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Age: 45
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas C. Moody

Thomas C. Moody‚ 45‚ captain‚ FDNY‚ Division 1. Moody‚ who held a bachelor’s of science from SUNY-Buffalo and a professional engineering certification from the state of New York‚ was working on a course to teach firefighters how to handle hazardous materials. On hand to respond to the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center‚ in 1993‚ Moody had firefighting in his genes. His father‚ Charles‚ and uncle William were both New York City firefighters‚ and his brothers‚ Frank and Michael‚ are also with the FDNY.

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  1. I walked in Thomas’ memory today at the 9/11 stair climb in Green Bay, WI. I made it the entire way and was proud to have been representing Thomas during the climb.

    – Michael Brookins
  2. My name is Molly Evans and I climbed 110 stories at Red Rocks Ampitheater for Thomas Moody. Thank you for your service and giving your life for me to be able to do this.

    – Molly Evans
  3. I didn’t know this man and I can’t imagine what he went through on Sept. 11, 2001. What I can be sure of is his dedication as a firefighter. I’m confident he showed up every shift looking out for the firefighters assigned to his crew.

    May God bless his family and friends.

    – Eric Borchert
  4. On 9/9/16 I walked in memory of Thomas C Moofy.What a brave man who gave all he had to help others. The 110 flights that I walked was nothing compared to all this man has done. Rest in peace Thomas and thank you for your service.

    – Kathleen Martin
  5. My name is Daniel Grodman. I am a firefighter for Black Forest and Fountain Fire deparments in Colorado. I climbed the quest building twice in honor of Captain Moody on September 11, 2016. Thank you for your sacrifice. Rest in Peace sir.

    – Daniel Grodman
  6. I attended a 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Yellow Springs, Ohio on September 10, 2016, to honor the fallen firefighters the country lost on that fateful day. I was honored to be able to wear the badge of Captain Thomas C. Moody, from Engine 310, on my chest as I walked 110 flights of stairs. When I was finished, I read his name out loud and rang the memorial bell. Thank you for your sacrifice to this country and please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your dear Thomas. Your entire family, and everyone that loved him are in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Jami Wyatt
  7. Hi all,

    I wasn’t aware of such tributes to Tommy, but I’m so pleased to read them and wanted to thank you all. Tommy was a good friend. We played softball and won a number of championships together on the Suffolk Raiders. Although always the most deshevel player in uniform (we wouldn’t want it any other way), Tommy was a rock-solid third baseman. More than that he was the sweetest guy one could ever meet and a dear friend to all his teammates and our families. His memorial service in Stony Brook was incredible. Although it was so painful for the many, many people who were there and loved him, we were also so proud of him and fortunate for the times we had with him. His wife, Maureen, is a sweetheart and he loved her and his kids so much.

    Thought I’d share this with you to thank you and let you know that your tributes were for a wonderful man.


    John Roulet

    – John Roulet
  8. Alice and I were visiting Ground Zero in March 2017. Back in our hotel we read on the picture that I took from one of the corners of the monument, the name Thomas Carlo Moody. I looked on the internet and found pictures and family details of him. After the many terrifying images that reached us after 9-11, this horrific event for us now also had a face. It feels double to us that it is Thomas Carlo Moody. His family, friends and loved ones will miss him a lot.
    Frans van der Heide – The Netherlands

    – Frans van der Heide
  9. I am Gavin Boyd and I am proud to say I made it the whole way with Thomas C. Moody at the Roanoke va 9/11 stare climb Rest In Peace captain you are missed but never forgotten

    – Gavin Boyd
  10. I proudly climbed in the Tupelo MS 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb on 9-9-2017 with the badge for Captain Thomas Moody, Div 1. Ringing the bell and stating his name was an honor. Thank you sir for your humble service to our country. May you rest in peace. #wewillneverforget

    Laurie Patterson
    Saltillo, MS

    – Laurie Patterson
  11. I remember Thomas as a young man back in Brentwood, NY. While he attended Brentwood High School, I was a 9th grader at East Junior High. We dated for a few months, I got to know him as a fine young man with a passion to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a NYC firefighter. Thomas worked at the record department in Grant’s Department Store in Brentwood, which is where we met. I remember driving in his tan VW bug with the neat sunroof. I still have a picture of him and me in the playground at the memorial park in Brentwood, we were just kids. His memory will be with me always, he was my first boyfriend.

