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Age: 41
Year of Death: 2001

Paul A. Tegtmeier

Paul was a terrific man‚ a wonderful husband‚ son‚ brother‚ and loving father to Aric and Andrea. Paul was always smiling and willing to help his neighbor.

He was an active volunteer firefighter for 24 years. At age 40‚ he was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter with FDNY.

Paul was the happiest he had ever been at the time of his death.

– Catherine Tegtmeier

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  1. I had the honor to hike Monserate mountain today wearing your name.
    It was an honor and a great responsibility.
    Thank you for your service and sacrifice, I felt your spirit with me.
    My prayers go out to your family ?

    – Rocio Peters
  2. Hello Catherine, my name is Beverly Burns and I am a volunteer firefighter in Upstate New York. On Friday September 9, 2016 I took part in a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in the State Office Building in Utica NY. I climbed with my Chief and as we got there a little late we were each given a tag of a firefighter who had responded to the tragic event on 9/11/01. I was given your husband’s tag. The whole thing felt a lot more real to me after I placed his tag around my neck. I was tearing up but didn’t want it to show on the outside. Looking up your husband on Google didn’t even cross my mind at first, but by Saturday afternoon another firefighter that I know and who also climbed asked if I had found about who my firefighter was before he passed on 9/11. I originally said “No”, but then I couldn’t wait to have time to find out about he and his family. I looked your husband up on 9/11/16 fifteen years to the day and I was pleased to find a little bit about him on the internet. I can’t imagine all of the things you and your family had to go through back in 2001. I joined my department in 2006 with my at the time husband, his dad and mine. I had always loved running to my dad’s plectron for him and memorizing the information they gave and then running back to tell him what his call was. I have been a member for 10 years and every September 11th, it just gets to me. That so many people rushed into those buildings while everyone else was running out. I am so proud to have been given your husband’s tag to climb in his honor! Hope all is well with you and Aric and Andrea.
    Beverly C. Burns Clinton. NY firefighter

    – Beverly Burns
  3. On September, 10th 2016, For the 15 year anniversary of 9/11 I was given the honor of carrying Paul’s name and picture as I climbed the stairs of Lamebeau Field, when I reached the equivalent of the 78th floor that day i had the opportunity to ring the bell for Paul’s final call. Before this day I didn’t know his name, who he was, or where he had come from, but I do now. Hero’s like Paul will live forever, because they are burned into the hearts of those that not only loved him as family, but with those that remember and honor him for making the ultimate sacrifice. I not only carried his name on that day but it is my vow to carry it in my heart forever, I will never forget. I am a volunteer firefighter for the Oostburg Fire Department, not only dose Paul’s sacrifice that day inspire me but who he was Inspires me to be a better fireman. God bless you and your family Paul.
    Rest in peace brother
    Nicholas A. Ackley. Oostburg Fire

    – Nick Ackley
  4. I participated in the fallen hero walk/run today and walked in honor of Paul. Will keep the family in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Becky Hull
  5. Hi, I wanted to let you know I climbed yesterday for Paul. We participated in the 7th annual 9-11 Stairclimb at Edgewater Beach Resorts in Panama City Beach, FL. It was an honor to finish his climb.
    Thank you for the honor.
    Lorraine Hudson

    – Lorraine Hudson
  6. Paul,..Larry Lozier and I loved you beyond words. We had a plethora of fun beyond words growing up. I remember your birthday, our graduation from HS, our shinanigans that followed. I felt you leaving the earth that fatefull day although 2000 miles away…the wind was knocked out of me. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUR SACRIFICE! I love you; will always love you, and NEVER forget your sacrifice.

    – Elizabeth WALKER
  7. I had the honor of doing the 9/11 memorial stairclimb in Kalamazoo Mi today. I read your story and noticed that the day the towers fell we both had 6 year old sons. I was 2 months away from having my 3rd. It was my first climb and it was an honor to walk for your memory. I will not forget

    – Susan Thomas
  8. Today at Lambeau Field I had the great honor of wearing Paul’s name over my heart as I climbed stairs in remembrance of him and all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11. He and his family will forever be in my prayers. Thank you Paul.

    – Tamara Ninnemann
  9. I am a volunteer firefighter in Southwest Missouri. On 9/20/17, I carried Paul in our annual Memorial Stairclimb. I just wanted to leave a message here to express the honor it was for me to pay tribute to this hero. Never forget.

    – Jason Edwards
  10. In 2013 I participated in my first 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was a great honor to climb that day in memory of Paul and shout out his name as I rang the bell. I’m about to embark in my sixth Stair Climb. Each year it is for a different Firefighter, but I still keep in mind the previous Firefighters I have climbed for. Thank you to Paul and all of the other 342 Firefighters that paid the ultimate price that day. NEVER FORGET!!!! I have been a Firefighter on the Baraboo Fire Dept. for 31 years now, and for the last 17 years, there’s hardly been a day go by that I don’t think of these heroes.

    – Thomas Clark Jr.
  11. Today it was my privilege and honor to wear Pauls name on my turnout gear as I climbed the Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb in Melbourne Australia. I’m a 43 yr old firefighter and the similarities in age between Paul and I are not lost on me.
    Thank you for your service Paul, it was an honor to climb for this hero.

    Rest in peace Brother

    – David Brown
  12. Today on 9/11/2018, I participated in a walk to remember memorial. I was given your name to wear proudly as I walked a mile in your honor as well as the others who gave it all to help on a dark day 17 years ago. Thank you for your service. Gone but never forgotten.

    – Adam Curtiss
  13. On September 29, 2001 at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC those in attendance for the Installation of our then Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Mark S. Sisk we were all given the names of lives lost in the 9/11 attack to read aloud in a chorus of names during the Prayers of the People. I was given Paul’s name and connected to him because at the time I was living in my hometown of Kingston, NY. On each anniversary I recall Paul’s name and pray that his family has been carrying on his memory and his legacy.

    – Joseph
  14. Paul and his family were parishioners of mine at St. Jame’s Church in Hyde Park, NY. He was a loving, friendly and wonderful person. I always think of him when I think of 9/11. May he and his family be blessed.

    Michael Winsor
  15. This coming Saturday I will be honoured to carry Paul’s name in the Melbourne Firefighter Stairclimb in Australia, nothing makes me more honoured to be given this opportunity and I will complete the climb with Paul in my heart and thoughts and his sacrifice will not be forgotten ❤️ Captain Mel Moore Toorloo Rural Fire Brigade Australia

    – Melissa Moore
  16. For the Oklahoma City 9/11 Stairclimb Memorial 2022 I had the honor of wearing your name around my neck. You made the ynltimate sacrifice and for that I am forever grateful. I will never forget.

    I’ll see you at the top brother

    – Stephen Edwards