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Age: 44
Year of Death: 2001

William D. Lake

Billy was a member of elite Rescue 2 in Brooklyn‚ New York. He was a member of FEMA’s Search and Rescue Team. He went to Oklahoma City and to the TWA Flight 800 disasters. He was a member of the Brooklyn Harley Motorcycle Club.

He loved going to Brooklyn Cyclone baseball games with his son Kyler. He was a dedicated and courageous firefighter for 20 years.

He was a loving father‚ son and brother.

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  1. My name is Joe and I was at the 9/11Stair Climb in Atlanta, Ga today. The person I was walking in memory for was William Lake. When I looked up information about this fallen hero I was pleased find that William was a Harley rider. I also own a Harley, 2014 Dayna Wide Glide. I walked the stairs with my son Kyle. William’s son was named Kyler. I was moved by how many people walked for the fallen police and fire fighters.

    – Joe Palombo
  2. FDIC 9/11 memorial stair climb 2016 my name is Ben. I walked in memory of William Lake. It was an honor.

    – Ben Noblitt
  3. Just finished the Denver 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb and this year I climbed in memory of William Lake. Each year every firefighter I climb for and have previously climbed for I become more and more emotionally attached as I am a representation of them and there is no better feeling than to honor you brothers. He will always be on my helmet wherever I go and will always be in my heart and thoughts along with his family. The legacy that he and the other 342 firefighters left will never be forgotten.

    – Zachary Nielsen
  4. I’m climbing at Lambeau stadium in Green Bay in your honor today. I will do my best. God bless!

    – Emily
  5. 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field today in Green Bay, WI. I’m honored to walk for William. I’ll never forget.

    – Brian O'Shaughnessy
  6. I did the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb today in Green Bay, WI. It was an honor to walk in memory of William Lake today. He will always be in my thoughts. It was something I will never forget and will continue to do every year.

    – Nicole Clark
  7. I grew up with the 3 Lake brothers in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Brian Lake was also a firefighter, but for the luck of the Irish, he was in Staten Island on 9-11, and his life was spared. Their mom, is one of the wisest women in town. At a memorial for Billy, someone asked her how was she going to get through this. She replied, “when God puts a period after something, who am I to turn it into a question mark?” Wise words to remember. When ever I am in NYC, I put a rose in Billy’s name.

    – Eileen Almeida
  8. Today, I climbed 110 floors in honor of Firefighter William Lake in Nashville Tn. God bless.

    – Merv Hochstetler
  9. I am now a retired Firefighter. For the first year after 9/11 and every 9/11 since, I have worn a metal bracelet with inscription…William Lake Rescue 2 FDNY 9/11/2001 in honor of my fallen brother. I was never fortunate enough to have met Billy, but I will forever honor him and pray for his family. God Bless all those that gave their life on that horrible day.

    – Todd Morehead
  10. Rest In Peace Billy we will never forget you !! you were heroic !! God bless & keep you in his loving arms …

    – Michele DeMeo
  11. Love and miss you Billy! Forever in my heart!!!

    – AnneMarie DeMeo
  12. At an estate sale in Hilton, NY this morning 9/11/20, the family was handing out bages with faces and names of those who lost there lives on this day 19 years ago. The badge i picked was that of William D. Lake Firefighter, Rescue 2. They asked we wear our badges today and look up our person… I am sending my love and prayers to Mr. Lake, thank you for your selfless acts on that day and the days before as a firefighter. And to his family for the sacrifices you made to support his profession. You loss our loss too. Xo
    Bumpass, VA
    (Visiting NY this wknd)

    – Janice
  13. It was an honor to climb for you, William.

    – Gabriel Coletti
  14. Today I attended the annual Naples FL 9/11 memorial stair climb. Upon arriving at the memorial climb you are given a photo and name of a fallen hero from 9/11. The name on the photo I was given was William D. Lake. Much of my family is from New York and some of them even from Brooklyn. I am thankful that we had heroes like William to respond during such a tragedy for without him and the many other first responders my family might not have been here today. It was an honor to walk in your memory today William, and thank you for being a real life hero.

    Jace Yawnick
  15. Hi I am a volunteer firefighter from Lagrange IN, I did my first 9/11 memorial stair climb Friday at FDIC, I walked in memory of William Lake, I also ride a harley, it was an honor to take part in this event, and I’ll never forget

    – Chris lang