    – Gloria A Neumair
  12. 9/11/17
    Walked the 9/11 stair climb, (110 flights) at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado in memory of Thomas C Moody
    Captain, Engine 310. We will never forget! Thank you for your service!
    Matthew Givin

    – Matt Givin
  13. 110 stories for Captain Moody again this last weekend. His professionalism and heroism lives on in our memories and actions.

    – Jeff McGraw
  14. My name is Louis Linn. I am a Police Officer in the city of Kenner, La. This morning I attended the New Orleans 9/11 memorial stair climb I then had the privilege to climb 110 stories in the honor off Captain Thomas Moody, NYFD division 1. Ringing that bell at the end after stating his name was the highlight of the event. Thank you Captain for you service! You and your family will forever be in my prayers. God bless!

    – Louis Linn
  15. Today I came across Thomas’ name on the Memorial. I prayed for Thomas and his family specifically. A hero he was! As a father, I imagined my own son giving his life for other Americans the way Thomas did; what that must be like, what an unimaginable sacrifice – yet for Thomas, and so many others, it became their purpose – to offer the ultimate sacrifice for others. May God bless the Moody family for their son giving his life for others!

    – Nathan Collins
  16. On 9/7/19 I walked the 9/11 memorial stair climb at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin. At the 78th floor level I was proud and privileged to ring the fire bell and call the name, Captain Thomas Moody. Rest well, we remember you and your sacrifice.

    – James Bedient
  17. This was my first year participating in the 911 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. I was given Thomas’s name as my honoree. I found the event quite emotional especially putting a name & face to it. I cannot even begin to image what he & fellow men went through that day nor the suffering of his loved ones since. God’s blessings to you all!

    – Michelle Zirbel
  18. There is a memorial for Tom at Oxhead Park in Stony Brook. I go there every year on the 11th. Tom was my son’s first baseball coach, he was a great guy and is missed.

    – Jeff finkel
  19. I played softball with Tom and his brother Mike with the Sabres on LI and we did win a championship. I remember the day Tom told us he decided to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a fireman. I can’t even imagine how brave this man was on 090101. He will always be remembered and I’m sure we will meet again someday.

    – Joseph Mitchell
  20. I remember going to a Birthday Party for my friends children Peter Bornhof and meeting Thomas and his family. God bless him he was a true hero to think he volunteered to go into the buildings and sacrifice his life for others. Always in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Steven Johnson
  21. I’ve never met this man, but will never forget 9/11 and all who lost their lives. Thank you Thomas Moody for your service.

    I am unsure if there is a way to be in contact with a moderator of this site, but I coincidentally visited the memorial this year on his birthday and have a photo of his name on the memorial with a white rose in it. (The museum places fresh white roses on each of their birthdays each year.) I would love to somehow send that photo to his family if possible.

    writing on 9/11/2020

    – Samantha Duncan
  22. Just watched a tribute to all the firefighters from 9/11 and it always reminds me of Thomas Moody. He was a softball champion in my league and will always be remembered for his dedication as a fireman.

    – Bill Jansson
  23. I had the honor of completing the 9/11 Heroes Challenge in Loyalsock, PA in Capt. Thomas Moody memory.

    – Betsy Lewis
  24. I represent Thomas every year and I represent him with honor. I received a copper bracelet 20 yrs ago with his name Capt. Thomas C. Moody
    FDNY Haz-Mat 1
    imprinted. May peace comfort you

  25. My names Courtney bell and today I participated in the 9/11 110 story stair climb in sarnia ontario canada for Thomas. May his memory live on forever.

    – Courtney Bell
  26. I walked a 5k in honor of Captain Moody in Jefferson City, Missouri on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. His bravery and service will never be forgotten.

    – Barbara Brant
  27. Today I walked in honor of Captain Thomas Moody at the 9/11 stair climb at Truist Park (ATL Braves stadium). This was my first event to honor the fallen and what an inspiring and humbling experience it was! Captain Thomas Moody was a hero and I was determined to finish the 110 flights for him. I read that amongst other things he was a softball player and played third base, as did I. This will not be the last time I participate in a 9/11 stair climb and I will bring his badge with me every time moving forward.

    – Bobi Kelley
  28. Thank you for your service. I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet you, but I’ve heard a lot about you from dad. Rest in peace uncle Thomas.

    – Amber Moody