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Age: 43
Year of Death: 2001

Robert W. Hamilton

Robert Hamilton‚ NYC Fire Fighter‚ Squad 41 Bronx‚ New York. Bob was born on January 16‚ 1958‚ the son of a New York City firefighter. He grew up in Ridgewood‚ Queens‚ NY.

Attending local schools‚ he met his wife Elizabeth at Christ the King High School in their junior year. Married in 1985‚ they had two children‚ a son Robert‚ Jr. and a daughter Christine.

Bob worked hard to become a firefighter and chose a post in the Bronx where he would be of most service. He would spend his whole career‚ from Probie to firefighter‚ in the 41 House. One of the most senior men in his house‚ Bob was the organizer of service to the community and the annual Christmas party; that was his main event.

Bob worked hard to help others and to everybody he was bigger than life. To his family‚ Bob was husband and father‚ the role he cherished most.

Bob lost his life tragically while trying to help others in the line of duty on September 11th‚ 2001‚ at the World Trade Center.

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  1. To the family of Robert:

    My name is Bobbie and I am writing to you to let you know I walked the remembrance climb in Green Bay WI this morning for the 15th anniversary of 9/11.
    I was able to climb in honor of Robert Hamilton. It was an amazing experience and I was proud and honored to do the climb for him. Robert paid the ultimate sacrifice when he responded to his page that morning. He will, along with the other 342 firefighters, will forever be heroes. God Bless you all.

    – Bobbie McMahan
  2. I had the pleasure to meet Robert Hamilton and his family when I was a cub Master. Robert would ALWAYS ask if he could help at the meetings and the camp outings we had. He was very active in Robert Jr’s activities and his family first. I pray that you are resting in peace Bob.
    Our prayers go out to Liz, Robert Jr and Christine

    – Charles M Durant
  3. My name is Kevin Colbaugh, firefighter paramedic on 2 Truck in Johnson City TN. Today I had the privledge of participating in 911 stair climb to remember our fallen brothers and sisters that gave the ultimate sacrifice at ground zero. It was my great privledge and honor to carry Firefighter Robert W Hamilton picture as I represented his rememberance today. To his family, no words can exspress the lost you exspiriened that day. Roberts will never be forgotten, and others live today because of his selfless sacrifice. My prayers are with you all and hope to meet firefighter Robert Hamilton’s face to face to say thank you.

    Kevin Colbaugh
  4. To the family of Robert-
    My name is Jaymee, my husband Robert is a firefighter out station 173 in Avondale, Arizona (just west of Phoenix). He climbed 2,600 stairs today (9/9/2017) in full turnouts and tank, in honor of your dad/husband/cousin/brother/neighbor/friend. Robert Hamilton’s photo and name were clipped to my husband’s uniform the whole time as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice he made while on shift that fateful day. You are in our hearts and I hope all is well wherever this note finds you.

    I have a couple pictures of my husband with Robert’s photo badge on his uniform if you would like to email me, would love to send them to you. God Bless those that served and continue to serve our country.

    – Jaymee MacTurk
  5. my wife and Roberts father in law are first cousins, we attended his wedding . and sadly his memorial in washingtonville ny, i am proud to have met this brave man , we keep a picture of him on the wall behind our bar, it will always remind us of what he sacrificed for us, thank you Bobby, god bless you, Bill and Grace Hillard.

    – William Franklin Hillard
  6. Had pleasure of spending 4 years at ck with Robert , what a nice guy , great athelete n better human being thx Robert for the ultimate sacrifice rip peace to u n family n all your brothers on this 9/11 n promise I will not forget n last you had a sweet jumper shot on high school

    – John Merlino
  7. I have to share this…while I never new FF Robert Hamilton, I do faithfully where a bracelet I ordered in 2001 in honor of our fallen heroes. Mine has Robert W. Hamilton name on it. I wear it everyday ….to this day, and always will. It reminds me to pray for him and his family and all the men and women that perished that day. I just was looking at his bio and discovered today, that we have the same exact birthday…Jan 16 1958….I cried…this is a devine intervention here. Rest in Peace Robert and thank you for your service.

  8. My name is Liz and I work at Pierce manufacturing. Today, 9.11.19, we hold a memorial for the fallen firefighters of 9/11. I am wearing Robert’s badge today in his remembrance and honor. My heart goes out to his family and friends that were also affected by the sacrifice. I thank Robert for his dedication to helping others, it’s neat to see that he wanted to be in the Bronx so he could help as many people as possible. Bob, you are a hero. May you rest in peace.

    – Liz Paulick
  9. My twelve year old daughter attended the 9/11 stair climb with me in Thomasville, Georgia today (9-11-19). She was not born yet when this tragedy took place, but she has heard our family talk about it and she proudly wore a lanyard with Mr. Robert Hamilton’s picture on it while we walked. Sending a sincere thank you to Mr. Hamilton’s family for allowing him to serve in his passion. He died a true hero and his sacrifice will not be forgotten! God bless your family and all of those families missing loved ones today for their sacrifice!

    – Angela Hendrixson
  10. To the family of Robert-

    Today (9/15/2019) I walked in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Wildwood. I wore a tag with Robert’s picture and information on it. I know years have passed but I want you to know that his and your family’s sacrifice is not forgotten. I hope this note continues to show you how he was a hero and how your family will always be thought of.

    – Devon Bell
  11. Through our church, I purchased and received a memorial bracelet just after 911 with Robert Hamilton’s name on it. Since the day I received the bracelet, I have prayed for him and each of his family members, friends and comrades. May God be with each and everyone of you. I will never forget the sacrifice Bob and his firefighting family made on that day. May God be with each and every one of you. He, and you all, will always be in my prayers.

    – Tish Maynez
  12. I knew Bob thru Washingtonville Little League we had sons the same age in little league and I sat next to him on bus as Chaperones for our sons and the other boys in 1999 to see Yankees/ Mets game I believe it was Yankee Stadium. Think it was on the the first years of inter league . Anyway our daughters 8 at the time we would stand behind girls field there at Mays field and instruct them on their baseball swings. That filed would be then later named the Bob Hamilton Memorial Field. What a hero Bob was and bravery entering and not returning home 9/11-91 He is in the heavens with the spirits

    – William Palmer
  13. I’m watching the 9/11 anniversary event on tv here in Australia. We are so sorry for our good friends who have gone through this event. We wish you all the best and we will always try to remember those we lost with the greatest love. God bless America.
    Fiona Macdonald
    Adelaide, SA

    Fiona Macdonald
  14. 20th anniversary stairclimb at red rocks amphitheater in colorado today. Carried Bob’s photo on the climb. Thanks gor sharing a bio with some details about him.
    Dave w, 27 years so far with inter canyon fire.

    – Dave Wurts
  15. I walked in a 9/11 stair climb this morning (9/9/22) in Miamisburg, Ohio to honor and remember Robert Hamilton. I had his picture with me the whole time. I said his name and rang a bell at the end as well. It was my honor to participate in the event for Robert and his family. Thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.

    – Vince Lintner
  16. I was in the Harbor that day as a tugboat crewman. I participated in the Boat Lift to evacuate Manhattan. I watched those brave men and women run to the danger. At the time I was also a member of Station 41, New Bern, NC.
    I still serve in Station 36, Rhems VFD. Tomorrow I will wear Robert Hamilton’s honor badge as I participate in the T2T 5k run in Swansboro, NC. His sacrifice is not forgotten. He is not forgotten in 2022.

    – Robert Yates