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Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

Paul J. Pansini

Fire Marshal Paul J. Pansini was a proud American. He served in the U.S. Naval Reserve and began his civil service career as a N.Y.C. Police officer. An outstanding firefighter‚ he was also a Judo Shodan. He won a bronze medal at the 1991 Police and Fire games and a silver medal in 1992 during the games in Las Vegas. Firefighter Pansini helped to raise money for the N.Y.C. Burn Foundation and the Thomas Elsasser Fund.

On his off time he was always with his wife and children‚ they went everywhere together. Lake George in upstate New York was his favorite place in the world. He loved fishing and hiking. He was also a very comical person and always had a smile

I don’t think he knew how much he meant to so many people. So kind and helpful. He always made you laugh. He was my high school sweetheart‚ the love of my life‚ the best father to his children. He was always our hero; he is our special angel.

Submitted by his wife

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  1. I never met your husband. I thank him for his service and sacrifice of that tragic day. I am posting about your husband because I have the privilege and the honor of doing the stair climb with his photo attached to my body to honor what he and the rest of the first responders did to save as many people as possible. I thank him and for now on he will be riding with me in my truck everyday.

    – Samuel P Stefanelli Jr.
  2. To Robert & all of Paul’s family,
    I am not sure if Robert or his family will remember me(my name was Bonnie Helms when I lived in C building) (your youngest played with my son who had epilepsy and I had a young daughter named LilyAnn). I think of your family every September. I am now in California and at the location of our state fair, there is a 9/11 memorial. My daughter and I go every year to pay our respects to every one. We make it a point to find Paul’s name and say a pray for him. Miss you all, my friends. I hope all is well. If you wish to contact me, I am on Facebook (Bonnie Sander) or email me at [email protected]
    With love and my best regards,
    Bonnie (Helms) Sander

    – Bonnie Sander
  3. My family had the priviledge of growing up around the corner from the Pansini family, and we can’t express how honored we are to have known Paul and his family. Each year every american should take a moment to honor all those that died that day, and to remember how important they are to us. There isn’t a day that we dont’ think of you and miss you. We will see you one day and then we will all be together again. God Bless.

    – Tracy Asbury
  4. Im here in greenbay wisconsin getting ready for the 9/11 memorial climb at Lambeau feild. At check in we all were issued badges supporting a fallen fire fighter. I was issued the badge of NYPD Paul J. Pansini. In memorial of him and all the other fallen first reaponder personal. RIP and your spirit and braverly lives on at the 9/11 site of the towers. Thank you for your service. You are clear from duty. ??

    – Jacob
  5. I’m here in Phoenix, AZ and just finished the 9/11 memorial stair climb. I had your name on my wristband and had to find you here to thank you for your service! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! RIP Paul Pansini <3

    – Basma Orgel
  6. Last year for the memorial stair climb in Lancaster pa. I had the honor of carrying Paul pansini. I will never forget that day or the brothers that were lost

    – Robert Roemer
  7. Hey. My dad, David ward is a friend of John Pansini. Paul’s brother. I didn’t know Paul but I have emotions when 9/11 comes. I will cry like a lil baby. Stay strong Pansini family

    – Cameo ward
  8. I’ve never met Paul, but I work as a firefighter right across the river in Newark NJ.
    We have giant American Flag memorial in our firehouse and I always read off a few names of those who died back on 9/11. Being an Engine 10 guy myself, I specifically googled all from E-10 to read their legacy’s and pay my respects. I pray Paul is at peace and that his family has found a way to try and heal. 5-18-20

    – Adam
  9. Tomorrow, 9/11/21, I will be doing the 911 Tower Challenge in Phoenix. I have the honor to walk in memory of Paul Pansini. The badge with his picture with be with me during tomorrow’s walk.

    – Dolores Wiercinski
  10. Paul was a very special person. I knew him at the Staten Island Judo Club.

    – Billy Martin
  11. Thank you for your service! Having a drink in your name. We have the watch my friend.

    – David R Kessler