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Age: 42
Year of Death: 2001

Steven J. Bates

Steven J. Bates‚ 42‚ lieutenant‚ FDNY‚ Engine 235. An 18-year FDNY veteran‚ he had been studying for the captain’s exam. Bates was an avid golfer and athlete who often competed in triathlons and marathons. He also liked to cook at the firehouse – sauerbraten was his specialty. He loved his dogs and they shared his life with Joan.

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  1. My name is Chad McCaffrey, I am a Firefighter with Evergreen Fire Rescue in Colorado. I wanted you to know that you are not forgotten. I climbed 110 for you in your honor.

    – Chad McCaffrey
  2. I am running the Tunnel to Towers tonight in memory of Steven. So honored to be able to do this for such a brave man. Katherine Jeffords, Lexington, SC

    – Katherine Jeffords
  3. My name is Doug Burrow I am a volunteer fire fighter for mexico public safty. MEXICO MO I climed 110 floors in your honor It was very proud day for all us and we all thank you and all NYFD for your service on 9-11-2001 Thank You

    – Doug Burrow
  4. Steve and I were friends from Glendale NY. Steve was a great guy and was always helping people out. On that day, I heard the blast as I was working in Brooklyn for another NY City agency in Brooklyn. Some of us were told that we would be going there to assist with evacuations from the underground. Before that even happened, the towers came down. We could hear the collapse. We were informed of what happened. That was bad enough. Then later I learned about Steve. As youngsters we played ball together in Glendale and we had kept in touch though I no longer lived there. I’ll never forget Steve and the great guy he was. Bless him.

    – Tom Huber
  5. Steven was my client in Glendale, he always had a smile and brightened up our
    office. I’ll never forget you.

    – William Moran
  6. Steven, I walked in your honor this 11th day of September, 2015. I prayed for your family and friends that they find solace when they remember your strength and courage. You are never forgotten.

    – Kathryn Howell
  7. Today I compeleted my very first 5k with Lt. Robert Nagel and Steven Bates (yourself) picture around my neck! Gone but never forgotten! Heroes!

    Detroit Fire Dept. EMS remembers.

    – Eric C.
  8. Climbed 110 flights today at Lambeau Field on Green Bay WI in honor of Steven J Bates. There were 700+ people climbing in honor of our Fallen Firefighters and it was an emotional day. Each time the bell rang, you could feel the love in the crowd. God Bless!

    – Kris Skupas
  9. My name is Dustin Sieve, I am a volunteer firefighter in Louisville, Colorado. I was proud to climb in your honor on 9/11/2015 here in Denver. I will continue to keep your family and friends in my prayers. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten.
    Dustin and all members of Louisville fire department,

    – Dustin Sieve
  10. We live in Northern California. Immediately after 9/11/11 the local fire departments issued candles in memory of fallen fire fighters when making a donation. Our candle was for Steven J. Bates. Every year on 9/11 we light the candle and read aloud the bio on Steven. A fire fighter is a hero to all no matter location.

    – Leona Azar-Boorinakis
  11. From Warsaw Fire Department in Northern Indiana. Took Steve on a 110 today with me at Lucas oil stadium. Full bunker gear and pack made this pretty challenging for a 19 year old young firefighter. By the time I reached the 78th floor I started to feel overwhelmed with exhaustion and my legs couldn’t keep going. I prayed to be given the strength to finish the climb. I grabbed steves picture off my coat and held onto it for the rest of the climb and did what I thought was impossible. Steves picture will stay in my bunker gear for now on. A true hero always there to remind us why we do what we do! God bless you sir.

    – Griffin Roark
  12. I was honored to run my first 5k in full bunker gear/airpack in memory of Lt Steven Bates this past weekend in Jacksonville, FL. The sacrifice he and the other firefighters made will never be forgotten!

    – Tom Schonau
  13. I did the 9/11 Stair Climb in San Diego to honor you. Thank you so much for your sacrifice. You will never be forgotten!!

