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Age: 52
Year of Death: 2007

Sidney A. Hall

Submitted by his Wife

On January 3‚ 2007‚ Sid responded to a residence fire with the department. He was the first to enter a smoke filled house‚ and he fell through a hole in the floor. He was rescued and airlifted to Parkview Hospital‚ in Fort Wayne‚ but he passed away on January 5‚ as a result of asphyxiation.

A devoted husband‚ father‚ son‚ brother‚ uncle‚ friend‚ and community member‚ Sid first lived in Upland as a student at Taylor University. He remained there after graduation in 1977‚ taking his first job at Taylor University’s Buildings and Grounds Department. In 1983‚ Sid married Bonnie‚ and they are the proud parents of two sons‚ Christopher and Matt. Sid took a job with Building Control Systems of Fort Wayne in 1997.

A 15-year veteran firefighter‚ he was an Indiana First Class Firefighter with an Indiana Master in Arson Investigation‚ and a Certified NFPA Fire Instructor. During his career‚ he held the positions of department training coordinator and department secretary. Every October‚ Sid went to talk to the elementary school children about fire safety. He is a recipient of the Medal of Valor and the Distinguished Hoosier Award.

Sid shared his love for the fire service with his sons. You could always find them cleaning a fire truck‚ checking gear‚ or fixing something around the fire station. The whole family joined Sid in riding a fire truck at parades. Sid and the boys turned the garage at home into a pit garage‚ for the boys participated in the department’s Apple Crate Derby. Matt is planning to follow his dad by majoring in Fire Science.

Sid was active in the Taylor University Accutrack and trained both his sons‚ who joined him at many track meets. Sid and his wife participated in handbell choirs and played piano duets together. Sid also played his trumpet in the Mississinewa Valley Band and the Salvation Army Band alongside his son Christopher.

Always ready to help anyone in need‚ Sid never thought of himself as a hero; helping people and making sure they were safe was just part of life to him. Being on the fire department was not a job; it was a calling of his heart. It is fitting that Sid has been honored for being a ‘gift of life’ donor‚ for that is just the kind of man he was – he gave his life for others.

Sid was a loving husband and father. He and his family enjoyed playing games‚ watching videos‚ or making ice cream sundaes. Carving pumpkins‚ making snowmen‚ decorating the Christmas tree‚ or just taking a drive‚ were some of the many things they enjoyed doing together. These memories now comfort us. Sid will always remain in our hearts.

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  1. You never met me but you would be my father-in-law, I’ve heard so many stories about the man that you were. i wish I could have met you, but I am so lucky to be part of this family. You have left behind such an amazing family. A son who loves the fire service and dedicates his life to serving the community just as you did, another son who loves music and is passionate about helping others, and a wife who is so loving and welcoming. I cannot say thank you enough for raising the man that is now my husband. The passion he has for the fire service and toward helping others is one to be desired. I know one day I will get to meet you, and until then thank you for always looking over us and keeping us safe.

    – Tiffany Hall