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Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

Paul J. Gill

Paul was the loving father of two young sons and a beloved and cherished son‚ brother‚ grandson‚ stepson‚ nephew‚ and cousin. Paul always had a sweet nature‚ generous spirit and a kind soul. He was always available to lend a hand to his family and many friends.

It was those very qualities that led him to live his life serving and protecting others. In 1998‚ Paul fulfilled his dream and became a brave and proud member of New York’s bravest – the FDNY. On September 11th‚ he was assigned to Engine 54 (Ladder 4‚ Battalion 9)‚ Manhattan – the Pride of the Midtown – one of the first responding units to the World Trade Center. All 15 firefighters from Paul’s house perished that day.

Paul was a wrestling champion while in high school and loved and excelled at sports of all kinds. He loved the outdoors: hiking‚ the beach‚ rollerblading. Paul was also an extremely talented artist and a gifted poet.

His legacy will live on in his final brave and selfless act‚ his many works of art and poems‚ and in the hearts of the loved ones he left behind‚ who will forever mourn his passing‚ but who will also forever celebrate his life.

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– Georgette Gill

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  1. Paul May God bless you. We went to church as youngsters, so you are with God

    – John kvarnstrom
  2. I proudly wear a copper bracelet, given to me by a retired firefighter, in Paul’s memory after 9/11. No matter when I wear it, someone always inquires about it. May it comfort all who knew Paul that someone who didn’t know him, appreciated him and honors his memory for the hero that he was. May he rest in peace and rise and glory. Bless all those who read this message. I am proud to have posted this. Vera Salter. 9/11/15

    – Vera Salter
  3. I did the memorial stair climb in kalamazoo michigan today. I was 24 the day they fell with 2 young children and a 3rd almost due. It was an honor to climb for you. I will not Forget

    – Susan Thomas
  4. I walked for Paul at the 9/11 Memorial Walk at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI on 9-16-2017. It was my first memorial walk and I walked in my full turnout gear. I may not have made it too my goal…But I am proud that I walked for him and all of my brothers & sisters that served and paid the ultimate price that day. We have the watch sir. I pray I made you proud and will return to honor Paul and everyone who fell that day next year. Blessings to all who remember and God bless Paul’s family.

    – Sheri Oberleitner
  5. Today, 10-15-17, I walk the Tunnel to Towers 5k walk/run in honor of all the first responders It was truly an honor to do this walk for all those who risk their lives everyday so I can feel safe & protected. When I received my packet there was a badge of a fire fighter who’s name I was not familiar. I came home & looked up the name to see who he was. Wow, what a story! To know that he was one of the first responders for 9/11 made this walk even more special for me. I feel so proud that I did this walk and even made my goal of 10,000 steps. I plan to be there again next year to show my continued support to all first responders and all they do. Thank you!!

    – Tracey
  6. Paul. Today I participated in the Georgia 9/11 Stair Climb. There were badges to carry of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice that day. I couldn’t pick one consciously, so I picked without looking. And you were the one. I’m honored to make this climb for you today. It is little compared to the heroism shown by you and your brothers. However, we vowed never to forget, and knowing your story even just a little is a gift. Thank you Paul, and everyone who went in without hesitation to help others. We are forever in debt to you.

    – Tony
  7. Long post alert:

    I sit here reflecting on my morning and the 911 stair climb.
    I talked to Paul through out the climb… so much that Rock was semi concerned I was losing it. I joked with Paul, laughed and of course kept going because he can’t and can no longer climb.

    I thought about that day the world changed.

    I looked at the young YOUNG rookies there completing the climb and starting their journey to becoming a firefighters.

    I asked a couple of the water holders if they were firefighters and when they responded yes, I told them they were def on the crazy scale. On the 4th lap I told them I had mad respect for them.

    When I passed people in full gear; firefighters, SWAT officers, Sheriffs etc… I told them I had respect for them.

    These people choose a profession where they run in while everyone is running out. 9/11 was just another fire when they first responded. Then everything changed.

    343 beautiful firefighters died that day and 180 since.

    I will continue to honor them. I will continue to learn about them and raise money for the Fallen and their families.

    I will continue to chat with Paul.

    Thank you again to everyone who reached out, joined, donated and shared.

    If and when presented the opportunity to do this, ITS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Hug your people.

    With Love and Respect

    – Tara Ruark
  8. Today 9-11-2018. I didn’t know Paul but I worked with his sister in 2001. Wanting to honor his memory in some way; I just want to say, I remember.

    Karen Griffith

    – Karen griffith
  9. Saturday, September 22nd, I participated in the Pierce Manufacturing 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. It was my first time participating in the climb and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It has to be one of the most moving and emotional events I have participated in. Each climber was given a badge to wear of one of the 343 firefighters from 9/11. It was my honor and privileged to have been provided Paul’s name. When we climbed to the equivalent of the 78th floor, we rang a bell and said the firefighter’s name out loud. It was with tear filled eyes as I did so. I didn’t know Paul… but I will never forget him now and his family will now always be in my prayers. God bless his family and friends.

    – Melissa
  10. I climb in Greenville SC for firefighter Gill. RIP

    – Jean Calbetzor
  11. Paul was my honorary fire fighter for the 2021 Panama City Beach , FL 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb. Honored to climb 110 flights in honor of his sacrifice on 9-11.

    – Lorraine S Hudson
  12. Hi Paul. It’s been 20 years. Your spirit lives on.

    – John M Kvarnstrom
  13. Since that day, our family has continued to lift the Gill’s up in prayer for their fallen hero. Friends of his sister, blessed to have met Paul and experience all the incredible attributes others have described…we simply will never forget the sacrifice and loss of that day. God bless all of our first responders…

    – Kevin Hawkins
  14. Today is 20 years past. Although it seems like just yesterday, when I was in 6th grade when the towers fell. Since then I have enlisted and did 12 years of service include running 2 campaigns while I was in Afghanistan. I carried a picture of you up and down the stairs at UNM today and I couldn’t imagine the effort you put in that day. Thank you, for giving all you had and being a hero that America needs. I will always remember your name and you will not be forgotten. There is no greater love than a man who is willing to lay down his life for his friends and no one is gone until they are forgotten. Thank you.

    – Caleb McLain