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Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

Thomas Mingione

Thomas Mingione‚ 34‚ was a firefighter with Ladder 132 in Brooklyn. He was a beloved husband‚ cherished son‚ loving brother‚ fond nephew‚ special uncle‚ and adored cousin and friend. He was also the proud father of daughter Amanda‚ who was born in December 2001. His family’s nickname for him is ‘Topshelf Tommy‚’ because he always wanted the best and had the best. There are those who have an inner gift that makes them very special. The gift to be blind to the flaws and imperfections of those around them. The gift to see only the good. The gift to make others feel love‚ compassion‚ and hope. [He was] one of those people to whom God has given that special inner gift.

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  1. My name is Andy Charles from Portland, Maine. Today (9/20/15) I participated in our local 9/11 memorial stair climb, and I carried a badge with a photo of Thomas with me. Beneath his photo are the words “Never Forget.” That was exactly my reason for participating. All of us who joined the event carried the photo of a fallen NYFD firefighter as we climbed 110 stories in a local building (11 trips up a 10 story building). I took one extra trip up in order to surpass 2001 steps climbed.

    I never knew Thomas Mingione or his family, but I have read his bio and am glad to honor him in this small way. Never Forget.

    – Andy Charles
  2. I wanted to pick one name and read about that person while I was here. I picked Top Shelf Thomas.
    Prayers to Amanda and Thomas’ family.

    – Rebecca
  3. One of the greatest funniest guys I have ever met not to mention handsome as hell my husband and I had the honor of knowing Tom and having had the pleasure of having a great friendship with Tom we had many memorable nights together that we will always treasure then when we had children my son Shawm became friends this Toms nephew Richie who adored his uncle and we always talk about our times with Tom we have great videos and photos that we will cherish always and forever we miss you Tom always !
    DUBOIS Family xoxo

    – Sandra DuBois
  4. I participated in a 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb as part of a Firefighter’s convention at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on April 28, 2017. I climbed in memory of Thomas. It was an honor to climb among the firefighters in full gear and to think about the bravery of the members of the NYFD on 9-11 and the heroes we lost that day.

    – Carolyn Brown
  5. I had the privilege and honor to participate in the 2018 Dallas 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. I climbed for Tommy and for all the fallen heroes of NYFD.

    The Memorial climb consisted of 110 stories in full gear. It was one of the most physical and emotional experiences I’ve had in my career. The thought of having to fight fire and save lives, considering the conditions and the physically exhausted state I was in, seemed daunting and frankly impossible to do effectively. His sacrifice and memory stayed with me throughout.

    – Oscar Vazquez CHFD
  6. missng u everyday and my parent ur best friend Keith Ryan and my mother Theresa Ryan u missed a lot and we miss u love u

    – Jackie Ryan
  7. Thomas Mingione I cherish the bracelet I have with your name ..the U.S. Flag..9/11/01 and FDNY. I had not met you but bought this bracelet and it came with your name. What a horrific day.. I am 54 now and will keep this until I pass it to my son or daughter.. Thank you for your service!

    – Kelsey Banks
  8. Tommy
    I always hung out with all my cousins on summer vacation and like his brothers Tommy was always special. I remember one day he went to visit Aunt Mary and Uncle Vito and he left his earring in his ear and Lord Aunt Mary would never let him live that day down. Aunt Mary and Uncle Vito are still having funny with Tommy the good Lord. Cuz I miss you and am always thinking of you.

    – Peter D Sineni
  9. September 2021
    This is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. To the Mingione family, Thomas will never be forgotten by us. Thomas is a true HERO!!!

    – lisa hopman
  10. I never knew you, but I thank you and I honor you today as I climb 110 flights wearing your name. 8-11-21 Bristol,Tn.

    – Kimerly Martin
  11. Today I carried Thomas’s image with me at Red Rocks, Colorado as I participated in a 110 flight stair climb on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. He and all of you are in my thoughts today as my family and I remember and are grateful to these hero’s. My children were not born yet when 9/11 happened so that scar on history is all they have known, and yet they admire what these brave men and women were faced with that day. Thank you for allowing us to memorialize the courage of Thomas on this board. I have photos if you’d like them.

    – Angela
  12. Carried Thomas on the Bishop, Ca 2021 stair climb in remembrance of the tragic loss of lives.

    – Denise
  13. Thomas Mingione, hi.. I have never met you. I will one day in heaven. I purchased a bracelet with your name.. stamped with American flag and FDNY. You are not forgotten for your bravery. I will always cherish this bracelet.. sending hugs to heaven.. Chee

    – Kelsey
  14. My fondest memory….you sat with me on the middle school bus every morning with that handsome smile, RIP old friend!

    – Lori Molaro Caruso