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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2001

Stanley S. Smagala Jr.

Stanley S. Smagala‚ Jr.‚ 36‚ was a firefighter with Engine 226 in Brooklyn. Smagala was the youngest of seven children and joined the FDNY with his older brother Jim. At the firehouse‚ Smagala was known for his high spirits and competence on the job. He enjoyed golf and softball and was a whiz at ping-pong. Smagala and his wife Dena were eagerly anticipating the birth of their first child. Their daughter‚ Alexa Faith‚ was born on January 9‚ 2002‚ a beautiful blue-eyed‚ blonde-haired baby just like her Daddy.

Stan enjoyed life and he helped others enjoy theirs. He was simply someone people wanted to be around. Always touching other people’s lives‚ making them laugh and smile‚ finding the light among the darkness–that was Stan.

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  1. I was honored to carry this man with me at the 2015 FDIC Memorial Stair Climb in Indianapolis. I can not fathom the pain in the loss experienced by his family at home, and brothers in the FDNY. I hope that he continues to live in the memories of loved ones and that we as firefighters honor his loss by continuing to serve our communities doing our best to make sure “Everyone Goes Home” even with the understanding that we may pay the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live! I will carry him with me everyday and do my best to live up to the standards of all of the 343 lost.

    – Grant Stewart
  2. I had the honor of carrying Stan with me at the Memorial Stair Climb in Sioux Falls, SD Sept 19, 2015. I’m proud to be a fellow firefighter and a grateful for the sacrifice he made on 9/11 I hope to honor his memory with many years of service. I pray his daughter recognizes she has many fathers and his family recognizes that they are a part of a greater family in the fire service. We are all sorry for your loss. Thank you Stan.

    – Mark Olson
  3. We climbed in honor of Stanley at the 2016 stair climb in Colorado we are so sorry for your loss. My 10 year old chose this badge to wear because he felt Stanley looked like his dad. He is still wearing it now hours after the walk we remember and appreciate all he did to help others that day!
    The curry family golden co

    – Mike curry
  4. Was at a memorial in Aspen Co. After, the service we were told take a rose Each rose had a name . I was honored to have the rose for Stanley .
    With respect, love and heartfelt prayers for the families . Gratitude for their courageous spirit.

    – stephanie
  5. Stan Smagala Jr, a hero whose photo I held high every step of my 110 story climb this morning on 9/11/16 at Chase Tower in Columbus, OH. I will continue to carry Stan with me and I pray that his family finds peace and comfort in the wonderful memories of him.

    – Jen Kalwasinski
  6. I carried Stan with me again today 9/10/17 during my 110 story 9/11 Memorial Climb this morning at Chase Tower in Columbus, OH. He is a hero and an angel who will never be forgotten. I pray that his family finds peace and comfort in the wonderful memories of him. God Bless.

    – Jen Kalwasinski
  7. I had the honor of carrying Stanley’s badge at the Red Rocks memorial in Colorado, 9/11/17. My Grandfather, who also served with the FDNY was named Stanley. His face said a lot to me. Today while coming to the end of my climb I had a strange feeling, like my girlfriend was grasping my shoulder for support but also in a loving manner. When I turned around I saw that she wasn’t holding on to me at all. In fact there was no one standing behind me. Even having said that, I know that isn’t true. I immediately grasped on to Stanley’s badge and knew I wasn’t alone. Thank God for Stanley, now and always.

    – Jesse R. Hunter
  8. Was priveledged to climb in honor of Stan , September 7, 2013 @ the Duke Energy Building in Charlotte NC.

    – Brian Houser
  9. Today, I had the honor of carrying Stanley with me at the McAllen Stair Climb at Chase Neuhaus Tower in McAllen, TX. Like Stanley, I am 36, and have one child… as I climbed each step, I wondered how he must have felt and what he must have been thinking as he rushed to help others that day. Thank you, Stanley, and every other first responder, who gave so courageously on September 11th. We will never forget. <3

    Cristina Ann Correa
  10. I was blessed to honor Firefighter STANLEY S. SMAGALA JR E226 at the Lambeau Field Memorial Stair Climb. He will be forever remembered as a hero!

    Officer T. Allen #744

    – T
  11. On September 22nd 2018 I had the great privilege and the great honor to climb 110 stories with Stanley in Green Bay, WI. He will be with me on my morning runs inspiring me to be more, do more, and care more. I feel so grateful that he walked this earth and made such an impact in so many of our lives.

    – Rita
  12. I did a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb on 9/22/18 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI. I was honored and blessed to carry a badge with Stanley’s name and picture on it. I have it in a place I see daily for my inspiration to do the climb next year. Thank you for your services. You will never be forgotten.

    – Jessie Schellin
  13. I was honored and privileged to carry with me Stanley Smagala Jr during the Rise For The Fallen 10k run which was held in Kronenwetter Wisconsin on 9/7/2019. With every step, we remember. Thank you Stanley for your unbelievable sacrifices. Thoughts and prayers are with you & your family. You are a true hero = Stanley. We will never forget you.

    – Judy K
  14. I am honored to climb 2000+ stairs for the 911 tower challenge in Phoenix AZ 2021, on the 20th anniversary and to carry Stanley’s picture on my lanyard.

    – Derek Sang
  15. I was honored to participate in my 3rd stair climb in Columbus OH, the climb today on 20th anniversary of September 11. I continue to carry a photo and memory of our hero Stanley Smagala Jr. with me. He will never be forgotten. Thank you Stanley for serving and protecting us. I pray that wonderful memories of you bring comfort to your family and friends. God Bless.

    – Jen Baran
  16. I am carrying Stanley’s tag with me for the 20th anniversary stair climb. I volunteer as I am unable to actually do the climb due to multiple sclerosis. I will keep his badge always as a reminder of what he…and other first responders..gave that day.

    – Shelley D Cogan
  17. Walked up to the memorial where all the computer screens are and Stanley was the person on the screen I walked up to that day. The first thing I noticed, which floored me, was we had the same DOB. I always felt compelled to travel to the site and when this happened I knew I had come not just to honor those heroes there that day, but to also accept with gratitude every day above ground as the first thing I saw was a man, a hero, who would’ve been my exact age, was no longer with us. Truly a Spiritual moment for me. My heart goes out to the Smagala and all the other families that lost a loved one. Every day above ground is a GOOD day! God bless.

    – Peter Shuper