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Age: 50
Year of Death: 2001

Richard J. Kelly Jr.

Richard J. Kelly‚ Jr.‚ 50‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 11. The senior member of his company‚ Kelly had just completed his 24th year with the FDNY. He had worked as a bond clerk with the New York Stock Exchange before joining the department. Known for his fun-antics‚ Kelly enjoyed listening to music. He also spent his spare time fishing with his son and other family members.

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  1. Dear Kelly Family,

    I wanted to let you know I climbed the stairs at Red Rocks in Colorado in Richard J. Kelly, Jr.’s name. The sacrifice he made is that of a hero. I am so sorry for your loss. My son in law, Brandon Elson is a firefighter and I climbed with Brandon in solidarity and prayer. I will keep Richard and your family in my prayers. I am thankful for his courage and selflessness on that horrible day.


    Gina Roesener

    – Gina Roesener
  2. Just to let you know I purchased online from Nordstrom Department store a copper bracelet with “FF Richard J Kelly, Jr FDNY Ladder 11 911” right after September 11th and have worn it In R.E.M. Of that frightening day. Just to also let you know I am a retired 911 operator in The state of Florida worked at The Hernando County Sheriff Office Sheriff Tom Mylander was The Sheriff at the time. Iam not sure if family members were aware of these being sold please let me know. If you would like this for any remembrances that you are aware of please let me know I would be honored to turn It over to his loved ones.God Bless

    Sheila Gunter
  3. Dear Kelly Family,
    I am participating in the Wichita 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb next weekend. I will be climbing to honor Richard and to Never Forget.

    – Sid Newby
  4. So proud to climb the Fire fighter stair climb today in Melbourne Australia in honor of Richard J Kelly Jnr. I am an Australian firefighter who felt very honoured to have him in my thoughts today. 9/11 this year Mark’s my daughters 11th birthday. Thanks Richard for your service RIP

    – Ali RODWELL
  5. We are climbing for you this weekend at the 9/11 stair climb in Panama city beach Florida.
    My husband is a firefighter in Gulfport Mississippi. We got your card today as we set up for the climb tomorrow. We have your picture and will post more pictures at the climb. Thank you for your service.
    Rines Family

    – CarolAnn & Steve Rines
  6. All gave some, some gave all. Richard was among those that gave all. His memory made the climb again today, 110 floors at the Tower of the Americas, in honor of his sacrifice. And the depth of his courage has humbled me.

    – Mark Barelski Jr
  7. Was hoping I would hear from either Richard co-workers or from family or friends then I realized I didn’t leave any return contact [email protected]

    – Sheila Gail Gunter
  8. I want to thank the family of Richard J Kelly Jr. Today I participated in the stair walk in Farmington New Mexico. Thank you and never forget.
    Samantha Tafoya

    – Samantha Tafoya
  9. Today I’m carrying your name Tag on my chest with a heavy heart. Rest easy brother.

    – Jason Shauger
  10. Dear Kelly family,

    We purchased a memorial flag in honor of Richard on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Thinking of Richard, his family, and his coworkers today. Thank you Richard for your sacrifice 20 years ago. We will not forget!! The Mergener’s -Rockford Michigan

    – Tim Mergener
  11. Dear Kelly Family ,
    I live in Ireland , initially I purchased a book that commentated 9/11 and it showed
    photos of the New York Firemen R.I.P on that day .
    On reviewing the photos I recognized “Richard J Kelly Jr “ R.I.P. immediately . Years ago, (well over 20 +/- years) , at a conference in Kerry Southern Ireland, I am positive it was him that I met there .
    The reason I recall his face , he reminded me of my x husband and his last name is the same as my oldest daughters first name Kelly .
    On that occasion , there was music and dance after the convention. One dance was a traditional Irish dance called the Siege Of Ennis . It entails swinging with your partner in a circular way and on that occasion I danced with Richard . I know he was very tall or taller than me , but during that swing I lifted him of the ground ! His friend joked ,telling me that I was the first woman to lift a New York fireman of the ground . It was Richard ! He wore a long black / navy coat at the time , quiet distinctive .
    So , we shared a conversation and dance but I was so sad when I found his photo ! Actually when I read about all the New York Firemen “Hero’s “ that died in 911 , I thought about him and wondered if he was one of them . He was the only one I had ever met .
    I am so sorry for your loss , now twenty years on and I am sure it never gets any easier. He was a “Hero “ and gave his life trying to save others . I feel honored to have met him , just found the “Memorial” Wall today on remembering 9/11 twenty year Anniversary.
    He will be remembered here in Ireland , as I have told my two daughters this story and they shall pass it on to my grandson. So holding you all in my thoughts and prayers and sending blessings across the miles .
    Sincerely ,
    Bernadette Garvin .
    Galway , Ireland .

    – Bernadette
  12. Every year on 9/11 Aspen Colorado’s fire department places roses in firemen’s boots with a picture of a fallen firefighter. Each year I have taken a rose to honor this hero throughout the year. This year my rose had Richard’s picture on it. I want you to know that Richard is not forgotten and forever loved.

    – Jane Carey
  13. Today I am climbing to honor Richard Kelly and the other hero’s of 9/11 in Springfield MO. I will never forget!!

    – Eric Norris
  14. I participated in the 20th anniversary stair climb in McCook Nebraska this past weekend. It was an honor to climb in memory of Richard and carry his name with me for 110 stories. RIP Richard and Thank You. Never forget.

    – Kerry Crowe
  15. Dear Kelly Family,

    I wanted to tell you that I climbed the stairs in Thomas County in Georgia in his name. . I did it with my school Thomas County Central Middle School. He was a great hero to all. I goner him. Thank you very much for what he did as a person. He was an amazing person. I know he was an amazing family member too.


    – Zoie Anglin