    – Elaine Conway
  14. Steven, today I climbed 110 stories and rang the fire bell, in your honor, for serving. I also come from a firefighter family and know all they do to serve and protect. Thank you, you will not be forgotten.

    – Wanda Schnetzer
  15. My name is Nicholas Welsh. I am a junior firefighter from Lisbon Maine. I climbed for you today in Portland. You are not forgotten. Rest in peace brother, we’ll take it from here.

    – Nicholas Welsh
  16. I played baseball with Steven on a National Championship Team…I will always remember Steven…as not only a great pitcher, (our star) ….but even at 16, a cool headed competitor with a muturity beyond his years and a quality I couldn’t quite define back then, as a kid, but now I recognize as “leadership”. I never knew about Stevens tough Home life, because he never let on that he was any worse or better then anyone else. My heart broke when I learned of his death.
    A true hero, that will be missed …RIP my friend.

    – Michael Vasco
  17. God bless everyone who protected us that day. Our paths crossed years ago Steve. You are not forgotten

    – John Daller
  18. I climbed 110 stories in honor of you today at the Missouri 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb
    You are not forgotten

    – Jana
  19. Brother Steven, Today some 17 year after that horrible day in New York we honor you. That day that must have been terrifying those last few moments. Yet I imagine you were concerned your crew and the people of the Tower. What a remarkable thing you and your crew did that day, just doin’ your job.
    We are a small Fire Service on the North Coast of. Alaska ,we honor you and your crew, as we climb 110 stores of steps in your memory. I hope God holds you in the palm of his hand and cares for those you left behind.

    – David M. Decker Retired Anchorage Fire
  20. Mr. Steven, On Sunday I climbed 110 stories and rang the bell in your honor! You are not forgotten! We will always remember! Thank you for your service! May you rest in peace.

    – Lourdes Garza
  21. Mr. Steven, On Sunday I climbed 110 stories and rang the bell in your honor in McAllen, Tx! You are not forgotten! We will always remember! Thank you for your service! May you rest in peace.

    – Lourdes Garza
  22. Today my wife and I visited the 9/11 Memorial for the first time. Our museum guide suggested that after our visit, we choose someone lost on 9/11 from names at the memorial’s pools, learn more about them and keep their memory alive. I found Steven from Engine 235 and others from his engine, and learned about him from online memorials for him. I know that he is still missed by his fellow firefighters and his girlfriend. I will always remember his bravery and contribution to the lives of others by his service and sacrifice on Sept 11 each year, and remember all those lost that day along with their families.

    – John Hughes
  23. I have only been to NYC once, but in October 2017, we were there for a couple of days. One of my “must do’s” was seeing the Memorial, and finding your name at the Pools to honor you. My brother shared your name. You and all that died that day will never be forgotten.

    – Angela Bates
  24. You were our probie back in 1983 Steven, Engine 294 Ladder 143 I’m sure all the men there that knew you miss you … your with the Angel’s now…. God Bless you and your Family… I just visited you at the 911 memorial..

    – Thomas Fisher
  25. I climbed 110 stairs this past weekend in San Diego and rang the bell in honor of you. Thank you for your service. RIP.

    – Halli
  26. On this day 3 years ago I was visiting New York from London. I went to mass at a local church and as I entered the church I was asked to pick a piece of paper from a basket. Your name was on my paper and we were asked to pray for that person. So that I did, and now each year on this day you always come to my thoughts and prayers. Your memory and all those who died will always stay alive and the great service you did.

    – Hayley Sercombe
  27. I knew Steve from growing up in Glendale. Steve and I were baseball teammates on our summer travel baseball team. Steve led us as our pitcher to the national championship in Dayton Ohio in 1974. Steve was a tremendous competitor as well as great person. We lost touch thru the years but now you live in my heart Steve. RIP my friend

    – Al Block
  28. I was in Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning in 2010 when I was on a range where we had to sit behind a burm, sending target up and down, grading the shooter on their target. On the wall where I was working I saw this mans name written, along with “Rest in Peace 9/11/2001”. I wrote his name down in my journal, and after being reunited with civilized society, I looked him up online. It’s good to see the face and know a little about the brave man that I spent alot of time thinking about during Basic, knowing only his name and the reason he had died.

