Bay View Middle School in honor and remembrance of 9/11. Thank you for being a hero. Never Forget.

    – Lila VanDenElzen
  7. Today we climbed 78 flights of stairs at Bay View Middle school in honor and remembrance of 9/11. Never Forget.

    – Lennon Riesterer
  8. Thank u

    – Sam
  9. To day I climbed stairs in honor of I said your sacrifice. You will never be forgotten.

    – Sam
  10. Today is September 13th 2016, at Bay View Middle school today I ran up 65 flights of stairs for my friend Michael. I may not know Michael but I call him my friend because I now feel a connection between us. I know that we didn’t have nearly as much gear on as he did but I now can say that I feel his pain. If his family is reading this I want to thank you, thank you for giving up one of your loved ones for our country. Thank you.

    – Kyle Cichanofsky
  11. Hi, my name is JoLee. Today I climbed in your honor Michael Warchola. 9/11 never forget.

    – JoLee
  12. My name is Sawyer and I climbed for you at bayview middle school #neverforget

    – Sawyer
  13. Michael’s famliy, today 9/13/16 ran up 78 flights of strata in your honor. I truly honor his service.

    – Cole meyer
  14. Mike, You were my childhood friend. So many good memories going to school together. You were rewarded for perfect attendance. Thank you for your heroism. Good bless you, and we will never forget that infamous day, or the terrorism we are fighting still.

    – Judy Cohen
  15. Ran the steps for you at Nissan Stadium as part of the Firehouse Expo last October. Thinking of you today as well my Dad, who responded to the Pentagon attack, sixteen years ago today.

    – Harold Bruno III
  16. It was my honor & pleasure to climb the stairs at Lambeau Field representing your husband carrying his soul on my shoulders and in my heart. God Bless him for all he did to protect our country. And God Bless you & your family in the interim of his duties. Always in my heart.

    – Josephine Conard
  17. It was such an honor to climb for Michael today in Green Bay, WI. My father is a fire chief and I cannot imagine losing him. Michael and his family have sacrificed so much for so many. Thank you so much for your sacrifice.

    – Kelly Mitchell
  18. My teacher Amy Warchola told me about Micheal. We were learning about 9/11 in 7th grade.

    R.I.P Bless you and your family

    – Allie Soriano
  19. I have a copper bracelet from post 9-11 that bears your name. I look at it every day, but especially today 9-11. I pray for your family constantly. RIP Lt. Warchola

    – Lindsey Pederson
  20. May. Your family be always blessed. You are a hero that will never be forgotten.
    Rest In Peace

    – Patrice Gay
  21. Today September 8, 2019 I climbed 110 stories in full gear in Michael Warchola’s honor for the 6th year in a row! The Kansas City 9/11 Stairclimb has a great memorial climb to honor all of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11/01.

    – Scott Winfrey
  22. September 7th, 2019, did the 9/11 stair climb at Lambeau Field and I had the honor of carrying Mr. Warchola’s name. Thank you for the sacrifice and I will always remember.

    – Daniel Joseph Rodriguez
  23. Thinking of you. Thank you so much.

    – Cory Warchola
  24. I was reading a book about 911 Attack and came to know it was supposed to be your last day in duty. Thank you for your commitment. Rest in peace.

    – Sooil Hong
  25. I was honored to climb, and complete the FDIC 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb yesterday in memory of Lt Warchola. I am a 3rd generation firefighter in the Toledo, Ohio area. I will always remember our 343 fallen Brothers. RIP. We’ll take it from here.

    – Heather Bacon
  26. It is almost 20 years ago that Michael lost his life entering the banks of
    elevators at the base of the World Trade Center buildings. It seems like yesterday!
    We will forever remember him for his brave and selfless acts. There is a place in our hearts forever filled with memories of him. He is loved by his family and now
    two beautiful grandchildren. If we could rewrite history – for him – and all lost that day
    we would. May all who perished that day Rest In PEACE!

    – Lynn Warchoa
  27. Just climbed 110 floors in your honor on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Thank you for ur service,
    dedication, bravery and heroism!

    – Amber S

    – Denis Warchola
  29. An honor to have participated in the 9/11 stair climb at Lambeau Field in your memory. Never forgotten.

    – Megan Fox
  30. I was honored to climb in San Diego this year for Michael. He seems like an incredible guy- I am grateful for his many years of service and for the sacrifices he made on 9/11 trying to help others. God bless his family and friends- he will never be forgotten.

    – Thomas
  31. A cousin I would have loved to have met RIP and god bless.

    – Bill Branchfield