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Age: 37
Year of Death: 2001

Terence Augustine McShane

Terence Augustine McShane‚ 37‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 101. McShane was a New York City police sergeant before joining the FDNY in 1999. McShane‚ who studied at Sienna College‚ used to be a lifeguard on Long Island‚ played rugby for many years‚ and approached every venture with gusto. At the time of the tragedy‚ the McShane family was living at a relative’s house while McShane and his father-in-law renovated the family home. After September 11‚ friends‚ relatives‚ and complete strangers joined in and helped to finish the job.

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  1. I climbed in the Climb to Remember, Lynchburg VA in your honor

  2. I had the honor of Climbing today in Kalamazoo michigan. I will not forget!

    – Susan Thomas
  3. I climbed in your honor today in Atlanta.

    – Julie Belknap
  4. Today, in honor and remembrance, I climbed 110 flights for you, Terence.

    McAllen, TX

    – Lauren Matthews-Mendez
  5. I had a honor climb in Illinois and climbed to remember in your honor. Never forget!

    – Courtney
  6. I climbed today in honor of Terence in Green Bay WI. We will never forget.

    – Andi Quint
  7. I ran the Run to Remember in Sacramento and placed a flag in your honor. Thank you for your years of service to protect and your sacrifice. You are truly a hero!

    – Carol Edwards
  8. I climbed 110 flights in your honor from Richmond, VA. God Bless

    – Alexander Coffey
  9. I climbed in your memory in Denver 2008 and every year since at red rocks amphitheater. Never forgotten.

    – Joshua Meneses
  10. Today I climbed in your honor at the Sacramento Memorial Stair Climb. It was an honor and privilege to carry your name 110 floors. I will never forget your sacrifice.

    Chris Realin
    Sacramento FD

    – Chris Realin
  11. Today, I got to carry a picture of you to the top in Artesia, NM. God bless sir, we got it from here and I will see you at the top. Carrying your picture all day and telling everyone about you!

    – William Guin
  12. Tomorrow at weslaco Texas park , we will be running in honor of our fallen Hero’s , I was assign Terence A.McShae from ladder 101 , I will run with honor to celebrate the 20th anniversary .. near meet Mr. McShane but it’s my honor to keep his memory going forever.

    – Hector Guerrero
  13. Climbing in your honor and memory today, 20 years later in Arizona.

    – Ashley Bales
  14. I climbed in your honor at Lambeu Field today

    – Matthew Orner
  15. I climbed today in your honor at Lambeu Field. I spoke your name as I rang the bell on the 86th floor

    – Matthew Orner
  16. Today I saw an honors memorial where heroes in the service were individualized and there were individual flags for each of the heroes who gave their lives on 9-11. I came upon Terence’s (same name as my dad and Irish like us) flag and said a quick prayer. Looked at a bunch more flags with individual’s names and on way out stopped at another random flag. Coincidentally, it was Terence’s again. So decided I’d remember him in name today and research who he was. I am thankful for his sacrifice. Love and best wishes to his family from St. Louis, Missouri.

    – A hanson
  17. Tunnel To Towers 5K in Swansboro, NC.
    Today I was honored and humbled to walk and wear a badge to honor NYC firefighter Terrence McShane.
    Never Forget.

    – Lori Zeswitz
  18. I climbed carrying your picture, in remembrance of you, today in Nashville at the Nashville 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. This was my first climb ever. I hope I did it, and the honor of your memory, justice. God Bless you and thank you, sir.

    Jon Finley
    Engine 5
    Gallatin Fire Dept- Gallatin, TN

    – Jon Finley
  19. Climbed in your honor on the 20th.

    – Michael
  20. My husband, Brian climbs in your honor today and has for the last several years. You are a hero indeed!

    – Felicia Roarty