    – Christopher Calvert
  29. I Was fortunate enough to know this Hero since childhood.I could never hit his Curveball in Little League.We would work together side by side for years at UPS.I have yet to meet a Man with a bigger heart or a more infectious Smile.I miss the hell out of Him.He also knew every Deli in the neighborhood that used Real Butter,He loved Hotel Bar he once told me.His French Onion Soup was EXCELLENT

    – Christian Wolfer
  30. RIP Brother, I vow to never forget.

    – Larry Wayne Mabra
  31. I am donating blood today to honor the fallen on 9/11. I was given Steven’s name as the person I am donating in memory of. I’m honored to remember him this way.

    – Wendy Sibley
  32. I did not know Mr. Bates, but his partner Joan was my teacher. I learned of her loss not long after 9/11. When I visited the memorial/museum, I got learn what a kind, warm and brave person Mr. Bates was. I will forever think of him as a hero.

    – Rachel Kahn
  33. I climbed in honor of you, sir. I am a firefighter in Suffolk, Virginia. I participated in the FDIC memorial climb in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. We will not forget you.

    – Katie Russell
  34. Visited 911 memorial in November 2018. It was your birthday and I took a picture of your memorial. I looked you up to see that you were a firefighter and that you died trying to save people. I did not know you but i feel that the world needs to remember the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in peace Steven on the 20th anniversary. Love from Scotland. xx

    – Wendy Mckenzie
  35. As we approach the twentieth anniversary of this tragic, dastardly event, our thoughts always return to the young Steven Bates who would sometimes ring our bell and ask for our son, Christopher. Those days are a million years and lives ago. So many lives taken that day. All important to someone. Steven’s is important to us. We knew him. We knew how good he was. We knew of the things he accomplished and what he had to offer the world. Everything taken away by an act of war against this country by fanatics. Never, never forget.
    John & Rosita Lutzel

  36. You gave your life trying to save others Steven. I wish I’d known you so I could tell you how proud I am to share the same surname as you and hope that the family you left behind have prospered. Terrorism has many faces which we all seem to be touched by in our lives.
    God bless you Steven from an Irish exile living in Cornwall UK.

    – Freddie Bates
  37. On this 9/11 20 years later I did the 110 in the honor or your name and memory. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. Matthew Hockenhull, Farmington NM

    – Matthew Hockenhull
  38. Steve came in my dads deli in Glendale often . He had a buddy Bobby and they were lots of fun always full of laughter . I know my dad always talked highly of them. Think if Steve often. I know I will never forget him or his bravery.

    – Herb
  39. After 9/11 we purchased a memorial candle from our local fire department. Stephen’s name was assigned to our candle. Every year our family lights the candle and reads his bio. We never knew him but we will never forget him.

    – Leona Azar-Boorinakis
  40. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice. Climbed 110 stories in remembrance of you. God bless.

    – Jonathon Davis
  41. Dear family of Steven Bates, I’d like to start off by saying sorry for your loss, but I would like to thank him for sacrificing his life that day so that others would be safe. I may not have know Steven, but I do know that he was a great person who would do anything for others.

    – Izzy Armbruster
  42. In 2001 right after the towers fell I bought a bracelet that said Stephen J Bates 9-11-0 1 FDNY. I still wear that bracelet ALWAYS!! Your bravery will never be forgotten!!

    – Robin Evans
  43. In your honor today, sir… I remember you and your fallen brothers and sisters today and always.

    – Jen
  44. My name is Samantha Sperduto. Today, I climbed 110 with Lt. Steven Bates as my registration hero. You are not forgotten. We thank you and the FDNY for your service.

    – Samantha Sperduto
  45. Both of my children were working in midtown that day. We never met but every year I remember you to my friend, Joan’s brother.

    – Brenda Seabrooke